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1) Why did you choose to go to university of Wisconsin? Global exposure Specialized program for Corporate Finance Focus on consulting projects, which give you practical experience along with the studies.2) Why did you major in Polymer science and chemical technology? Passion for Energy sector, as my father has been in the same sector for the last 30 years. Also, Same university as my fathers, so an emotional connect3) Why corporate finance and Investment banking? I was interested in combining both the finance and Business aspects, and corporate finance was the best mix of both the areas. You get a great chance to work with top executive of the company and create directions for your company. Might be leading a business segment, or handling the finances of the company or deciding on M&A.4) t was your overall gpa and gmat?6905) What courses did you do best/worst in?During Undergraduate college-Maths, Polymer processing Worst:-Heat transfer6) Tell me about your college/grad experience?I had a wonderful experienceKnowledge gained the best of the knowledge in the field of Chemicals and Maths, from great professorsExperience- Did my summer internship in Europe, I was the only person to have the international summer internship experience.Networking- Built a great network, people who are future leaders and very successful in their fields7) What appeals to you about this position?Tie it with your story8) Why should we hire you? Why would you be a good choice for this position? Bring Financial skills demonstrated through my experience my and Certfications Bring good interpersonal skills, love working with people, and in teams. Persistence, never give up, if I believe I can do something, will keep on tryingEx: Job in financial marketFail example: Build an Automatic excel chart in one hour Most importantly, Passion for this field 9) What do you think this position requires, and how well do you match these requirements?Same as Ans 8, unless there is anything else specific for the job

10) Why did you leave your last position?

To Do my MBA, I accepted my position gat Mckinsey while I wa applying for the MBA. If I had not received the offer from Wisconson , I ight have not done my MBA this year and might have looked at doing next year. I was in a fix, because at one hand I had a great opportunity at Mckinsey and on the other, a great offer for the MBA.But, I accepted the offer, as I have good contacts in India, and there are always opportunity for me there.MBA would equip me with the skills to become a leader.

11) What did you learn in your last job? Most importantly, exposure to high pressure environments, quality and efficiency are key. Spend, extra hours to understand things, processes, build your skills Spent extra hours to learn how to clean and analyze huge data in excel. Leverage people, not just in your team, department but within the firm. While I was working on making the template, worked with IT and VB experts, to take their advice and schedule some time with them to work on our project.12) Describe the most relevant and specific items in your background that show that you are qualified for this job?-Link with Job

13) What matters to you in your next position? Link with story , which should be linked with the job Link with job and work what is demanded from the job Culture and role 14) Give me an example where you successfully came up with a creative solution to a problem?-Business process workflow - Problem- increased time to understand and train for a new personSo many complex issues, business terminology, terms and eanings, all in peoples minsWas taking a lot of time and reducing efficiency for a newcomerDeveloped a workflow model, for all tables

15) Give me an example where you successfully persuaded other to think or do what you wanted?Also UML knowledge sessions in KMgTalk about Knowledge sharing session in EVS 16) Give me an example where you sought out a problem to solve because it represented a challenge to you?Tal about template you built for Mckinsey

17) Give me examples of leadership abilities?Talk about Schuck operations New to this field lot of business knowledge to gain - only erson responsible to build this project and lead in india with the support of managers - working with public sector people in india a total new expereicne with different challenges 18) Describe a project in which you went beyond what was expected of you?Can talk about the business process workflow that I created while training for great American Insurance company19) What events have had the most impact on your life?

20) What motivates you?Challenges , opportunity to continuously stimulate me intellectuallylearningPeople, give me a lot of energye

Teamwork, learning opportunities, and help my team and the organization succeed

21) What kind of activities do you enjoy?Wife- sportsCollege- net impactGiving back to the community

22) Tell me something about yourself which is not on the cv?Same as 21

23) Tell me why you chose this industry?

24) What is it about our company that interests you?

25) Describe what be an ideal environment for you?Where people work together and are collaborative, the cultureChallenging work And opportunities to grow and venture into different areas with time.

26) What would you do if you did not have to work for money? How does that relate to this job opportunity?

Innovate, do something to help people, make life easier

27) How do you define stress and how do you manage it?Stress for me is fear of not performing or thinking too much about the results, I alwas give m best shot and do not think much about the results.I tr to remain as much as possible, this was one strength that my mangar pointed out when I was leaving the company, I do a lot o meditation to remain calm which helps me perform under most stressful conditions and not give up or become stressed out of the results, and always helps me give my best shot.28) Describe your ideal job?Culture- collaborativeChallenging workOpportunities to grow lead teams and take calculated risks to do new/different things29) Give examples of how you have used your greatest skills?Persistence- to move into the financial world and get into a good mba collegeTeam Skills To be able to direct a team which was not performing well into a very strong team in the end.

30) What is your major weakness?

When i first came to US, and saw people speaking and presenting , I thought this is something that comes natural to them and I would love to have those skills, I used to avoid presenting to people, but then I thought, why not, if someone else can do it , then I can do it too , and I made all the efforts to improve m presentation skills, read articles, did a lot of practice, took extra training sessions and now I believe i am at such a stage where I can take presentations with a lot of confidence, and poise. In our final presentation of the first semester, I was given the best presenter out of our group which consisted of very talented presenters.31) Tell me your biggest regret?32) What role do you usually take in a team?Usually take the role of a planner and gate keeper in the team, where I try to give direction to the team and lay out the path and plan the projects, but if required I also shift to a gate keeper and and contribute to the team to maximize their time, and contribute as much as possible .Example of leading a team, ica project

Based on the time we had for the project, we first laid out a roadmap, estimate of number of das for each phase of our presentation,-Initial screening, understanding and laying out questions 20%-Research and getting the required data for analysis 20%-Analysis of the data 30%-Putting together the presentation 20%-Practicing the presentation 10%

33) What were your failures and what have you learnt from them?34) Do you have any questions for me?

Adaptability Tell us about a time that you had to adapt to a difficult situation.ShcuckNew industryAnd work with gvt agenciesWait for them , timeBe calmFreidnshipNetworkingIdentify their needs

First time I was given the responsibility to manage a team dn lead the project, was definitely challenging yet very motivating for me.I already knew the team members, so famiiriat was not an issue.But I first spent a lot of time understanding the project and things to deliver. With the team , identified things need to complete and delegated the responsibilitis.I made extra effort and always gave before time, what I had to deliver.This heped develop a good impression with my team members, alwas had a ver open way of communicating with people, spent some time outside office to help build team.Initially there was a problem when some one blamed he or she had to do, then I wrote down all the tasks and emailed Clear respobilities were delegated and emailed to everyone, so that there was no overlap or confusion. In the end i was successful incomplting the project withought any defects and also showed that I can lead projects , this also helped me grab an opportunity to work in Seattle, USA for one of our clients.

Talk about coming to US to work for insurance companyDifficult because was the first time I was working in US, my company was represented for first time with the client and working well, adapting to US culture and building a good impression were critical to my success.Challenges: Quickly learning the Business systemLearning the US culture Very high as compared to India, Being assertive and straight forward HonestyExample: I was appreciated by resident of Insurance company, that I was doing a great job, which I felt was great, so I received a lot of appreciations and if I made a mistake,

I made efforts to be more assertive, by actively speaking during meetings, sharing my ideas.Fo