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Hijra Community

1NameIDDilara Afroj102011013Shoaib Ahmed102011047Papia Sultana102011057Sanjida Akter102011025PresentersIntroductionHijrasare physiological males who have femininegender identity with women's clothing and other feminine gender roles. They are neither male nor female.3Hijra CommunityWe know a community is a group of people who work with one another building a sense of trust, care, and support. In Bangladesh Hijra community is a strong community, although they are the most neglected people in our society.

Their IdentificationVoiceBody languageDress-up with flashy make-upUnique style of clapping

To break the wrong perception by find out their strength.To know about their communityTo know what they think about our social communityTo know about their problemTo find out logic behind our wrong perception

The reason behind select this community

Primary DataSurvey Questionnaire ( selected area : Rayaer bazar , Keraniganj)Secondary DataInternetMovieArticleData Collection

Background of the studyArticle 1 :Movie: Common Gender,( Script- Noman Robin)

Article 2 :[Living on the Extreme MARGIN SOCIAL Exclusion of the Transgender Population (Hijra) in Bangladesh]

Article 3 :[ They swing between both sexes: hijras as "asexual others"] Where they live?Do you have any community?How they come into the community?Who bring you to the community?Do you have any leader?How a group leader is selected?What is your role?What is your leaders role?What are their occupation / how they survive?Do you maintain any selected area for collecting money?Did your family still communicate with your?How do you communicate with others?

Questionnaires:How you get the news of new hijras?What are the requirements to enter the community?If anyone faces any problem, how they solve the problem?Do you have solved the problem by yourself (individual) / other members help you?What is the strength of your community?What they demand from the society?How can you serve the society/ country?Do you have any social or political backup?Which religion do you belong? Do you still maintain it? How?Do you face any problem to maintain it? What are those barriers?


FindingsMoney Collection from marketsDancing and singing in functionsSex worker


Family left themCommunity finds them

Family tortureSocial discrimination

How they become a member of the community

Community StructureEntry barrierStrong unityDistribution of areaRules and regulation Exit barrier

Role of Group LeaderProcess of selectionMaintenance FoodShelterSecurity Act like mentor

15By web of words of mouthMobileGossipVarious kinds of occasionMedia of communication

Identity CrisisOdd point of view for themFamily never contact with themNo social rightsNegative perceptionNo workNo educational environment / InstitutionDiscrimination between normal people and androgenNo space for them to the societyNo place for burial


UnityFriendly & HospitableSelf- respectAbility for doing any kind of workAble to turn their weakness into strengthHelping handUnique style


18They dont like to be called HijraThey belief people abusive them by calling HijraThey wanted to be known by their name.

They did not like the name Hijra

The hijra communities are also a part of our society. They just want the basic rights by which they can survive. So if our society provides them chance to do something for betterment they can prove themselves as an asset. It is the right time to change our point of view to them so that they can turn their weakness into strength by serving our country and never hesitate to think that they are also a part of our society. Recommendation