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February 2011 Presentation Dos and Don\'ts of Working with Private Foundation


  • 1. Medical Society Fundraising NetworkWorking with Foundations Winter 2011

2. Goal for Today:Working Effectively with FoundationsOutline Background and Trends in Foundation Sector A Little about JAHF Working with Foundations Questions and Some Answers 3. Background 75,000 Grantmaking Foundations $42.9 Billion in Giving 2009 $30.8 Billion from Independents vs.Corporate ($4.4B) or Community($4.1B) 4. Background 32,000 hold $1,000,000 or payout $100,000 64% of these are < 20 years old Assets Concentrated : 80-20 rule 5. Background Health and Education Are Top Areas Dwarfed by Individual CharitableGiving ($229B, ~$22B to healthorganizations) 6. General Trends Increasing Prominence New Approaches Increased Scrutiny/Criticism 7. More Seriously 8. General Trends Increasing Prominence New Approaches Increased Scrutiny/Criticism 9. Everyone Gets in on the Act 10. New ApproachesVenture PhilanthropyTactical PhilanthropyCapacity BuildingGeneral SupportSpend DownSocial InvestmentSocial EntrepreneurshipSocial Enterprise 11. Googles Philanthropy January 29, 2011Branch Shifts Google Finds It HardFocus To Technical to ReinventEngineering Philanthropy 12. General Trends Increasing Prominence New Approaches Increased Scrutiny/Criticism 13. Everybodys a Critic 14. Financial Trends Effects of the CrashGiving reduced 2009 and 2010, butonly to 2006/2007 levelsIntergenerational Wealth Transfer,slowed but still $6-$25T (e.g.,Margaret A. Cargill Foundation) 15. Financial Trends Fundamental IssuesSustainabilityPartnershipsRole of Social Capital 16. 2010 SummitFundraising BoosterWebinar, June 2010:Donor Engagement 17. To know one foundation is to knowone foundation Corinne H. Rieder, EdD Executive Director John A. Hartford Foundation 18. Hartford Foundation: Mission Improve the health and well being of older Americans through better education of health professionals and better designed health care delivery. 19. Hartford Foundation: Rationale In 2011, those born in 1946 willbegin to turn 65 By 2030, 71 million Americans willbe 65 or over, double the numberin 2005 20. Hartford Foundation:RationaleOlder Americans are the CoreBusiness of Health Care~43% of hospital bed/days~35-70% of outpatient visits~70% home health cases~85% of hospice cases~90% of nursing home occupancy 21. Hartford Foundation:RationaleOlder Americans Get Poor Care30% of indicated care provided forgeriatric conditions (vs. 55% moregenerally)60% of unnecessary hospitalizations19% of hospitalizations of OAs leadpreventable harm (vs. 13%


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