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Ricky : Water Wondering. By : Kevin , Anthony C. Characters:. Ricky- inquisitive main character Teacher- Mrs. frizzle Greg- Ricky’s friend Lauran- Popular girl Jacob- Athletic kid Abigail- Teacher’s pet. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Ricky : Water WonderingBy : Kevin , Anthony C

Characters:Ricky- inquisitive main characterTeacher- Mrs. frizzleGreg- Rickys friendLauran- Popular girlJacob- Athletic kidAbigail- Teachers petRicky was a 6 yr old kid who wondered about everything. Birds, cars, planes, and especially water. With a marine biologist as a mom and a scuba diver of a dad, Ricky had plenty of water in his life. Today he would have a lot of his questions and more answeredbecause today in class he would be exploring water.

Good morning class , said Ricky's teacher.Hi miss frizzle, said the class. Today were learning about water and all its properties.so does anybody know what polarity is?what ? said the class.polarity is having 2 opposite sides that cause an overall imbalance.


Good Morning class!

Ok class who can tell me what a hydrogen bond is?Ricky? Is it a bond that wont bond with water, and it forms easily, but its not strong.very good! now who can tell me the difference between adhesion and cohesion? Abigail? Well the difference between adhesion and cohesion is adhesion is water sticking to another surface, and cohesion is water sticking to water.NERD!, said Jacob.Ok can someone give me and example of adhesion and cohesion?


Adhesion is like mist on the grass, said Greg.Yes very good.and cohesion?Like a puddle right?said Lauran.Bingo!And class, what connects to water molecules?Hydrogen Bonds!exclaimed the class.

Greg and Abigail

CLICK! Jacob, the popular kid in school, walk in the class 20 min late.Jacob! Im glad you decided to come to school today , said Mrs. Frizzle.SorryForgot to set my alarm.Well, since your late, can someone tell Jacob what we've learned so far? Lauren?Ummmmmwell, umI'm not really sure myself, said Lauren.Thats ok. Then will some one else explain it to Jacob.How about you, Abigail? Ok, Id be glad to. Weve been learning about water and its properties. Adhesion is when water sticks to other surfaces, and cohesion is when water sticks to itself. Ohhh I almost forgot about polarity. Polarity is having 2 opposite sides that are unbalanced chemically. The last thing is a Hydrogen Bond which is a bond that connects two water molecules to one another.Very good Abigail!said Mrs. Frizzle.

Lets look at the board!can someone tell me what this is? Lauren, are you ready to try another one?Oh yeah I know this one. Isnt it the Earths water cycle?Great job Lauren!RING! RING! RING!I guess thats class, kids! Ill see you all tomorrow. Be ready to see waters