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  • 1. DIRECTV original seriesProduct Update 6/19/12

2. OverviewDIRECTVs first original dramaseriesROGUE is a compelling series about a morally conflicted cop who is tormented by the possibility her own actions contributed to her sons death. Her search for the truth is further complicated by herforbidden relationship with the crime boss who may have played ahand in that death.It is a forbidden love story between two dynamic, complex characters with all the sexual tension and sophistication of Out ofSight, the darkness of Donnie Brasco and the thriller elements andmoral ambiguity of The Departed. 3. Thandie Newton - as Grace BroganThandie Newton rose to international fame for her portrayal of Sally Hemings in Merchant-Ivorys"Jefferson in Paris." This role led to a slew of others which included the female lead opposite TomCruise in "Mission: Impossible II and her layered, complex and heartbreaking performance in "Crash"which won her a BAFTA Award as well as a Screen Actors Award for Best Supporting Actress. Thandiemakes a name for herself in every single role she plays shes a chameleon and seamlessly jumpsbetween big budget films and independent features, action roles and character studies.It is not only her otherworldly beauty that makes her so distinct but her inner strength and intensity thatshe brings to each and every role that makes her such a perfect choice to play Grace Brogan. She isthe ultimate embodiment of female strength, vulnerability, intelligence and determination which are allthe qualities that exemplify the character Grace and will make Thandie so compelling to watch. 4. Status10 Episodes x 1 hourWriting Scripts Ability to write brands into the storyPrincipal photography to begin August 2012 (Vancouver)Story set in Oakland, CA Currently casting for male leadTargeting Q1, 2013 launch on DIRECTVVancouver Oakland 5. Integration OfferingProduct Integration- Brand written into script- Multiple episodes- Meaningful and natural integration- Collaborate on how best to showcase brandTitle Partner Integration- Thirty to nintey second spot before and after each episode- Five second branded billboard before and after each episode- Category ExclusivityMarketing Integration- Partner assets attached to everything - OOH, print, VOD, encores, BTS, interviews, DTV Everywhere 6. Online full episodes online and dive deeperInto the story with character trackers, behindThe scenes, and more.- Spots and billboards on full episodes- Email capture and leads for brand- Visual presence on all pages - Logo in header- Sponsored Webisodes 7. Social MediaDIRECTV is active in social media through Facebook, Twitter,and YouTube. And stays on the forefront of the hottest newinteractive applications like GetGlue and Miso.Social media opportunities include: Presenting sponsorship on the Rogue Facebook tab Brand product information integrated into 2nd screeninteractive features (Miso) Customized Brand/Rogue GetGlue sticker Brand signage in photo galleries of events Opportunity to drive to partner sites 8. Multiple PlatformsDIRECTV EverywhereAllows viewers to watch the same shows anywhere, on theirTVs at home, plus on their laptop, tablet, and coming soon ontheir cell phone. Pre-roll/Post-roll Visual presence on .com video player pageAUDIENCE On DemandDIRECTVs VOD platform allows viewers to watch shows ontheir schedule. AUDIENCE has a designated home page onCh 1239. Pre-roll/Post-roll Visual presence on VOD Platform 9. Live EventCelebrate a Night with RogueGet front line sponsorship at the premiere screening and party.Signage surrounding the action will be highly visible and acommanding presence in the VIP area will associate brand with thebiggest names in entertainment.- Entitlement opportunity- Brand signage throughout venue- Placement of brand at event- Special coverage can be made available for partner / partner sites Top: Chris Messina, Rose Byrne, Glenn - Celebrity interviews with brand backdrop, product in hand,Close, and Jon Goodman walk the red carpet at The Paris Theater in New York on the way to the premiere screening etc.Bottom: Star-studded guests celebrate the premiere at The Plaza 10. Partner Fit CE / TechYour brand/product will be used by Grace & Drakeas they run down both Graces son killer andDrakes traitor.Examples of hero product features can include:- Digital Camera- Laptop- GPS- Mobile / Smart Phone- Tablet- PC/Mac/TV Monitors 11. Partner Fit AutomotiveDrake is a man of style and means, he will have thebest of the best at his disposal, including the latest inautomotive and a full featured ride. Our hero vehicle willassist he and Grace during their searches with the followingfeatures: GPS Navigation Heads up display Style Luxury Speed Handling Safety 12. Partner Fit SpiritsGrace & Drake will both have a signature cocktail,each tied closely with their personality, and will be ansnapshot of their personality. Grace is a bit raw and oldschoolDrake a bit more polished and refined, but bothenjoy their drink of choice.- Brand will be called out verbally when ordered- Visually identified when appropriate- Opportunity to showcase other portfolio brands in bar or partyscenes. 13. Digital Entertainment/Media OpportunitiesMulti-screen Online/Mobile/Tab complimentary content Access exclusive story driven content not seen in main storyarch episodes. Offers collaboration with brand partner. DIRECTV iPad App second-screen integration Audio sync Trigger product/brand info Monetize placement Promote other DTV initiatives Encourage DIRECTV social network Interact with other DTV customers 14. Digital Offering ExamplesCustomized Interactive Applications- Brands are selectable when watchingonline, offering brand detail and directionalcall to action - Information and detail about brandsare displayed on a second screen (smartphone, tablet, laptop) whenever brandappears on TV episode- Customized content for interactiveapps that tie brand into the world of Rogue