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I am pleased to share with you news from Kings, contained here in my annual report. The 2011 Principals Report features just a few of the many remarkable faculty, staff, students, and programs that make Kings University College great. I invite your comments and questions on the Report, and would like to thank the many members of our community who agreed to be a part of this publication. Thank you for all for your continued support of Kings. Dr. David Sylvester, Principal


  • 1King's Connects Sylvester on getting connected and making a difference. pg 02

    Going GreenSix ways were making Kings a little greener. pg 20

    Words from the WiseWhat the faculty has to say about Kings. pg 18

    Student Life Centre Taking the student experience to the next level. pg 16

    Agents for Change Social Work students influence the community and the practice. pg 08

    Accountability and Stewardship Responsible to our supporters and ensuring a strong future. pg 22

    From Classroom to CommunityStudents take their experiences to the world, creating change. pg 06




    P R I N C I P A L S R E P O R T

    Going Beyond the ClassroomThe Kings Difference educating the whole student. pg 04

    Student PerspectiveHear from Kings students about their learning experiences. pg 10

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  • 2Principals MessageStudents feel connected to this place, to the physical environment and especially to the people.


    David Sylvester, PhD, Kings University College Principal

    There is a phrase used quite regularly by the Registrars Office here at Kings: Get Connected, Make a Difference. Its an expression I have come to appreciate as it reflects a common theme that has emerged in my conversations with students, both past and present.

    Students feel connected to this place, to the physical environment and especially to the people. I hear of professors who continue to inspire; of classmates who remain friends; of a community that provided the opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. To many, the Kings experience became the foundation for careers and career changes, for personal and professional relations that endure still, and for opportunities and choices made many years later. Kings made a difference in their lives and, more often than not, helped them choose to make a difference in the lives of others.

    This Principals Report celebrates many of the ways in which our faculty, staff and students connect, here on our own campus and with students and colleagues

    around the globe. It profiles some of our more established and renowned programs, as well as new directions we are taking. You will read about students and faculty who embody the academic excellence and commitment to service that are the mark of a Kings education. You will see that Kings continues to honour the heritage of our campus and is taking a proactive role in preserving, protecting and enhancing our environment, ensuring that students for generations to come will enjoy a beautifully vibrant and sustainable community. You will also see that in all recent national student satisfaction surveys, and Westerns Graduating Student Survey, Kings stands out as a leader in Canada. Our students give high marks across the board to Kings, but value especially the quality of teaching at Kings and the quality of the community itself.

    The tremendous enrolment growth of Kings over the last decade has underscored a need to create, in a very deliberate way, spaces for the Kings community to connect. The construction of the Darryl

    J. King Student Life Centre, scheduled for completion in 2013, is such a place. The King Centre will become the new social and intellectual hub of the campus, a modern day Athenaeum. Together with new appointments to our faculty, the new Student Life Centre will enhance Kings University Colleges emerging reputation as one of Canadas leading Catholic liberal arts universities.

    While intended to report on where we are now, it is my hope that this report will leave you with a keen sense of where we are heading in the next few years.

    As the Kings community forges its future, we remember the strong sense of connection that brought us to this point and explore new ways of bringing together people who want to make a difference.


  • 302____________________BMOS____________________Jeremy Santucci____________________Year 4____________________

    Santucci and his colleagues on the Kings University College Students Council play a major role in the leadership and planning of the University.

    01____________________MOS Honors____________________Shelley Robson____________________Year 4____________________

    Principal Sylvester chats with students about upcoming midterm exams.




  • 4Catholic education has, at its very foundation, the principle that we are called to educate people, not simply to impart knowledge. At Kings this idea is informed by the model of cura personalis or care of the entire person which forms an integral part of Jesuit education. Attending to each person and their unique circumstances, insights, gifts and challenges is at the core of a Kings education. We are committed to the education of the whole person; to develop the intellectual, physical and spiritual dimensions of not

    only our students but every member of the Kings community.

    As a liberal arts university, Kings is advantaged in this commitment to educate the whole. Our interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to understand particular issues from different perspectives. Our students explore many ideas throughout their educational journey and are exposed to different models and methods of learning, including those that go beyond the classroom and into the community. Our service learning and practicum programs

    locally and internationally help our students to put theory into practice and to experience and learn from different people and different cultures. This integrated approach to education lends itself to an integrated understanding of not only things, but also of self.

    At Kings University College, we seek excellence in all things, and what sets us apart is our foundational commitment to the people who live and learn in this community.

    03____________________Campus Ministries____________________Michael Bechard ____________________Reverend____________________

    Father Michael Bechard and the team in Campus Ministry help the community to connect their relationship with God to service in the world.

    The Kings Difference cura personalisWe are committed to the education of the whole person; to develop the intellectual, physical and spiritual dimensions of not only our students but every member of the Kings community.

    King's Difference

    02____________________BMOS- Finance and Administration____________________Zeinab Abourawi ____________________Year 4____________________

    Abourawi, who hopes to become a financial consultant after graduation, enjoys the small class sizes at Kings and getting the chance to have a close student-professor relationship with all of her professors.

    01____________________Sociology____________________Emily Scott ____________________Year 3____________________

    Scott notes the teachers among the things she loves about Kings and values that they make themselves available when extra help is needed. After graduation she plans on pursuing a business degree.


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  • 6From the classroom to the community, and from textbook to practice, they facilitate positive change at individual, organizational and societal levels. (continued page 8)

    Kings students are change agents at all levels.



    Students in Action

  • 7____________________Social Justice and Peace Studies and Political Science ____________________Moses Latigo Odida____________________2010 graduate____________________

    Since graduating from Kings, Odida completed his masters in Political Science at Western with a researchinterest in the reintegration of child soldiers. He hopes topursue a PhD in the near future.

  • 8In their studies, students are introduced to the theories of change and the roots of advocacy. They dig to the core of change, understanding how change happens and where to influence the many systems found throughout the community. Then, they roll up their sleeves and get to work.

    Service is a major component of both the undergraduate and graduate-level Social Work programs. Starting in third year, Kings Social Work students make a significant time commitment to over 120 social service agencies in the London community. These practicum placements are not just a quick tour or shadowing; they engage the student in direct work with clients, in policy development, and in program evaluation and development. Third-year students commit to 240 hours of service and fourth-year to 520 hours. Graduate students spend 500 hours honing their skills in hands-on practice.

    Practicum placements are true win-win relationships. Students not only receive practical experience in the agencies and glean wisdom from their mentors, but they also impact the very institutions where they are placed and the individuals they serve.

    Giving back is at the core of the social work profession and is a major component of the learning process at the School.

    Placement experiences are as varied as the institutions in which they take place. They provide crisis information and referral services to families accessing the food bank, assist people in navigating government systems at constituency offices, help new immigrants at community organizations, reach out to marginalized young people at youth centres, help patients with social and emotional issues, and assist with new policy initiatives at City Hall.

    The influence that the School of Social Work has in the community doesnt stop there. Students infuse placement institutions with fresh ideas and new theories brought directly from the classroom. This often acts as professional