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Information about official event of the Ukrainian Real Estate Club dedicated to the residential market of Ukraine


<ul><li><p>PRESS RELEASE November 8, 2010 </p><p>Current situation in the residential market will be discussed during official event of Ukrainian </p><p>Real Estate Club On December 2 at the National park Sophia Kyivska will be held the final official event in 2010 of the Ukrainian Real Estate Club on the topic: "Residential real estate market - results and </p><p>forecasts. The main issues for discussion at the roundtable will be: the situation on the residential market by the end of 2010. Government activity to improve the situation on the residential property market: completion of residential properties with 70% availability. </p><p> Distrust to the primary residential market by financiers (crediting the construction of residential real estate). </p><p> Schemes of funding the construction of residential real estate (ONS). Innovation of developers in the proposed market product, and ways to promote the sales organization. </p><p> Forecasts for 2011. Companies plans for the construction of new residential properties. The dynamics of demand, the profitability rate on residential real estate market. Roundtable will visit representatives of executive power, domestic and international developers, </p><p>investors, construction companies, the leading consulting and law firms. </p><p>The leading participants of the event: Constantine Pivovarov, Vice Minister, Ministry of Regional Development and Construction. Michael Golitsa, President of HC Kyivmiskbud. Valery Kirilko, Director of development company Hertz. Ari Schwartz, CEO of Seven Hills. Gennady Zhiltsov, co-founder of "Yuzhniy bereg". David Amsalem, Partner at Colony Real Estate Professionals. Moderators of the roundtable: Alexei Govorun, Deputy General Director for Strategic Development and Marketing of TMM. </p><p> Mikhail Ermolenko, Managing Director at Knight Frank </p><p>Partners: </p></li><li><p>Official partner of event: </p><p>Official automobile partner: </p><p>Musical support: STILL WATER BAND </p><p> ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ </p></li></ul>