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Protecting Yourself From A HARP ScamBLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008BLOWNMORTGAGE.COM is sad to think about it, butunfortunately there are people outthere that are using the HomeAffordable Refinance Program thatwas put together by the governmentto scam homeowners out of theirprivate information. This information,as you can imagine is of the utmostimportance as it typically includesyour social security number,address, income information andplenty of other information that thirdparties could use to steal youridentity.BLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008 was created in order to helpunderwater homeowners and that isexactly what it does but it is importantthat you understand what to watch outfor to ensure that you are dealing with areal lender and not someone trying tosteal your identity.BLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008 is HARP?HARP is a government created program thatmakes it easy for homeowners to refinance theirhome, despite being underwater. There are veryfew stipulations regarding the program, makingwidespread availability possible for millions ofhomeowners. The idea of the program is to helphomeowners stay in their homes rather than haveto succumb to foreclosure due to being unable toafford their current mortgage payments.BLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008 a ScamHARP is meant to help homeowners and it does,as long as the necessary precautions are taken.Before providing your information to just anyonethat claims to have the best deal for you, it isimportant to know what to watch for to preventbeing taken by a scam. BLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008 following factorsare a clue that youare dealing with aSCAM:BLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008 the person soliciting your informationrequires an upfront payment; it is notgovernment related. HARP is a free programthat does not cost anything with theexception of the closing costs, which arepaid at the closing of your mortgage.BLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008 do not need to be signed right away. Ifyou are feeling pressured to sign papers orprovide your private information, proceed withcaution.BLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008 parties do not need to get involved in theprocess. You should be dealing directly withyour lender of choice. If a third party insists ongathering your information and handling yourphone calls, chances are it is a scam.BLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008 the person that you deal with consistentlypushes you to input your information online,forwarding you to websites that look fishy,avoid them.Any websites that you deal with should havethe official HARP logo.BLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008 payments should strictly be made tothe mortgage company, never to a third party.BLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008 the company out with the NationalMortgage Registry or Better BusinessBureau before providing any information.BLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008 Help Should be FreeThebottomlineisthatiftheprogramseemstoogoodtobetrue,chancesareitis.Doyourhomework,performyourresearchandfollowyourgutwhenitcomestodeterminingwhetheryouaredealingwithalegitimatesourceornot.Scamartistsunderstandtheanguishthatanxioushomeownersareunderthatarestrugglingtomaketheirmortgagepaymentsandtheypreyonthat.Thesescamartistswillmakepromisesthatwillnotbekeptandintheendwillstealyourprivateinformationandpossiblyyouridentity,nottomentionanymoneythatyoupaythem.Therearedefinitewaystodetermineifyouaredealingwithascamthatonlytakeafewsimpleminutes.Thesefewminutescouldpreserveyourfinancialwellbeingandyourstateofmind,nottomentionavoidanunnecessaryforeclosureorshortsaleofyourhome.HARPisagreatprogramthathashelpedmillionsofpeoplekeeptheirhomeandsavemoneyeverymonth;makesureyouareoneofthembyavoidingascam.BLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008 O L E A R N M O R EBLOWNMORTGAGE.COMLENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008C L I C K H E R EBLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008 McHood is Americas MortgageCommentator and has been providingMortgage commentary for over 10 years.INFORMATION PROVIDED BY: JUSTIN MCHOODMORTGAGE COMMENTATORInformationOriginallyPublished:January16,2015BLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008 MORE ABOUTMORTGAGE COMMENTATOR:MORTGAGECOMMENTATOR.COMFACEBOOK.COM/MORTGAGECOMMENTATOR@MORTGAGECOM_LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008BLOWNMORTGAGE.COM LENDER HOTLINE: 888-581-5008