remowz - realtime water quality monitoring using zigbee based wsn (part i)

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  • 1. REAL TIME WATER QUALITYMONITORING USING ZIGBEE BASEDWIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK (REMOWZ) _______________________________________________14th February 2012 @nighthawknitin

2. Overview Abstract Introduction Literature Survey Proposed System Summary of S 7 Module Split Up Gantt Chart References 3. Abstract System consists of a WSN, with a number ofsensor nodes with networking capability formonitoring Parameters considered include temperature,turbidity and pH Reduces the overall cost, increases the flexibility ZigBee 4. Introduction Keeping our water resources always within thedomestic usage standard is a crucial task Industrialization . Thus a need for an autonomous, low cost,reliable and flexible monitoring system Project focuses on the use of multiple sensors asa device to check the level of water quality 5. Introduction Remote data acquisition Wireless sensor network is used to provideflexibility, low cost implementation andreliability ZigBee high transmission power with arelatively low power consumption 6. Literature Survey Proposed Based upon the paper in IJET Water QualityMonitoring System Using Zigbee Based Wireless SensorNetwork Authors: - Zulhani Rasin and Mohd. Rizal Abdullah The critical situation of the polluted natural waterresources in Malaysia was the major motivation behindthe project. Low Cost, flexible system 7. System Base station (Local Admin)Embedded Module Embedded Module(Transmission Side) (Reception Side) Online Database Sensors 8. System Sensors Temperature, turbidity and pH 8051 microcontroller AT89C51/AT89S52 ZigBee XBee Pro Base Station Desktop Application Online Database Web Application 9. System 10. Summary of S 7 Completed the design phase Determined the data flow Designed Database required using ER Diagram Determined the actors and designed the Use-Case diagram 11. ER Diagram 12. Use Case Diagram 13. DFDLevel 0 14. DFDLevel 1 15. Module Split Up Desktop Authentication Real-time Local Monitor Generate Reports Manage Local Stations Web Authentication Consolidated Real-time Monitoring Generate Web Reports Warnings Alerts Remote Data Acquisition 16. Gantt Chart 17. References IJET Water Quality Monitoring System UsingZigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network The ZigBee Alliance website. [Online].Available: 18. Thank You


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