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  • 8/12/2019 Protecting Yourself From Negative Energy


    How to Protect Yourself from Negative Energy

    With layoffs happening by the thousands and companies begging for bailouts, there's a

    lot of negative energy going on out in the world. earn how to protect yourself in order to

    help plot a safe path through the storm.

    !he reason we remind each other to count our blessings is because it is so easy to be

    defeated by the negativity out there. Even in good times there are depressed feelings

    that can consume us. "dd to this some instability with the world situation and it is easy to

    mope, slow down and be brought down with bad feelings.

    !here are lots of ways to protect yourself from negative energy. Negative energy is

    commonly referred to as #bad vibes,# and is usually traceable to a negative person,

    group or agenda nearby. $ead these descriptions of negative energy and the protectiontips, both practical and metaphysical, to protect yourself from any negative effects.


    &escription !his person ma(es sure to tell everyone about all of the problems, personal

    and public, in the world today. No victories or en)oyment are possible because

    everything has a negative side that needs to be e*plained in painful detail.

    Protection !ip +usic is the best protection. $aise the volume )ust a bit whenever this

    person comes into the room. t doesn't matter what type of music, )ust about any

    combination of rhythm and melody help dissipate negative energy. +etals also conduct

    music well, so a metal amulet with a power symbol you choose can ward off #!he

    Whiner# on a consistent basis.


    &escription e it the economy, illness, germs, or a host of other possible afflictions, fearis some of the most negative energy out there. &ealing with it (eeps many a

    psychologist as well as psychics and astrologers employed.

    Protection !ip %onsider the comforting /uote of -ran(lin &elano $oosevelt as the

    perfect antidote to being needlessly afraid #!he only thing we have to fear is fear itself.#

  • 8/12/2019 Protecting Yourself From Negative Energy


    -ear is actually a concept, not a material reality. !o hold off the negative energy of an

    idea, a /uart0 crystal carried in your poc(et or around your nec( 1depending on how

    fashionable it will be, of course2 will be able to absorb the negative energy of fear before

    it pierces your aura and can do damage.

    $emember, fear is a biological asset to protect us in times of danger. " crystal protects

    the hyper e*aggeration of fear, not the practical reality of true, obvious threats to our

    immediate safety.


    &escription 4ust as you are ma(ing progress, things start to fall apart. oo( around and

    the underminer may have been hard at wor( to ensure you did not get ahead.

    Protection !ip What the underminer hates is the light of being e*posed, so be sure to

    have a small candle burning somewhere safe. Even better is to undermine an

    underminer by giving this person a candle as a gift5


    &escription No matter how great an accomplishment you or someone close to you has

    to share, a )oy(iller will ma(e sure to minimi0e achievements at the very least and willwor( to try to ma(e everyone feel rotten about having these successes.

    Protection !ip !he overt prayer is an ancient form of warding off evil spirits. n the

    contemporary home or wor(place, the overt prayer is called the interruption. "s the

    )oy(iller starts a ramble of vile hate, politely interrupt with some news, any news. # )ust

    remembered, everybody, there is a new trash liner in the can, so you can throw things

    out now.# No matter what information you interrupt with, you have interrupted the )oy(iler

    and robbed them of the ability to spray their sna(e6ish venom.

    Perpetual 7ictims

    &escription #8h dear, the company hates me for cloc(ing in9#: #8h poor me, men will

    never date me because am ;' ;#9#: # ate lunch by myself because someone would

    have told a )o(e about me if had )oined you9#. !his person is always at the receiving

  • 8/12/2019 Protecting Yourself From Negative Energy


    end of a conspiracy and is able to never succeed because there are )ust too many

    people to blame.

    Protection !ip You want this person's attitude to slip away from you. "noint yourself with

    some holy oil behind your ears and you will not absorb this person's hatred of the world,

    fear of success and self6loathing. !he negative energy will slip away.

  • 8/12/2019 Protecting Yourself From Negative Energy