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1. Facebook Advertising SuccessJuly 2015 Road Map to Facebook Advertising Success 2. Facebook Advertising Overview 2 3. Facebook Marketing Overview 1. Create Facebook Page 2. Invite those who know you to Like your page 3. Define the audience youd want to have a dialogue with 4. Share content of value to your audience not just promotions 5. Promote content to Fans and target audience (Paid for) 6. Keep it Social content of value (4 posts) versus promotions (1) i.e. Keep to a 4:1 content ratio 7. Offer content for download (Guides Tips etc.) in exchange for emails (Paid for) 8. Use email marketing to continue the dialogue (Free) 3 4. Facebook Success= Business Pages Plus Facebook Ads. 4 5. Common Myth My Type Of Customer Is Not On Facebook.. 5 6. Are You Sure? -Have You Asked Them All! 1.4 Billion active users 699 Mn users per day 43% of all online consumers are social media fans or followers 6 7. Defining Your Target Audiences 7 Typically - Men Or Women? Typical Ages (Bands 18-35 etc) What Brands Do They Love? What TV And Films Do They Watch? What Interests Do They Have? Use Tools To Hel Create Your Typical Fan Profile - Https://Yougov.Co.Uk/Profiler#/ 8. Golf Fans - Demographics 8 9. Golf Fans - Lifestyle 9 Click on any of these for additional data Facebook Advertising System Has 100s If Not 1,000s Of These Interests Can Target By 10. Best Prospects People Who Already Know You! People who have visited your website or subscribed to your email list are already prospective clients Facebook can help target these people How? Website visitors tracking code placed on site creates a Custom Audience within Facebook's ad system can target . Email lists load into Facebook and matches to emails used by people to logon into their FB account LinkedIn Connections 10 11. Who To Target? People Who Are Interested In Brands Related To Your Product/Service Reach your audience based on their interests. This can include interests shared on their Timelines, apps they use, Pages they liked and other activities on and off of Facebook. Interests may also factor in demographics such as age, gender and location. 1.4 Active Users Filter by 100s of : Brands Interests Demographics location Target your ideal audience 11 12. Facebook Fan Dialogue Looks Like Audience research How Can We Help? Free Tips And Guides In Addition To Relevant Offers You Have Their Needs?- Pain And Gain Points 12 13. Facebook Campaign Building Audience research Quantity Location? Best Campaign Type for objective? FREE Guides Tool Kits eBooks. Exchange for peoples emails Creative: Images Design Copy Landing pages 13 14. Advertising Formats Placement Desktop News Feed Right Hand Column Mobile News Feed Facebook View Placement 14 15. Facebook Campaigns Objectives Click here and goes to a page on your website Generally Links to an existing story on your Facebook page. As an advert it can be targeted to reach more than just the Fans of your page Asks you to Like Our Page and has CTA button to do just that 15 16. How Much Do The Ads Cost? 16 No One Advertising Rate As Depends On: Audience (Some Data More Valuable Than Others) Placement I.E News Feed , Mobile, Right Hand Column Seasonality ..And More Bit Like TV Ad Rates Are Based On Audiences Your Advert Will Be Seen By and When Better Question Would Be How Much Costs Per Lead (Or Other Action Page Like etc) Few Examples .. 17. Local Gym Clicks To Website Campaign Women Only Offer Audiences: Interested In Gyms Website Visitors Website Look-a-likes Stevenage Area Only Click On Ad Takes Audience To Opt-in Page =153 Cost Per Click=16pence CPM 2.70 17 18. Landing Page For Email Capture 18 19. Why CPM Isnt As Important A Metric As The Result Your Optimizing For! 19 Our Objective For The Campaign Is To Get The Most Clicks To Our Website (Sign-up Form) For The Least Cost Per Click. Now weve done a test campaign we can see that if wed spent all our budget on one audience (yellow) we had got 214 website clicks as opposed to the 153 achieved in the test. Also note that the audience (green) with the lowest CPM has the highest CPC! In Facebook Ads -as with all Paid Advertising- its important to focus on the Results you want not all the other metrics that FB reports. 20. Water Bottle with NASA filter to remove 99% of containments - Page Likes Campaign Unique Global Outdoor product New Zealand Page Likes Campaign to specific Interest groups (Backpacking, Ecotourism, Angling) 1204 Page Likes 16 pence per like ($0.36 NZD) CPM 1.83 ($4.22 NZD) 20 21. Math's And English Classes For 4-17 Year Olds Page Post Engagement Stevenage +10 Miles only Parents off 4-17 year olds. Reached 5,121 66 Post engagments at 37 pence Budget - 25 CPM 2.99 21 22. Summary Facebook Pages Now Pay To Play 22 23. Summary Solve Dont Sell. 23 24. Summary Target People Who Know You Already! 24 25. Summary Measure The Right Things 25 26. Summary Test Small Then Scale 26 27. Summary 27 Give it a Go! 28. Questions 28 29. Free Offer Facebook Advertising 29 Is My Target Audience On Facebook? How Much Will It Cost To Reach Them? How Do I Find Out? Answer 4 Simple Questions Thats It! Survey Here 30. Thank You For Your Time. Email : Call me on: 07973 69 88 77 Tweet me: @Graham_3Dragons 30 31. 30 years marketing and sales experience, including working for three of the entrepreneurs from Dragon's Den Social Media Reach + Direct Expertise = Leads/Clients/Sales Fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing 4 Years Social Media Management and Paid Advertising ( AdWords and Facebook) expertise Established 3DM 2010 Graham Archer FIDM 31