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  • 1. Why to Choose Entrepreneurship and not Job?=> More than 85,00,000 graduates pass out every year& only 4-5% get the desired jobs.=> Guess how many people doing JOB are into the Millionaire Club of INDIA ???=> The Indian Market?YEARSALARY REQUIRED TO SURVIVE195010019701,0001990 10,0002010 50,000YEAR QUALFICATIONS19508th PASS196010th PASS1970Graduate in any disciple199012th PASS1980Professional Graduate like BBA,B.Tech,MBBS2000MBA2010------------------------------------------BY THE TIME WE COMPLETE GRADUATION????????

2. LETS SEE THE - WORLD SCENARIO 4,00,000 people joining internet every day in the world. Internet has become the respiration of entire marketwhich is millions foldsbetter than business men without awebsite. More than four websites are launched every second. Around 1980 there were only 50,000 computers worldwide,today more than 50,000 computers are being soldeveryday globally. 85% people having computers are not able to use it to theoptimal level. 90% people dont know how to build a website. Indias Internet subscribers 19980.7 million 200213.5 Million 2004-2005 30 Million 2006-2007more than 50 million 2010-2011 more than 120 million Still Growing at a Rapid Rate.. 3. AIM OF THE PROJECT TO CREATE A REAL BOOM IN IT SECTOR. TO AWARE ABOUT SCOPE OF IT SECTOR. TO PROVIDE BEST SOCIAL SERVICES & TO BECOME BEST SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANISATION. TO PROVIDE ENTREPRENEURSHIP.Our Vision via this project is to aware the people regarding the IT sector , so as todestroy the illiteracy , is to develop the economic condition , to provide the socialservices by providing the persons different type of trainings , to develop skills ofperson ( communication skills , personality development ).Using which anIndividual can Construct His Future more Beautifully to the Level.. 4. A domain name is your unique identity on the internet. It is the address of your cyberspace. 5. YOU DONT HAVE TO NEED STUDY ON ANYLANGUAGE .YOU CAN MAKE YOUR WEB SITE BYCCP[CUT,COPY,PASTE].THIS IS VERY EASY TO DONE. 6. OPEN SOURCE BUILDERSHere We Provide you almost all the Open-SourceWeb Builders Available in Globe which Includes Toprated Builders too like WordPress,Joomla,CMSBased,Shopping Carts & lots more using theseBuilders is very easy & user-friendly.You canmaintain many Web Pages , Categories , use manyplugins , apply many themes. You can able to Upload Web Pages or Photos in a seconds . Its helps you to save your time or upload your data in a systematic manner . Using this is like using MS-WORD..NOTE: We also Provide Complete Technical Trainings and Provides youTutorials regarding Using these Builders to Optimal Level 7. Web server can refer to either the hardware orthe software that helps to deliver Web content that canbe accessed through the Internet. The primary function ofa web server is to deliver web pages on the requestto clients. Best Quality Server Secured Server No body Able to Easily Hack our ServerThe C-Panel & WHM software package is an easy-to-use control panel that gives web hosts, and thewebsite owners they serve, the ability to quicklyand easily manage their servers and websites.C-Panel helps you to check traffic , usage of DiskSpace , Usage of Bandwidth and much more. 8. You can Create UNLIMITED Sub-Domains and E-Mail Accounts throughyour C-Panel also you can add REDIRECTS and FORWARDERS to Sub-Domainsand E-Mail Accounts resp. You can also add AutoResponders to your E-MailAccounts.. and areexamples of Sub-Domains and E-Mail Accounts resp. A CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS) is a computer program that allows you to publishing , editing , manage and modifying content on a web site as well as maintenance from a central page. The core function of Content Management Systems is to present information on web sites. CMS features vary widely from system to system. 9. 8.ADSENSE CUSTMISATION Ad Providers are like brokers between Advertisers and the Publishers who publish the Ads in their Website. They will get the Ads from Advertisers and distribute to the Website Publishers, for this they will take some percentage as commission.Just you should have an account with Ad Providers they will take care of giving Ads and Money to you.Google AdSense is a program run by Google Inc. that allows publishers in theGoogle Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, and richmedia adverts that are targeted to site content and audience. These adverts areadministered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue oneither a per-click or per-impression basis.We also provide you links of other Ad-Providerslike as a Tyroo , Adbrite , Affinity, etc. 10. To sponsor something is to support anevent, activity, person, or organizationfinancially or through the provision of productsor services. A sponsor is the individual or groupthat provides the support, similar toa benefactor.We provide you sponsors who helps you topromote your website. 