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    Wellesley College Newsletter # 1 Monday February 9th 2015

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    Dear Parents, Our staff have been busy preparing the programme for Term 1 and it promises to be active and engaging for the boys. It is wonderful to have the boys back at school and in class. Many teachers have commented how nice it is to see the fine young men of Wellesley back in the school grounds, making new friends and learning new skills. Classrooms have been particularly vibrant and most of the boys I speak to love being back. Its a special place that lends itself to boys being boys. I must pay tribute to the wonderful start to the year that attests to all the hard work completed by our administration and teaching staff in preparation for the first week. My sincere thanks goes to all members of the team who made the first day such a welcoming and warm environment. My thanks also extends to the boys and families who make our world richer by allowing us time with them at Wellesley. I would like to extend a very special welcome to all our new families. We had a large number of new boys in each year group who bring their own skills and talents that we will value as dearly as returning boys from last year. We have a number of events in coming weeks and I encourage parents to make an effort to open lines of communication with our staff to ensure your son has the support needed to succeed. Thank you to all those families who updated their contact details using the emailed link last week or via the school office. We need to be sure that all contact details for parents and boys are up to date before the Wellesley Class Directory can be produced. It is very important for us to update your sons emergency and medical details. If your son has a chronic condition and may need Wellesley College to administer medication, please contact the school office for the relevant form. It is a parental responsibility to ensure medication is current and not past its use by date. At the first school assembly I spoke to the staff and boys about some important points. These included taking pride in Wellesley and their uniform, so in class, at the start of school, in assembly and Chapel boys should have ties up, socks up and shirts in. I spoke of manners and using common courtesy such as a simple please or thank you, good morning or afternoon, and most of all I explained that I want the boys to engage in their learning and have fun with their schooling. We have a few new staff members joining us at the start of the year. We welcome Mrs Cole who joins class 6C as part of our support teacher team. In our finance department we have Mrs Colleen de Boer who will be replacing Mrs Pam Graham. Mrs de Boer will be providing a temporary arrangement in this department for the foreseeable future. Also Mrs Laurel Makowem returns to assist us with Foundation matters and school events. Many of you may know Mrs Makowem from her work last year. Finally, I am thrilled and excited to be here at Wellesley and I look forward to meeting with parents at our school events in the near future.

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    SCHOOL CALENDAR The school calendar is updated daily with events and information on the school intranet site - Note that there is no need to log on, just click on the quick links or Public Pages tab for the Calendar.

    School Picnic Friday February 13th Pack up a hamper and join us for this fun event. The aim of the evening is to provide an opportunity for families and staff to socialise in an informal way. The evening will be unstructured with the teachers present but off duty regarding supervision of the children.

    Please report to the Centennial Hall when you arrive and you will be given a name tag. New parents will be identified by way of a red dot on their label, so please introduce yourself and make our new parents feel welcome.

    We will have the field marked so the various Year groups can be together and thus aid socialising with families who have boys of similar age.

    The school pool will be open and hopefully the evening will be warm enough for swimming in the sea as well. Children will need adult supervision during any of these activities. Apart from using the toilets, we would be grateful if children remain outdoors. You are welcome to park in front or behind the school but, please do not park on the quad adjacent to the Junior School. STAFF

    We will be farewelling Pam Graham later this month. Pam has worked on our accounts for the last 12 years in an upstairs office in Days Bay House quietly getting on making sure we met all our financial obligations. She will be missed for her desire to do a great job and her fun loving nature. Pam will continue to work alongside her replacement, Collen de Boer until the end of February.

    We were thrilled to read Paddianne Neelys name, (Wellesleys Archivist since 1997) in the NEW ZEALAND NEW YEAR HONOURS LIST 2015. Paddianne has been involved with colleges, records archives and displays for 37 years, and was responsible for the outstanding display of archives at Wellesley during the Centenary weekend. Paddianne has also spent many years assisting her husband (Don Neely) with publications, displays and research for NZ International Cricket as well as decoration and displays at the Basin Reserve, Eden Park and the Westpac Stadium. Paddianne was awarded with The Queen's Service Medal.

