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This presentation accompanies a short session on tablet devices in education.


<ul><li><p>Go to View &gt; Header &amp; Footer to edit * | slide *RSCs Stimulating and supporting innovation in learningTablet</p><p>Go to View &gt; Header &amp; Footer to edit</p></li><li><p> * | slide *Tablet devices</p></li><li><p>Tablet featuresMany tablets becoming available from Apple, Dell, Motorola, Samsung.2 flavours of operating system Apple iOS and AndroidLight, portable devices with a touch screen interfaceDesigned as personal devices easy to hold, rest on lap, instantly on.</p><p> * | slide *</p></li><li><p>Tablet features 2Designed for internet access, email, reading e-books and multimediaUses wi-fi or phone sim to connectOn-screen typingLong battery lifeNot a laptop replacement and there are some technical/operational issues with networks and sharing devicesOn screen keyboard not universally populariPad doesnt do Flash movies</p><p> * | slide *</p></li><li><p> * | slide *Easy to handleAlways onTouch controlPrice (?)Battery lifeApplications (Apps)Some good pointsUser experiencePortabilityWorkflow</p></li><li><p> * | slide *Sharing among usersEducation content?As a PC/laptop(?)Adding to your networkTyping lotsNot so good forNo Flash on ipadLoss/damage(?)Adding some types of content</p></li><li><p> * | slide *ComparisonsFor example, ipad vs GalaxyThe iPad is undoubtedly slicker and simpler. If you're looking for a tablet to keep on your coffee table, and let you browse the Web on the sofa, the iPad is king. But, if you're a person about town and want something more nimble yet more feature-packed, the Galaxy Tab will make a fine companion.CNET review</p></li><li><p> * | slide *Want to try a tablet out?</p><p>Come to the RSC East Midlands e-Fair 2011</p><p>East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham23rd June</p></li><li><p> * | slide *For more</p><p>********User experience usability, accessibility uses, multimedia, more engaging experience</p><p>Applications in special education and for disabilities e.g. usability of touch screen</p><p>Increasing number of applications for creating stuff - not just a device for consuming contentGood multimedia experience (but no Flash support on ipads!)</p><p>**Not easy to set up as devices to be shared among students (yet). e.g. limitations/complications with multiple profilesNot a laptop lots of implications e.g. technical issues in setting up in a college or similar; no Microsoft OfficeVirtual keyboard not so good for long passages of typingLack of suitable eBooks for education (this is likely to improve)********</p></li></ul>