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  • 1.10 Powerful Press Release News Angles You Can Leverage To Get Media Coverage The rules of news distribution have been turned upside- down.Now business can reach out directly to inuencers and their target consumer through online press releases.You just need to know the rules of the online press release

2. 10 press release news angle ideas you can use to gain online and media visibility 1. New product or service 2. New blog or website 3. Product or website enhancement 4. Publication of new content 5. Award or accolade announcement 6. Upcoming event 7. Contest announcement 8. Promotion or sale announcement 9. New strategic partnership 10. New team 3. Questions to get you thinking....u added any newHave you been invited to Have yo services?speak as a panelist products orseminar, webinar, o at aHave you published a how rTwitter chat?to guide, an informationalblog post, or a video online?Are youAre you o uoted in ere you q ost, Wplanning a r willnt blog pyou be rua recelimited timenning fo product, article,a contestinsale or ? orinterview? promotion? 4. What a press release is NOT A press release is not an article or an ad If your title does not announce something timely or new it is not a pressrelease.XYZ Company Offers Low Cost Hosting Services XYZ Company New $3 Per Month Blog Hosting Package If your press release is announcing news from a company other than yourown, it is an article.HTC Announces New Touch Pro2ABC Wireless Will Now Carry New HTC Touch Pro2 5. What a press release is NOTA press release is not an article or an ad If your press release is stuffed with subjective claims about how greatyour company is, it is not an ad. Subjectivity belongs only in quotesfrom the company. XYZ Announces Launch Of The Best Exercise ProgramOn The MarketXYZ Announces New Exercise Program Designed ToIncrease Metabolism By 10 6. Press Release Angle #1 New Product or Service Announce the product or service. Identify the target audience and how it specically solves their problem. Offer specic features and user benets of the product or servicePeople dont Explanation of how the product functions or of specic features. (1-2want new paragraphs) A quote that explains why your product or service is different from any other solution on the market.products andservices, theywant A quote that explains your reason for launching this product or servicesolutions. and how you hope it will help your customers. Provide some background about your company, and why you are qualied to launch this new product or service. 7. Press Release Angle #2 New Blog or Website Announce how a new blog or website exists to provide a particular solution for your target audience. Offer specic features and user benets of the new website or blog A quote that explains why the needs met by the new website or blog areNo one cares if there is another newwebsite orblog in the different from any other solution on the market. Provide some background about your company, and why you are qualied to launch this new product or aboutworld. They what it can do for 8. Press Release Angle #3Product or Website Enhancement Announce the product or website enhancement by stating how thischange benets the target audience. Explain why your company made these enhancements and whatproblem it solves in the marketplace. A quote that conveys how these changes make your product or People arentinterested in a new button or wizbang, theywant to knowservice a leading force in your industry Explain exactly how the new features work (1-4 paragraphs) how this enhancement isgoing to make Provide some background about your company, and why you are their life better.qualied to lead in this 9. Press Release Angle #4 Publication of New Content eBook, White Paper, Audio, Webinar,Video, Etc. No one Announce the publication of the content by clearly stating the primary problem it solves for your target audience.wants onemore thing State or list specically what the person will be able to accomplish after consuming the content. to read or watch, they A quote that explains specically how consuming this piece of content will leave the reader better than before. want information Offer specic features of the content (number of pages, length of time, etc.) Give information on where and how to obtain the product. If online, be that willrevolutionize their life or sure to provide the URL. business. Provide some background about your company, and why you are qualied to launch this new product or service. 10. Press Release Angle #5Award or Accolade Announce the name of the company, the award won, and by whom the award was given. No one wants Explain the signicance of the award (choose one or more of the following if it to hear a helps to promote the signicance: The criteria that must be met to win the award bragger... but The number of companies/individuals competing for the award How long the award has been presented (since 1981, 3rd annual, etc.)they do want The frequency of the award (annually, quarterly, etc) to work with Explain specically why the company/individual won the award.the thought- A quote from the recipient explaining what this award says about the company/ individual's past, present, and future. Mention past awards or other actions similar to those that caused the leaders andproduction- leaders in the company/individual to win the award.industry Explain how the company will continue to take and improve on those factors that helped it to win the award and how this will benet your target audience and the industry as a whole." 11. Press Release Angle #6Upcoming Event Announce that your company will be hosting or participating in a special event -- and why this event is meaningful for the target audience. Talk specically about how your company is participating -- guest speaker, trade show booth, teaching a seminar, etc State or list specically a person will gain from attending the event. No one reallycares if you are going to be at or host an event... A quote that explains why your company chose to participate in (or host) this particular event and what you hope to accomplish by doing so. Give some logistical information on the event including its location, date, time, the frequency of the event, etc. they careabout what they will getout of it. Provide some background about your company, and why you are qualied to launch this new product or service. 12. Press Release Angle #7Contest Announcement Announce what people can win and briey mention what they need to do to win it.People today are Announce who is giving the award, a more detailed description of the prize, who leery of free. is eligible to win the prize, and when the winner will be announced. (1-2 paragraphs) They want to Describe exactly what participants must do in order to enter the contest. know what youare getting out of A quote that explains why you decided to create this It doesnt hurt Explain why entering contest will provide them with even more value than a chance to win the prize itself. (ex: ...will also enjoy our information-rich monthly newsletter packed with ideas to help them grow their business.). to explain why the contest is Describe how you serves its target audience and several key points that set yourmutually company head and shoulders above the rest.benecial Give specics about the contest such as deadlines, how winners will be notied, links to contest details, etc. 13. Press Release Angle #8 Promotion or Sale Announcement Briey announce the promotion or sale. This may be a percentage off, The purpose of free shipping with purchase, contest with prize, etc.a sale or Talk about the specic product or service that is being promoted andpromotion is how it specically benet your target market. (1-2 paragraphs.) to create a A quote about what customers can gain by taking advantage of thissense of limited time promotion or sale. urgency. A Give specic details as to what the reader has to do in order topromotion or participate in the promotion or sale. Provide some background about your company. This includes the services and/or products you offer. sale should have a specicend date that is A quote that explains why your company is offering this promotion toclearly stated. your valued 14. Press Release Angle #9 Strategic Business Partnership or Alliance Announce that your company has formed a new business partnership with another company.Customers Most important -- explain why this new partnership or alliance will be benecial to current and future customers.dont careabout your A quote that really talks up the benets of this partnership to your target audience. partnership, Give background info on your company and how your expertise lends to the goal of the partnership. they care about what isin it for Give background info on the partner company and how their expertise lends to the goal of the partnership. them. A quote that talks about how you anticipate this partnership growing in the future and your commitment to your 15. Press Release Angle #10New Hire Announcement Briey announce the name of the person hired and what their title/ position will be within the company.Customers Talk about how this person will change the company from the perspective of the target audience. For example, this person is chargeddont care with creating a better customer service experience, more new product about the new value, etc. (1-2 paragraphs) person hired, A quote that explains why this person was the ideal choice for thethey care about team. Provide specic details as to what this


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