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  • 2. WHAT IS ROGUE :Rogue Integration is not just another marketing agency. Rather, we are a group of highlytrained individuals with multi-dimensional market experience that seek out distribution andsales channels for your brand. We specialize in the active integration of your brand orproduct with the consumer in ways that put brand and product integrity first. We focus on theauthentic connection between the consumer and your brand with the goal of creating bothnew customers and brand ambassadors.Rogue Integration separates itself from the rest by providing Ethical, Accountable andResponsible solutions to intuitively reach consumers and create an authentic and lastingconnection. This connectivity with the consumer is of paramount importance for both shortterm interest and long term brand loyalty. And we do this at project by project costs that arereasonable and appropriate, always in consideration of the current economic climate andhow important every dollar spent really is.
  • 3. MISSION :To provide Ethical, Accountable and Responsiblesolutions for brands to intuitively reach consumersand create an authentic and lasting connection.
  • 4. ROGUE PRINCIPLES :OTTO NEBELOtto Nebel brings a multitude of sales, viral marketing strategies and brand development experience tothe Rogue stable. With 11 years intensive experience in the motocross industry, Otto has spent time atsome of the most recognized brands in the sport. He combined his active involvement in the sport andculture to enhance his success within the industry.Nebel spent time with SixSixone/Sunline developing the brand and sales program from its infancy stage.He then moved on with positions at leading brands such as Thor, Motoworld Racing and Sponsorhousewhere he again developed marketing and sales programs with a focus on current and future trends inviral and online applications. Recently he developed an aggressive sales and marketing program helping them grow to a top three position for online retailers in the motorcycle industry. Hewas instrumental in achieving this by bolstering their race support and viral marketing efforts whileleveraging relationships with other properties to create a unique and highly effective grass rootsdevelopment program.GREGG DILEOGregg DiLeo draws from an eclectic background of brand identity development, marketing and creativedirection within many facets of the action sports and youth cultures. He was creator of Division 23Snowboards and Forum Snowboards, two of the fastest growing snowboard brands in the industry. Bothbrands have had some of the most substantial impact on the sport of snowboarding and have taken theuse of brand identity and image to new levels in the sport. DiLeo also co-founded Imagewerks, a leadingaction sports and youth culture brand identity and advertising agency that was later acquired by McCannErickson Communications Group. While with Imagewerks Gregg worked with a diverse group of clientsincluding; Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Scion, Activision, Converse and K2 Snowboards.
  • 5. CAPABILITIES :PRIMARY_ Brand Activation Programs Sales Channel Generation Website Design and Development Viral Programs Online Community Building and Activation Event Activation Business DevelopmentSECONDARY_ Brand Identity and Positioning Advertising Design Organizational Identity Design Brand Management Retail Catalog and Consumer Brochure Development Point of Purchase and Promotional Collateral
  • 6. CLIENTS :We play an active role in ensuring our clients get personal and complete attentionthroughout every stage of each assignment. Our clients are with us for a reason, we take apersonal interest in every aspect of their brand all the way to the consumers hand.
  • 7. CASE FILE :Hansens Natural is facilitating a new marketing push for Rumba, their unique energy juice brand. Roguehas been assigned to initiate all viral marketing and Southern California consumer integration programs.A demographically targeted street level sampling program has been engaged with wrap around viralsupport and social media management.Ongoing Results:Strong consumer following through social media management.New sales channels generatedIncreased sales. Hispanic Festivals Commuter Samplings College Campuses Hispanic Markets