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Potty Training. Kristy Kuehn Heather Wilson. Why Toilet Train?. Family Community School/Social Relationships. Health Related Concerns. GI Track Diet. Linking Home and School. Parent commitment-what has been attempted, data collecting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Potty Training

    Kristy KuehnHeather Wilson

  • Why Toilet Train?



    School/Social Relationships

  • Health Related Concerns

    GI Track


  • Linking Home and School

    Parent commitment-what has been attempted, data collectingConsistent practices-family beliefs and approachesEarly pattern detection-dry overnight, at least 2 hours

  • Am I Ready To Use The Potty?

    Age-mental and chronological (after 4 a priority)Show interestPhysically able to sitRemain dry for 2 hours/overnight*still attempt after 4 years old

  • Present Level Data Collection

    Charting pattern of elimination at home and school for 2 weeksInterpret data to detect patternsMaking data a reality-creating a scheduleCommunicating patterns to parents

  • Time For The ToiletSetting up the bathroom Free of distractionFoot stoolBooksPicture scheduleTimerPotty seatRewardDressingElastic band pantsDiapers vs. underwear w/ rubber pantsRubber band for shirt(Frequently feeling wet/soiled clothing against the skin for lengthy periods of time will desensitize the person to the discomfort of that sensation)

  • Bathroom Must Haves!

  • Reward SystemWhy reward-increased chances of success, funHow to reward- strict & structured What- individual and powerfulWhen-immediately*if then reward poster individualized*

  • Facts To Know Before You SitNo reward for sitting-only reward for eliminationAlways finish routineFollow original schedule for 1 week before changingMost common reason for failure-is failure to develop a schedule and stick to itCommon and consistent language

  • Here I Come Potty!Initiate w/ visual cue card potty timeGuide through routine with visual scheduleSit for 3 minutes-unless elimination occursBooks can be used while sittingComplete entire routine w/out reward if elimination doesnt occurRecord on elimination recordRepeat at next scheduled timeMidpoint check-optional reward if dry

  • Common Obstacles

    Resistance of the bathroomResistance of the toiletAfraid of flushingOverly interested in flushingBad aimResistance to being wipedPlaying in the toiletPlaying with toilet paperNegative reaction to taking away the diaperAccidents

  • You Asked? Pairing the bathroom with positive experiencePractice sitting with clothes on, use potty seat on the floor (separate chair), provide stabilizing deviceOnly flush when elimination occursIntroduce flushing when child not near the toiletGive visual/verbal warning for flushingPhysically cover handle to remove from their sightIndicate on visual schedule when & how many times to flush; add visual cue to handleUse target in water/food coloring-personal discretionUse baby wipes, clothes or practice with dollGive water toy as distraction from playing with water or lap-deskRemove toilet paper if big problem, roll out ahead of time, green/red tape start and stop on wall for pulling toilet paperPlacing diaper over underpantsgradually cutting away portions, pre-teaching and rewarding wearing underwearBe calm-firmly say Pants wet Yucky followed by toileting routine

  • Building Independence

    Personal pocket pictures

    Gradually remove rewards

    Fade physical presence

    Social story

  • I have to go in THERE Continue with visuals!1. Slow introduction-visit w/out any interactions; repeat 3 times2. Try one interaction- hand washing, flushing, paper towels3. Complete entire routine4. You DID it!!!!!

  • Night Time Nastiness Begin ONLY after daytime is successfulStop fluids 3 hours before bedtimeMUST have consistent nighttime routine (ex: bath, pjs, toilet) Immediately complete bathroom routine upon awakeningIf necessary, pattern wet/soil during the night in order to wake the child for bathroom

  • Im A Big Kid NowLets Party!

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