samantha usina 1 st grade. portfolio page 1&2. rules and rationales

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Samantha Usina 1st grade

Samantha Usina1st grade

Portfolio Page 1&2.Rules and Rationales. Rule #1We try our best every day.Trying our best everyday results in confidence for every mission!

Rule #2Everyone should remember to be respectful of others.With everyone being respectful to one another we will have fun learning together.

Rule #3Always strive to learn new things.Learning new things from day to day makes a difference in the end.

I plan on teaching my first graders the rules by using a simple strategy for the first week of school. The strategy is to give my students 3 popsicle sticks on Monday morning during that day/week they can either receive more or lose a stick every time they break a rule. By the end of the week each one of them should know the rules and importance of them all.Portfolio page 1 #3. Portfolio page 2:Classroom Layout*Desks*Boards *CubbiesFront boardSide boardMy deskTurn in table.DoorQuiet cornerESOLESEESEEXCELLINGSTUDENTPROBLEMSTUDENTCubbiesESOLEXCELLINGSTUDENTPROBLEMSTUDENTPortfolio page 2 #3I put two boards in my classroom so I can teach from both the different subjects in the day. Theres tables in the classroom because there in first grade and dont need desk.The quiet corner is for the students when they need to cool down.Cubbies are for jackets and papers at which are subject to go home daily.I put the door in the lower left corner because my classroom is going to be facing the left side of the hallway.The turn in table is by my desk so I can monitor what goes in and out the bin.Portfolio page 3:Rewards and Consequences.CandyPopsicle stick

Quiet timePortfolio page 3 #1Rewards:One piece of candy for 3 sticks.Lunch with me for 5 or more sticks.Consequences:1. No sticks 10 minutes of quiet time.2. One stick a sentence of why you have only one stick.

Portfolio page 4:

Routines and ProceduresRoutinesProceduresPortfolio page 4 #1Routines:AttendancePencilsPassing out PapersTurning in of workProcedures:RestroomSuppliesDismissalRoutines:For the first couple days of school we will take role, using the attendance sheet. After the first week while students are diligently work Im to take role. During role is when students may get up and sharpen all pencils for the first part of class. For each different subject thatll be taught from day to day will have one student per subject pass out papers. When work is to be turned in either one person from each group or one person will pick up everyone's work and turn it in at once.Procedures:The use of the bathroom is to be done before morning class, and or during snack or after lunch and then after reading time in the end of the day.Daily supplies are meant to be kept in cubbies, or brought back and forth ready for classroom use in a student's backpack.At the end of the day we wait for our mode of transportation has been called. Until it has been called you are to work and get have your area ready for the next day of exciting learning.Routines:AttendancePencilsPassing out PapersTurning in of work


The routines and procedures have been enforced and are being followed the correct way.