    Kate Sinclair and her husband Tom Gay are delighted to announce the birth of their daughter, Elise Maisey Ann Gay. Born 25th of January, weighing a healthy 8.4 pounds. All are doing well.

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    Senior Syndicate Leader: Mr Murray Blandford

    Year Group Teacher

    Year7N Michelle Norton

    Year 7M John Mackie

    Year 7/8B Sarah Bleier

    Year 7/8T Andrew Tait

    Year 8B Murray Blandford

    Year 8P Tim Parkes

    Middle Syndicate Leader: Mr Tony Orbell

    Year Group Teacher

    Year4C Michelle Colley

    Year 4T Christine Trummer

    Year 5P Chris Parker

    Year 5S Veronica Stevens

    Year 6C Carolyn Currington

    Year 6L Chevon OLeary

    Year 6O Tony Orbell

    Junior Syndicate Leader and Associate Principal: Mrs Alison Garland

    Year Group Teacher

    Year 1 Yvonne Odinot/Deirdre van Beynen

    Year 2 Glen Jorna

    Year 3 Alison Garland

    Resource Teachers

    Teacher Role

    Steve Girvan (Deputy Principal Maths, Curriculum Co-ordinator, Thinking Skills and Pastoral Care)

    Ross Hampton (Head of e-Learning, Senior Maths)

    Mary-Anne Morgan

    (Performing Arts and Literacy Resource Teacher)

    Anne Familton (Reading Recovery and Literacy Resource Teacher)

    Ruth Hooke (Performing Arts)

    Eve Owen (Art)

    Jane Kent (Library)

    Darren Houston (PE/Sport/Outdoor Education)

    Jo Hawthorne (Science and Technology)

    Administration Team

    Name Roll

    Karen Reid

    PA to the Principal

    Anne England

    School Administrator

    Margie Beattie

    Development Manager

    Laurel Makowem

    Development Office Support

    Colleen de Boer


    Fiona Donnelly

    Uniform Shop

    Teresa Davidson

    School Canteen

    Rachel Seymour

    School Canteen

    Gerard Maarhuis


    Teacher Support


    Kate Cole

    Jackie Gray

    Sue Jones

    Janice Meo

    Seb Morton (GAP Tutor)

    Brenda Nisbet

    Details of class teachers are listed below. For those of you who are new to Wellesley, the school is divided into three Syndicates;

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    Staff Email Addresses and Extension Numbers

    We have a direct dial option for your convenience. The number is 562 8030 followed by the extension number of the person you wish to contact. (see page 9 for extensions and email addresses) Staff and I request that you make contact with your son or his teacher for important calls only.

    For obvious reasons, staff do not wish to be interrupted whilst teaching BUT WILL ENDEAVOUR TO RETURN YOUR CALL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It is not appropriate to call a boy to the phone during class time unless circumstances permit.

    FOR ANY CHANGES OF TRANSPORT ARRANGEMENTS IT IS ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL THAT YOU DONT RELY ON LEAVING A PHONE MESSAGE as in the hurly burly of a teaching day, we cant guarantee the messages will be cleared before 3.30pm. Calls that require immediate attention are best handled by the office (562 8030). As always we are here to help but I appreciate your co-operation in this regard.


    This line is updated if an event is cancelled or postponed. Direct Dial: 576 2279.


    If your son is absent please notify us before 9.00am by ringing the absentee line 562 8030 and press 2.

    TRANSPORT Steve Girvan is in charge of transport operations. If you have any queries or concerns please contact him on 562 8030 ext 805 or email If your son will be catching the bus and you have not notified the office, please do so as soon as possible. It is important that the office be aware of your sons travel arrangements for the term and we appreciate your co-operation in this regard. A copy of the Bus and Ferry Code will be sent out to all families. Please read through the Code with your son(s), sign in the appropriate place and return the form to your sons teacher.

    CIVIL DEFENCE MUFTI DAY Each year we ask the boys to bring two cans of food and a container of bottled water to school to use in case of a Civil Defence Emergency. In the event of a serious d