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<ul><li> 1. Bringing all elements of the carbon neutrality process under one roof </li></ul> <p> 2. Overview 1. Introduction 2. Why measure and report? 3. Voluntary initiatives 4. Step by step approach 5. Carbon auditing 6. Innovative software 7. Carbon offsetting 8. Becoming Proudly Carbon Neutral 3. Introduction Proudly Carbon Neutral are a young and dynamic team of experts dedicated to bringing you the best possible solutions for your sustainability and carbon management plans. 4. Why measure and report? Legislation Cost reduction Improve public image Reduce risk Improve operations Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility 5. Voluntary Initiatives Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Publically disclose carbon footprint data to the public and investment community CDP data is now available to traders and investors and used to rate environmental risk 655 institutional investors ($78 trillion) 6. Voluntary Initiatives Stock Market Companies with a known carbon footprint are less of an environmental risk than those with an unknown one 7. Voluntary Initiatives Reduce operating costs If you can see where you are using your energy, you can see where you are wasting it. Solid project ROI and CBA projections Validate project returns Benchmarking Behavioural changes approx. 7 - 15 % 8. Voluntary Initiatives Improve corporate image and public relations Public image and perception Increasing sustainable consumerism and brand good will Industry leaders are now managing reputational risk through CSR programs 9. Understanding the Scopes Scope 1 (Direct) Scope 2 (Indirect) Scope 3 (Indirect) Gas boilers, company cars, owned fleet, coal, oil, refrigeration, burners Purchased heat, steam, cooling or electricity Business Travel, Employee Commuting, Waste, Water, Supplier emissions Supplier emissions, per product line, spend, usage. Supply Chain 10. Our step by step approach 1. Proudly Carbon Neutral programme proposal 2. Introduction of reporting software 3. Audit to produce carbon footprint 4. Offset of emissions 5. Implement carbon management strategy 6. Company can now brand themselves as Proudly Carbon Neutral 11. Carbon auditing In order to produce your companys carbon footprint, you must consider: Environmental factors: Greenhouse gas emissions from energy use Economic factors: Community and procurement Social factors: Social indicators and people 12. Carbon auditing Our carbon auditors work alongside as well as large local authorities. 13. Innovative software The award-winning software enables organisations to report on their Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy and Sustainability performance. 14. Interactive dashboards 15. Performance analysis 16. Instant template reports 17. Return on Investment and Business Case Selling Business drivers for purchasing carbon management systems According to the Verdantix Market Survey published in March 2011, the top drivers are: Cost reduction 87% Track financial data on energy spend 53% Consolidate consumption data 47% Acheive energy targets 27% 18. The Challenge: Strategically High levels of risk Lack of transparency assurance compliance Lack of confidence in reports Poor audit ability of the data Disconnected and inconsistent paper trail Known Unknowns Disconnected reporting Reporting generated by geographic structure LSE mandatory reporting requires matching with financial reporting structure For maximum use, reports need to match the organisation management reporting structure 19. The Challenge: Operationally Disparate and Illusive Data Sources Disorganised Paper Trail Complex Spreadsheets Time Consuming Multi-site Challenges Risk/Error Reduction Consistency &amp; Compliance Rapidly Evolving Methods/Emission Factors Verification, Transparency, Audit Difficulties Cross Reporting Standards Data Inconsistency Increased Forensic Scrutiny of Audit Trails Static lost opportunity 20. Key Benefits of PCN for Professionals Rest assured in Accurate Data, and Reports Fully compliant with standards and legislation Confidence Easily provide up to date carbon reports for Tenders. Demonstrate leadership and good corporate citizen ship to clients and prospective customers Win More Business Analyse and Benchmark Performance Instantly Monitor improvements Build Solid CBA for projects and prove ROI afterwards Reduce Costs Environmental and sustainability Staff can focus on value adding tasks (cots reduction projects, employee and public engagement, positive marketing) as opposed to number crunching. Increased Value 21. Summary Focussed, Expert, Agile ISO 14064 Certified Team Purpose Built ISO 14064 Certified Software Reduce GHG Reporting Overheads by 60-80% Win More Business Drive Improvement Rapid Setup Proven Migration Best Practice Easy To Use Standards Compliant 22. Carbon offsetting Proudly Carbon Neutral only deal with VCS standard credits the worlds leading voluntary greenhouse gas program. 23. Becoming Proudly Carbon Neutral Once a company had gone through our streamlined process, they are then able to license the PCN stamp on all of their promotional material, declaring themselves Proudly Carbon Neutral to the world. 24. The PCN stamp can be used on all promotional material and packaging. 25. The PCN stamp can be used on all promotional material and packaging. 26. Contact Details Ross Archer +44 (0) 2075 5487 80 </p>