to build marketing plan for incresin walk-ins at hush puppies

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Akash Arora

Research MethodologyTo Build a Marketing plan for increasing Walk-ins at Hush Puppies.

Objective Of StudyPrimary Objective:To understand the consumer mindset and improve sales at the Hush Puppies stores.

Secondary ObjectiveSelling StrategyBrand awareness level and mindset of the consumersConsumer Perception and ExpectationStrength of the competitors

Our RoleCollected surveys from the customers who came to shop at hush Puppies.

Style Descriptions for Hush Puppies Articles based on the details provided by HP merchandising team.

Devised E-Mail Templates draft for the website.

Hush Puppies India website Analysis.

Made Marketing Plans For Hush Puppies with all the costing included.

Limitations Faced While Performing SurveysThe Walk-ins were low on weekdays.

Many Respondents refused to answer.

We had to change the questionnaire midway making the previously taken survey unusable.


Some Survey Statistics

Style discerption for Hush Puppies article

Hush Puppies E-mail Templates

Online Research for Hush Puppies Indian website

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

FindingsOrigin Of Hush Puppies

In India Hush Puppies is considered a Formal shoe brand. However, it is originally a smart casual brand.

Strengths of Hush Puppies is the level of comfort which their shoes offer.

RecommendationsInclude more variety for women

To increase promotions of Hush Puppies.