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  • 1. Patricia Wilson, Lauren Muhleman Wen Liu, Takahashi Hiroaki

2. Screenshot of original webpage 3. Things that are wrong with this site Primary and secondary navigations Hard to read Layout doesn't make sense Overwhelming 4. Solutions to the problem: Simplify Information Create united color scheme Make the layout clear Clear organization Make sure the secondary navigation will be work for audience Primary navigation will be showed as: 5. Screenshot of pictures of websites look like 6. Screenshot of the wireframe 7. Color palettes Keeps Yale colors but adds "pop" to make the department stand out 8. More fonts? New fonts to use Berlin Sans FB Demi alGERIAN Broadway Cooper std black sTencil The reason to choose these font because it can help the audience find the primary and secondary navigation easily, and make the layout be clear. 9. References 10. The End