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Potty Training 10 Top Tips To Find Success

Make Some Music

Music is scientifically proven to enhance the mood of children. Not to mention, it can make the experience more fun.Many parents make up their own unique songs to sing when their children are going to the potty, and another one when theyre done.

2. Pick Up Some Picture Books

Many children love picture books.By only allowing the children to look at the book when theyre using the potty, this will incentivize them to want to use it.

3. Every Half Hour

Its recommended to put your child on the potty every half hour until they successfully go to the bathroom, along with after meals.

4. You Must Be Patient

When things dont happen quickly, it can be easy to get frustrated.Patience is necessary, and your child will get the hang of it eventually.

5. Understand Accidents Happen

Accidents are going to happen, and its not your fault. By getting angry, your child may associate going to the bathroom as a negative thing, regardless of where they do it at. This can make potty training even harder.

6. Treats Are Powerful

Sometimes, bribing them is necessary, and will incentivize them to try harder to use the potty more often.

7. Take The Diaper Off

If you know your child is ready for potty training, consider letting them run around without a diaper.You can start by just doing this before bath time, and asking them to use the potty before taking a bath. If your child doesnt like not having their diaper on, they may not be ready for potty training yet.

8. Consider A Toilet Training Seat

If your little one doesnt like using the potty, consider picking up a toilet training seat.These fit right over the toilet seat and can be removed as need be.

9. Let Them Be In Control

Much of the resistance youll face from your toddler is from them feeling forced.If you listen to them and let them be in control, theyll be more likely to cooperate.

10. Buy Some Training Pants

Potty training pants tend to soak up less urine and are also easier for your child to remove as need be.You may consider picking up a few pairs on Amazon!

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