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  • Cathy Moore

    Address 364 7th

    Street, #1

    Jersey City, NY 07302

    Phone (601) 519-6665 Email



    To gain experience full-time starting September 2013


    Masters of Science in Architecture, University of Pennsylvania

    Advisors: Franca Trubiano and David Leatherbarrow

    Thesis: Sound and Space: Properties, Structure, and Movement

    Graduation: August 2013

    Bachelor of Architecture, Mississippi State University

    Study Abroad in Italy, University of Florida, Summer 2006

    Graduation: May 2008

    Related Skills

    Proficient in Word, MicroStation, AutoCAD, PhotoShop, SketchUp

    Knowledge of Revit, Excel, Illustrator, FormZ, CSS

    Experience in the wood shop

    Work Experience

    Intern Architect Construction Documents

    Burris/Wagnon Architects, P.A.

    August-December 2010 on contract basis

    Jackson, MS

    Intern Architect Schematic Design

    Barlow Eddy Jenkins, P.A Design Development

    May 2008- May 2010 Construction Documents

    Jackson, MS Project Management

    3D SketchUp Models

    Photoshop Renderings

    Intern Architect Construction Documents

    Mark S. Vaughan, Architect Detailed 3D SketchUp Models

    May 2007- May 2008

    Clinton, MS

    Intern Architect Construction Documents

    Joseph Orr Architects, P.A Specifications

    May 2005- July 2006 Bid Meetings

    Canton, MS Submittals

    Site Analysis

  • Grants / Awards / Accreditations / Memberships

    Departmental Grant, University of Pennsylvania, $8,750

    Robert Bradford Newman Medal

    For Merit in Architectural Acoustics, 5th

    Year Thesis Project

    Tau Sigma Delta Bronze Medal

    For the most innovative 5th

    Year Thesis Project

    LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP BD+C)

    American Institute of Architects (AIA) Associate Member

    Responsibilities / Extra-Curricular Activities

    Teaching Assistant for History / Theory of Architecture

    University of Pennsylvania, leading recitations

    Research Assistant for Franca Trubiano

    University of Pennsylvania

    Habitat for Humanity, Jackson, MS

    Helped rebuild in Yazoo City after a tornado

    Helped rebuild the MS coast after Hurricane Katrina,

    Gulf Coast Community Design Center,

    construction, design, model-building

    Clean-up work in Watanoha after 2011 tsunami

    Head/Designer of decorations/puppets, four years

    VBS at Redeemer Church, PCA, Jackson, MS

    Volunteer work with blind children

    TOPsoccer Program, Madison, MS

    Travel / Study Abroad

    Philippines in May 2012, four weeks

    Also Singapore and Thailand

    Taiwan/Japan in September 2011, three weeks

    Taipei, Wulai, Taichung, Tokyo, Watanoha

    Italy in April 2011, two weeks

    Cinque Terre, Venice, Florence, Rome, Panicale

    Rome in January 2008, studying Urban Design, two weeks

    Also Geneva, Zermatt, Vals, Zurich

    Italy in Summer 2006, Study Abroad, seven weeks

    Also Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Amsterdam


    Jassen Callender- (601) 354-6480

    Stan Wagnon- (601) 969-7543

    Joseph Orr- (601) 855-0123


  • Chapel Defined by Sound- Page 1 of 45th Year Thesis (Academic)Graphite SketchThe view from the stageshowing showing my interventions four concrete walls inside an existing abandoned church in central downtown Jackson, MS.

  • Chapel Defined by Sound, 5th Year Thesis (Academic)- Page 2 of 4In the piece, I am Sitting in a In the piece, I am Sitting in a Room (1969), composer Alvin Lucier re-corded his speaking voice in his living room and then repeatedly re-corded its playback, thirty-two times, until the resonant frequencies of the room reinforce[d] themselves, The end of the piece is completely unintelligible and very musical, as some frequencies of Luciers voice were cancelled and others were reverberated through the room. My research sought to document how architecture affects the sound by conducting his experiment in thirteen theatres and rooms in Jackson, MS and recording the results with the plan and sections as well as the calculated reverberation times as shown above. The chart to the right records the resonant frequencies of the rooms.

