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  • Healthy Body and Peaceful Mind

    Friday 17 February 2012Good Men campaignEnfants&Dveloppement (E&D) Social Services of Cambodia (SSC)

  • Outline Brief introduction of the organizations Description of the intervention Target Results Geographic locations Calendar of implementation M&E Costs

  • Brief introduction of the organizations Enfants&Dveloppement is a French NGO in Cambodia since 1984 and working in the fields of Education, Social Work and Health. Our projects target children, vulnerable families, youth and women in Phnom Penh and Kampong Speu province.

    Social Services of Cambodia was created in1992 and has developed expertise in violence against women (community-based sexual assault program since 2006, in Kandal province).

    Projects are implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Womens Affairs and the Ministry of Social Affairs. E&D and SSCs main donors are:

  • Description of the intervention E&D and SSC are jointly implementing a program in Kampong Speu to reduce maternal mortality and violence against women (2011-2014).

    This program has two main objectives :

    Improve quality of and access to health servicesImprovement of sexual and reproductive health care services (health centres and hospital)Creation of emergency transport fund at village and commune levels for remote areas Raise awareness about SRH, VAW and promote behavior changes.

  • Description of the intervention (2)This second objective, Raise awareness about SRH, VAW and promote behavior changes, is part of the PyD Joint-Communication Campaign, as tools and materials developed by the JCC are used.

    To reach this objective, 203 community volunteers (Doulas, Social Workers and Peer Listeners) are selected and trained to raise awareness about SRH, VAW, and building good relationship between men and women in 106 villages, through individual work.2 facilitators and a dissemination team will organize group activities to foster reflection and discussion about those topics.

  • Dissemination team (6) to create and disseminate SRH and VAW messages that support the work of the 3 teams listed below through plays and group discussions. Network of 54 Peer Listeners to support youth individually or in small groupsNetwork of 40 Social Workers to improve the response and support to women and girl survivors of violenceVillage-based network of 93 Doula non medical support to women and families expecting babiesDescription of the intervention (3)

  • Description of the intervention (4)Once messages are created, plays will be developed to convey those messages. The overall program has many messages about violence against women, safe maternity, and building good relationships between men and women.

    Methodologies:1. Pre test done with a randomly selected set2. Play performed3. Group discussions about topic of the play organized for target groups4. Materials to remind of messages distributed 5. Post tests done with same individuals who did pre-test.

  • Group discussion following theatre play

  • Messages developed will also be conveyed through community volunteers (doulas, village social workers and peer listeners) working with individuals or smaller groups of people.

  • Target

    Those people in target districts who are stakeholders for healthy motherhood and safe womanhood.

    This means women of childbearing age and their husbands, youth, women and girls affected by violence, men and youth who are often perpetrators of violence, relevant local authorities who have role in protection and support of women and girls, medical professionals.

    Expect to reach target group members in 122 villages in 2 extremely remote districts of Kampong Speu. Target number: Among 68,000 population in target area, Project expect to reach an estimated 9-10,000 people.

  • Results Approximately 5000 men aged 15-24 years old will have increased their knowledge and awareness by participating to plays, trainings and group discussions. More ambitiously, it is expected that the project will improve the community behavior regarding:

    new ways to think about what makes a man a good man, new and less harmful ways to express anger, new and less harmful ways to deal with desire, new ways to provide care and support for survivors of violence, new awareness of the harm that violence does to the individual, family, and whole community.reducing violence against women Improving relationships between spouses

  • Location This project is conducted in Kampong Speu Province, in the remote districts of Aoral and Phnom Srouch, 9 Communes, 122 villages.

  • Calendar of implementation

    1 year activity (March 2012 February 2013)Semester 1Semester 2ImplementingBodyActivities/Months345678910111212Activities linked to resultDevelop strategy that integrates PyD Good Men materialsTrain dissemination team, Peer Listeners, Village Social Workers in pre- and post-test methods, performance of plays, group discussion facilitationPilot & modify the process of pre-test-> performance-> group discussion -> dissemination of materialsImplement in remaining villagesAnalyze results data, report

  • M&E MonitorUse PyD tools, or modify them, or develop data keeping tool to track performances, audiences, group discussion participants, and distribution of materials by age, sex, numbersTrack and chart monthly EvaluationDevelop pre- and post tests for interventionDevelop and test methodology Train Dissemination team, peer listeners and VSWs in administration of pre and post testsPilot process in 3 villages, modify and finalize.Implement, summarize results monthly and in Feb 13

  • Costs

    E&D project in Kampong Speu Province selected for a mutual action in the frame of the JCCUnitCosts per unit in USDTotal costs in USDSensitization and dissemination activities to reduce violence against women, for example the creation and performance of plays fee $7,200Training of Facilitators and Dissemination Teamfee$5,000Dissemination Team & Facilitators organize group discussion 100$20$2,000Training and coaching of the peer listeners by Karol & Setha2 groups$2,500$5,000Peer listeners (54) work with youth in the communities300$2$600Total of activities $19,800Administrative costs $1,980Total annual costs (Total of the activities + Administrative costs $21,780

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