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Learn how email can provide you with insightful data about consumer behavior and how you can use it to improve your email ROI. Join us to also learn: - How to optimize your email marketing efforts to drive revenue, engage consumers, and protect your brand. - How rapid changes in consumer behavior have changed the marketing landscape and how you can leverage data from email to stay ahead of the curve. - A future where the inbox is the consumer information hub and how it can drive your integrated media strategy, product innovation, and other key business decisions.


  • 1.August 14, 2014 Boston, MA Return Path

2. The Global Leader in Email Intelligence Over a Decade of Email Expertise Worldwide leader in email intelligence 400+ dedicated email professionals Offices in New York, Denver, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Paris, Hamburg, Sydney, and Sao Paulo Proven Data Infrastructure More than 2.5 billion inboxes supported by our certification program 26 million IPs scored daily by Return Path Nearly 300 ISP partners globally Delivering Measurable ROI Over 13 years of shaping and driving the email ecosystem Serving over 2,000 leading brands across retail/eCommerce, publishing, social media and financial services sectors 3. A theory: Email marketers are poised to be the marketing leaders of the future 4. The future of marketing is all about data 5. The future of marketing is also all about consumer choice 6. The inbox is the consumer information hub 7. Percent of time spent with email by category Source: Merkle, View from the Digital Inbox, (2011) 8. Whats the best way to get promoted? 9. TODAYS INBOX IS... Hard to reach Mobile Competitive Lucrative 10. TRILLIONS OF EMAILS ARE SENT YEARLY AND MOST ARE SPAM 11. REPUTATION SPAM FILTERING IS EFFECTIVE Spam in the Inbox < 3% 12. BUT DELIVERABILITY RATES FOR MARKETERS STILL LAG 13. Delivered Inbox 14. In the future email reputation will be portable. 15. In the future, placement and position will all be about engagement. 16. ACTIVE VS. INACTIVE MAILBOXES MATTER MORE 17. In the future, the inbox will be even more fragmented. 18. BEHOLD! Gmail Tabs 19. Engagement Level Read Rate Before Tabs Read Rate After Tabs High 58.6% 60% Medium 10.6% 10% Low 2.2% 0.4% Source: Return Path 20. More information is consumed on mobile devices 21. Source: Return Path Webmail 48% Mobile 16% Desktop 36% Webmail 37% Mobile 29% Desktop 34% Webmail 24% Mobile 49% Desktop 27% 20112012Today 22. Consumers are aware of security risks 23. Around the world, 16 million phishing messages arrive in inboxes every single day Source: Symantec Security Technology and Response Group, August 2012 24. 50% of them are opened 10% of them are clicked on Source: Symantec Security Technology and Response Group, August 2012 25. Consumers are empowered, and they know it 26. READ RATE FOR HOME DEPOTS CAMPAIGNS IS HIGHER BY Source: Return Path VS 80% WINNER: HOME DEPOT! 15% 27. READ RATE FOR KOHLS CAMPAIGNS IS HIGHER BY VS 13% WINNER: KOHLS! 34% Source: Return Path 28. READ RATE FOR PIZZA HUTS CAMPAIGNS IS HIGHER BY VS 41% WINNER: PIZZA HUT! 20% Source: Return Path 29. Show me the money 30. Source: Direct Marketing Association, October 2011 31. Corner office slide Now, lets talk about that corner office 32. Q: WHO ARE LIKELY ADVERTISING/CROSS PROMOTIONAL PARTNERS? A: Based on this chart, this could be a valuable partnership Using Data from Email to Find New Valuable Customers 33. Q: SHOULD I BUY ADS ON FACEBOOK? A: Based on this chart absolutely. Use Data from Email to Get Insight into Other Marketing Channels Company A Facebook 34. Lets Connect! Tami Forman VP, Corporate Marketing & Communications @ReturnPath @TamiMForman Contact Us! 35. Questions?