    Complete Research Chart(rectangle indicates extent of chart above)

    Egan #- Corresponds to the material in list in RF- Resonant Frequency Standard- test by Dave Woolworth

    Architectural Acoustics by David Egan BG- Background Lucier- Luciers piece, reconducted



    R ResonantQ QuietF FuzzyO Overtone

  • Adjustable One-string InstrumentI modeled this instrument after my old flower press. It is made from oak plywood, four threaded rods, eight hex nuts, four wing nuts, a guitar wire, two wire clamps, and various containers. The botThe bottom piece of wood can be adjusted up and down, so that I can clamp different containers between the two pieces of wood and test the different sounds of the plucked strings with different materials and volumes.

    Stainless Steel Tin One-String InstrumentThis instruments pitch varies widely depending on how one holds and presses on the tin.

    Wooden Box One-String InstrumentThis instruments pitch varies depending on whether the box is opened or closed.

    Stainless Steel Bowl One-String InstrumentWhen the string is plucked, the sound of the bowl mixes with the sound of the string.

    Bamboo One-string InstrumentThis instrument was interesting in the way it diffused the sound in the front and focused the sound in the back because of its shape

    Chapel Defined by Sound, 5th Year Thesis (Academic)- Page 3 of 4I also built several one-stringed instruments to study how the form, material, and surface affects the timbre of the plucked string. Apart from the materials absorption coeficients, I also found that the flimsines of the sound board greatly affected the sound.

  • Chapel Defined by Sound, 5th Year Thesis (Academic)- Page 4 of 4As I finished my experiments, I chose As I finished my experiments, I chose to renovate an existing, abandoned church in downtown Jackson, MS

    First Christian Church. I limited my scope so that I could focus on defining architecture with principles of sound alone. My final design incorporated Luciers method the most. The four solid concrete walls which fill the nave of the church act as Lucier filters for one to four female singers in the existing balcony: the audience on the other end hears a less intelligible song with some frequencies cancelled and others resonated, very much changing the original song to a very Lucier-like sound through architecture alone.The smooth concThe smooth concrete walls create a very reverberant and narrow environment, so that the voice bounces

    around many times before reaching the audiences ears and making the words much less intelligible. The walls are distanced so that standing waves are created for certain frequencies. The ceiling between the walls is made of a convex stainless steel sheet, brazed to tiny bronze rods, inspired by Richard Waters Waterphone. The standing waves hit the brass rods, which sympathetically vibrate, adding another timbre to the singers voices.Each Each bay traps a different set of frequencies of standing waves so that a singer can utili ze one certain bay

    or all three. A composer might create a song just for this building, knowing which notes resonate and which are cancelled. Each area on the walls are at least four times in height and width of the size of the wavelength that they are designed to reflect. This limits which frequencies the church is big enough to allow. With more time, the concrete walls would also have helmholtz resonators, tuned to absorb certain frequencies and alter the music even more. Each bay is designed to precisely reflect four octaves of three specific notes on a scale.

    Cross Section Longitudinal Section

    Floor Plan(A) Existing Nave

    Interior Elevation for the Wall in the Key of Bb/g Creates standing waves for Bb, C, and G

    Interior Elevation for the Wall in the Key of C/a Creates standing waves for C, D, and A


    A C/a

    10 5 1

    10 5 1

  • Chapel, Spring 2009 (Professional)- Page 1 of 1

    St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, MS

    Chuck Barlow and Brian Cabunac at Barlow Eddy Jenkins, P.A.

    Among other eAmong other events, the chapel held the Dominican Sisters

    daily services. Their singing voices were recorded and a digi-

    tal acoustical model was built to simulate their voices inside

    the space. Drawings were created

    at different phases in the design

    process, so details vary.

    North ElevationCross Section

    Photo, South Facade (Tom Joynt Photography)

    South ElevationCanopy Model10 20

  • A South Elevation



    B West Elevation

    C Perspective


    Screen Design, Spring 2009 (Professional)- Page 1 of 1

    Department of Physical Facilities

    University of MS Medical Center in Jackson, MS

    Worked with Chuck Barlow at Barlow Eddy Jenkins, P.A.

    Schematic Design (unbuilt)

    Existing trailoExisting trailors with a new stucco finish and free-standing

    screen walls. They are placed in a pin-wheel pattern around

    the trailors and are made up of a brick lower wall, steel tube

    columns, and an upper wall finished with EIFS.

  • Private Library Project, Spr