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Standardised recipe for pina colada dessert


Standardised recipe sheetTitle of recipe:Rum and coconut panna cotta, roast pineapple, pineapple crisps.

Preparation time:Cooking time:

Portion size:Yield:

Ingredients / Quantity

PineappleCoconutLimeCoconut milkBrown sugarWhipping creamGelatine sachetButterDark rum112400ml50g350ml130g70ml

Preparation method:

1. To make panna cotta, place coconut milk, cream, 30g sugar and 1 lime zest into saucepan and bring to gentle simmer. 2. Pour limejuice, 2 tbsp rum and vanilla in a small bowl. Add gelatine and let rest.3. Turn off heat of milk mix and add gelatine mix together, stir.4. Pour panna cotta into ramekins or glasses and chill till set.5. Finely slice 5 pineapple, place rings on baking sheet and bake for 2 hours at 1106. Cut remaining pineapple into wedges and chunks. In a pan place butter and remaining sugar, once bubbling add pineapple and roast till caramelised. Set some pineapple aside raw to use for garnish.7. Mix remaining rum with pineapple juice and add to shot glass.

Required techniques:

Use of gelatin, setting process. Roasting, dehydration of fruit.

Serving suggestion:Serve on a cool plate. Ensure roast pineapple is hot