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Risk Management Software,


  • 1. Unleash the power of KnowRisk on the web And on the Mobile platform

2. Risk Management Anywhere-Anytime We dont always manage risk from our desk. We dont always manage risk using our PC. RiskPad lets you manage risk Anywhere-Anytime Capture risks while out and about, no need for paper- forms! 3. Features of RiskPad Technology You dont have to install KnowRisk Classic or any other components to use the RiskPad apps. A well-targeted subset of KnowRisk can be exposed to users so that they use what is relevant to them. After all, non-specialist users and external users can use only a subset of the application using browser and mobile devices You can reach a wider audience and enrich the risk culture by adding specialised applications 4. RiskPad Technology Review RiskPad has two major components An Application Generator An Application Server 5. Role of Application Generator Application generator creates a Mobile Web based application from the given input 6. Role of Application Server The Application Server is at the heart of delivering applications on Mobile and Web based platforms without the need for deploying any component of KnowRisk 7. Application Generator and Application Server together complete the zig-saw puzzle of RiskPad Technology 8. 3 Comprehensive Applications Ready to Use 1. Web CEO Insight A unique insight generator for CEOs 2. Rule of Five To control the risk universe 3. Thinker Tools A real tool box for Thinker CEOs 9. Web CEO Insight Snap shot into the business Risk Management Strategies Personalise your space Quick glance graphics 10. Rule of Five Know where your business is Five highest risks globally Five lowest risks Five recent risk failures Five recently added assessed risks Five highest asset risks 11. My Favourite Thinker Tools A real tool box for Thinker CEOs Control action carried out Control Action items due CEO Thinker Tool Pad 12. RiskPad Features at a Glance Takes feeds from multiple sources to deliver browser based apps It eliminates the need for deploying KnowRisk applications on physical machines It reaches wider enterprise based audience at low cost of deployment and technical support The application can leap frog the bounds of the Forms technology by making KnowRisk accessible globally 13. Under the Hood The Technology Welcome user interface white labelled to the organisations requirement User authentication based on current rules Administrative control to manage users Extensive user log that shows active use Manage inactive use during a session to disconnect logged-in users 14. RiskPad the Innovation which unleashes the power of KnowRisk KnowRisk is the most comprehensive implementation of Risk Management You can release features and functions on the web drawn from the comprehensive IP and richness inherent in KnowRisk, and still retain the powerful, specialised features of KnowRisk within the corporate walls RiskPad increases the alternatives of how to gain the most from Risk Management, now you have the best of both worlds