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Optimizing awebsite may involve editing its content andassociated coding to both increase its relevance tospecific keywords and to remove barriers tothe indexing activities of search engines.Promoting a site to increase the numberof backlinks , or inbound links, is another SEOtactic.A payment portal is an e-commerce , applicationservice provider service that authorizes payments for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, ortraditional brick and mortar. Payment Portal protectcredit card details by encrypting sensitiveinformation, such as credit card numbers, to ensurethat information is passed securely between thecustomer and the merchant and also betweenmerchant and the payment processor. 12. Customer can able to buy any type of productfrom your website by sitting at home throughInternational Debit/Credit Card. This portal issecured payment portal which protects youfrom various cyber crime. Internet security is a branch of computer security specifically related to the Internet, often involving browser security but also network security on a more general level as it applies to other applications or operating systems on a whole . We provide you high-level- security which protect your data. 13. United Web Package Services/Product Price:- 4999 INRTaxes(VAT/CST@6.05%) 303 INRHandling Charges18 INRTotal Charges 5320 INR 14. Money is not everything but it needs for every thing You need money from your childhood to till death to fulfill his/her dreams, desires , to improve his/her Standard of living , To fulfill his basic needs , toprovide best study to their child and for much more.In Age of 18 years old.everybody thought to buy his/her own.LUXURY CAR.. A DREAM HOUSE EARN MILLIONS OR BILLIONS AND ALL OTHER LUXURY ITEMSBut in age of 25 years old You still saying the same things. IF YOU WILL KEEP ON DOING WHATEVER YOU WERE DOING.. YOU WILL KEEP ON GETTING WHATEVER YOU ARE GETTING SHIV KHERAYou may not be rich to startbut you can become rich by the promotion of UNITED 15. Need to fulfill some basic conditions:- Must having a PAN no. (for deposition of tax according to income tax act 1961) Must be age of 18 years Must passed the schooling of 10th class Must have the Basic Knowledge of ComputerNOTE:- For the terms and condition applicable to firmKindly Visit the Official Website i.e 16. CONSIDER TWO SIDESFSO(FIRST SALE ORGANISATION) : SSO(SECOND SALEORGANISATION) 1: 1NOTE:- YOU NEED TO REFFER 2 SALES FOR STARTING YOURREMUNRATION PLAN THAT ONE IN YOUR FSO AND OTHER INYOUR SSO 17. AFTER 8 SALES YOU ACHIEVE THE CYCLE AND YOU BECOME A CYCLE ACHIEVER. 18. 50 = SLAB WHEN U COMPLETE DOWNLINE OF 50 ACC. TO RATIO YOU BECOME TEAMMANAGER OF A FIRM.YOU WILL EARN IN YOUR FIRST SLAB 17000 INR. 19. >AFTER 1ST SLAB (50SALES)+8 NEW SALES= RS.2000(ACC. TO RATIO 4:4) NEXT CYCLE (8+8=16)= RS.2000(ACC. TO RATIO 4:4) NEXT CYCLE (16+8=24) = RS.2000(ACC. TO RATIO 4:4) NEXT CYCLE (24+8=32) = RS.2000(ACC. TO RATIO 4:4) NEXT CYCLE (32+8=40) = RS.2000(ACC. TO RATIO 4:4) NEXT CYCLE (40+10=50)= RS.5000(ACC. TO RATIO 5:5)TOTALRS.15000NOTE:- FROM 2ND YOU WILL EARN RS.15000 / EACH SLAB 20. MONTHS NEW SALES1224384165326647 1288 2569 51210102411 204812 4096 TOTAL8190 21. This is completed by promoting two sales in a month. One slab is completed on 50. So to find out the net slabs, 8190 is divided by 50. The Total Income generated in the year by this speed is:- Total Income= 1*17,000 + 162.8*15000 = Rs. 2459000Note:- Each associate can get maximum income of RS. 105000 in a week. TDS is applicable as per Income Tax Act Of India. 22. In this suppose your single leg is working , You can also take benefit for that leg. After qualify for Business Part you can get Rs.10 For Each sale if your another leg is not working.NOTE:- You can take benefit of level income tillyou are notbecome Cycle Achiever & to get this income you should must have1 sale in your weak leg/Organization.. 23. NOTE:-You can Earn Level income with binary income until you are not becomecycle achiever. 24. TEAM MANAGER (AT THE TIME OF COMPLETION OF 1ST SLAB ACC. TO RATIO) MANAGER(ONE T.M IN FSO AND ONE IN SSO) GENERAL MANAGER(ONE MANAGER IN FSO AND ONE IN SSO) DIPLOMAT(O