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S ren Kierkegaard. Ryan Harris. Biographical Information. Born May 5 th 1813 Copenhagen, Denmark Enrolled in the University of Denmark Danish philosopher, theologian, and cultural critic who was a major influence on existentialism and protestant theology in the 20 th century. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Sren Kierkegaard</p> <p>Sren KierkegaardRyan HarrisBiographical InformationBorn May 5th 1813Copenhagen, DenmarkEnrolled in the University of DenmarkDanish philosopher, theologian, and cultural critic who was a major influence on existentialism and protestant theology in the 20th century.Historical ContextKierkegaard was born into a very wealthy family. When he was born, Denmark itself was bankrupt The government restructured to a free constitution which resulted in a explosion of wealthThus not having to worry about anything, and Kierkegaard took that advantage to go into more depth of Theology.Historical ContextIn Denmark all you had to be was born in Denmark to be a member of the church thus making you a ChristianThere was no personal religious experience necessary to be a Christian in Denmark. That became Kierkegaards target to expose the Chirstdom in Denmark.Major ContributionsKierkegaard didnt think that God could be understood or reached through logic. God was greater than logic. The only way to reach God, it requires one to embrace the absurd and the unexplainable. Kierkegaard spent his life trying prove to people that God was beyond intelligence. In addition to his attacks on Hegelianism, Kierkegaard is often noted as being the father of existentialism, though his work long predates the term itself.</p> <p>Major Contributions Existentialism is the belief that the world has no intrinsic meaning or purpose and that individuals alone bear the responsibility for their actions and decisions. Kierkegaard rejected Hegels historical dialectic, which Kierkegaard felt was overly systematic and deterministic. Kierkegaard like the existentialists who followed him stressed that each individual must negotiate his or her own relationship with God without any mediation from the church, the government, or other thinkers. </p> <p>QuestionsThe thing is to find a truth which is true for me, to find the idea for which I can live and die what is truth but to live for an idea?Do you believe in existentialism?</p>