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Presentation about Liberal Society in Indonesia during the Capacity Building Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, February 15 - 22, 2009


  • 1. FNF capacity building workshop Bangkok, Thailand, 15-22 February 2009
  • 2. Liberal Society is a network of civil society activists, journalists, university lecturers, students and professionals concerned with the future of individual rights and free society in Indonesia.
  • 3. Its mission is to raise the public awareness: Freedom Individual rights Market economy
  • 4. Liberal Society was founded in late 2008 to combat the most serious challenges to individual rights. Liberalism are currently faced with an unholy alliance between religious radicalism and protectionist economic nationalism.
  • 5. Tools: education dialogue debate intellectual engagement Liberal Society will promote minimal government, civil liberties, and market economy.
  • 6. Page in Facebook Group in Facebook
  • 7. articles in the FB page discussion in the FB video building a network identify liberal minded 471 members in the FB
  • 8. This website will be a gateway for the public to learn about free market economy and the political system supporting it. It will open onto social networking links where, through a moderated discussion, interested individuals can engage in discussions.
  • 9.
  • 10. Caf Liberal Caf Liberal aims at providing an opportunity for more intense intellectual engagement through public discussions
  • 11. Freedom Forum Freedom Forum is to be an annual networking forum that seeks to bring together freedom lovers for lectures and workshops.
  • 12. contact address Jl. Irian No. 8 Menteng, Jakarta 10350, Indonesia | Phone: (021) 31909226 Fax: (021) 3916981 | Website:
  • 13. Visit our website FNF Indonesia Kedai Kebebasan Forum Politisi
  • 14. Terima kasih


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