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  • As every retailer and store design professional knows, the smaller the space the greater the challenge to create a retail atmosphere that enhances the stores image, conveys the brand message and maximizes sales. Today, the demand for effective small-space stores is increasing as retailers strive to minimize costs while increasing sales. Retail Spaces: Small Stores under 250 m2 (2,700 sq. ft) brings you 60 of the most exciting and successful new small stores ranging from the truly minute to the merely small.

    On these pages youll hear from the design professionals themselves as they explain how they solved the problems presented by limited space. Youll learn how they developed the concept, designed the space and overcame additional challenges such as budget and time constraints. Youll see how effectively they used every square meter to focus the consumer's attention onto the merchandise. Every element that makes up a successful small store from the architecture and store layout, to the display systems, lighting, and even the storage is included.

    Retail Spaces: Small Stores under 250 m2 (2,700 sq. ft) brings you the entire project. You'll see not just a photo or two, but complete visual coverage multiple shots show the overall store, views from different directions, and the all-important details.

    Featured are retailers from around the world and from all retail sectors. Visit optical stores in the Czech Republic and Malibu; look in on shoe stores in London, Toronto, and Santiago, and jewelers in Madrid and Shreveport, Louisiana. You'll also explore a diverse range of in-mall shops that rise far above the surrounding mall clutter.

    Organized by store size beginning with the very smallest, Retail Spaces: Small Stores under 250 m2 (2,700 sq. ft) brings you a vast continuum of small stores that attract consumers and prove that space limitations need not limit creativity, brand appeal or sales.

    JACKET (top photo): Foot Patrol, LondonSTORE DESIGN: Brinkworth/WIlson Brothers, LondonPHOTOGRAPHER: Louise Melchior

    JACKET (bottom photo): Kidrobot, MiamiSTORE DESIGN: MASHstudios, Los AngelesPHOTOGRAPHER: Mike Butler




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    R E T A I L S P A C E S

    small storesunder 250 m2 [2,700 sq. ft.]

    R E T A I L S P A C E S

    small storesunder 250 m2 [2,700 sq. ft.]

    Judy Shepard and the editors of Retail Design International








    small stores under 250 m

    2 [2,700 sq. ft.]

  • C O N T E N T S7 Introduction

    8 9026 Eyes, Malibu, California MASHstudios

    12 OhmyGOd, Madrid MARKETING-JAZZ

    14 Guante, Mall Plaza Alameda, Santiago dearQ Architecture & Design

    16 Foot Patrol, Berwick Street, London Brinkworth / Wilson Brothers

    18 Evita, Espacio Urbano La Dehesa Santiago Droguett A&A Ltda

    22 Hush Puppies Kids, Santiago dearQ Architecture & Design

    26 Magic Attic, Derby, United Kingdom Dalziel and Pow Design Consultants

    28 Espoir, Seoul JHP Design Consultancy

    32 congstar, Cologne Dula

    36 Key West, Montral GHA design studios

    38 Levis Icon Store Buttenheim Berlin Plajer & Franz Studio

    42 3 Mobil, Aarhus, Denmark Riis Retail

    46 Gaston Optik, Brno, Czech Republic Fandament Architects / Hast Retail sro

    48 Brida Shoes, London, Ontario GHA design studios

    50 Mint Velvet, Chichester, West Sussex, UK Kinnersley Kent Design

    52 Judith & Charles, Toronto, Ontario GHA design studios

    54 Intermezzo, Huizhou, China AMS Concept

    56 Gieves & Hawkes, Shanghai AMS Concept

    60 Myla, Westfield Shopping Centre, London JHP Design Consultancy

    64 Peoria Emporium, New York Peoria Emporium In-house

    68 Ecko Unlimited, New Delhi Future Research Design Company

    72 Lakeland Optical, Jackson, Mississippi Celia Barrett Design, LLC

    74 Crusoe, Coimbatore, India Future Research Design Company

    78 Paco Rabanne, Santiago In Store Diseo

    82 Vespa, Mexico City, Mexico Plus Construction Group

    84 Jones Bootmaker, Milton Keynes, UK Dalziel and Pow Design Consultants

    86 styled by me Barbie New York Mattel, Inc.

    90 Kidrobot, South Beach, Miami MASHstudios

    94 Worth Avenue News West Palm Beach, Florida PDT International

    96 Americanino, Santiago In Store Diseo

    100 Bernard Weatherill, Savile Row, London Dalziel and Pow Design Consultants

    102 holpe+ Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, PR China rkd retail/iQ

    106 Desa, Covent Garden, London Kinnersley Kent Design

    108 Euro-Optica, Madrid MARKETING-JAZZ

    112 Jaeger London, Covent Garden, London Kinnersley Kent Design

    114 Yusty, Madrid MARKETING-JAZZ

    118 Full Circle, London Brinkworth

    122 Verona Vibe Les Galeries de Hull, Quebec Ruscio Studio

    126 Selected, Aalborg, Denmark Riis Retail

    130 La Martina, Santiago In Store Diseo

    134 EKA, Bangalore, India Future Research Design Company

    136 PUMA Black, New York Bergmeyer Associates, Inc.

    142 Tess & Carlos Newton Centre, Massachusetts Bergmeyer Associates, Inc.

    144 Utopia Records, Sydney Eileen Kamp

    148 Dal, Florida Center Mall, Santiago Droguett A&A Ltda

    152 Arenal2, Madrid MARKETING-JAZZ

    156 MEXX, Rhein Center Koln, Cologne MEXX Creative Team / Umdasch

    158 Privilege, Plaza Vespucio Mall, Santiago Droguett A&A Ltda

    162 California Academy of Sciences Retail Stores, San Francisco BALDAUF CATTON VON ECKARTSBERG Architects

    166 PUMA, Paris Plajer & Franz Studio

    170 Rockford (RKF), Santiago dearQ Architecture & Design

    172 ONeill, Amsterdam Anderson Architects

    176 COX Communications Retail Store Gonzalez, Louisiana Commercial Design Interiors, LLC Ritter Maher Architects

    180 Campus by Marc OPolo Koenigsallee, Dusseldorf dan Pearlman Markenarchitektur

    182 4010 Telekom Shop, Cologne parat for mutabor / Dula

    186 Clarkes Jewelers Shreveport, Louisiana GRID/3 International Inc.

    190 Dell Experience Center North Park Center, Dallas Fitch

    192 Nextel Experience Store Parque Andino, Santiago In Store Diseo

    196 Designer Profiles

    222 Index

  • OhmyGOd Madrid


    The branding of this tiny jewelry store in Madrid started with an idea and a store name. The idea was to open a jewelry store that would become a trend-setter in the wider world of fashion, and the store name, OhmyGOd, was simply the phrase, oh my God that customers would exclaim upon seeing the space and the stunning jewelry on display. In other words the wow factor.

    Both the idea and the name were put to designer Carlos Aires of MARKETING-JAZZ by Cinthya Nicols, project developer and third generation jeweler. Aires and the Nicols family worked together, and the extra ordinary results are shown here.

    From t