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<ul><li> 1. Petrol vs. DieselAre Diesel car owners happy than Petrol carowners?Do they feel smarter for their decision?How Petrol care owners feel about diesel cars.</li></ul> <p> 2. Car owner selectionCar owners of Pune(Maharashtra),Ahmadabad(Gujarat )and a little from Northregion also to cover major geography.Customers interacted majorly executivesin tractor industry, Finance company andchannel partners in tractor industry.Interacted majorly face to face and sometimes on telephones also where we havegood relationship. 3. SURVEYTargeted 67 Petrol car owners &amp; 48 Diesel carowners.Interviewed the Car owners to understand theprofile of family size,KM run in month and theirapproach towards Brands,mileage,maintenancecost to understand their buying behavior.Since they are well connected with usprofessionally so we get hesitation free responsefrom them on our designed questioners. 4. SURVEY Questionnaire-Part 1Name of Respondent Mr / Mrs. ___________Age of Respondent (Years completed)_______________City (currently residing ) _______________State (currently residing )______________Country (currently residing )________________Type of Family * Type of Family based on the source of income which is predominant for( Business Class / Servicethe familyclass) Petrol DieselHow many cars do you have? (Please include all cars including family members).How many cars do you have? (car provided by employeer - user not having choice).Name the cars being used 1 2 3 4How many cars used for commercial purpose ?Average running of the car in a monthAverage life of car (No of Years)Which car you prefer if purchase next car ?In your view which car will people prefer - in case all car models comes with petrol or dieseloption at same price ?Expected price of fuel after 5 yearsExpected resale value (% of purchase cost)Purchase cost difference between Petrol and Diesel car in Rs.____________________________ 5. SURVEY Questionnaire Part 2 Please tick () as applicableWhich is main factor for selecting petrol/Diesel version ?( Milage / Maint Cost / Features / Price/Brand )Have you considered difference in saving of money in all aspects? (YES / NO )Have you taken loan for purchasing of the car ? (YES / NO )How many members drive the car for their personal or official purpose ? ( 1 / 2 / 3 / ________ )Whether self driven or driver driven( Self / Driver )Major travel in (urban / Rural area / Both )Resale value of car considering condition (years &amp; Kilometers run)a) Resale value for Petrol car is moreb) Resale value of Diesel car is morec) Resale value of both car is equalFuel consumption (in terms of value ) for same range of car modela) Fuel consumption is more in Diesel carsa) Fuel consumption is more in Petrol carsa) Fuel consumption is equel in both type of carsComforta) Diesel cars are more comfortableb) Petrol cars are more comfortablec) Both cars are equally comfortableMaintenance Costa) Diesel cars are more expensiveb) Petrol cars are more expensivec) Both cars are equally expensiveEconomic comparisona) Diesel cars are more economicb) Petrol cars are more economicc) Both cars are equally economicHappiness of car usera) Diesel car owner are more happierb) Petrol cars owner are more happierc) Both cars owner are equally happier 6. SURVEYTotal no of car owners participated in thesurvey : 115. Petrol car owners out of the totalinterviewed : 67. Diesel car owners out of the totalinterviewed : 48. 7. FEED BACK FROM CAR OWNERS 8. Selection of Petrol or Diesel vehicle basis Kilometer Run Petrol Users % Diesel Users % KM RUN/MONTH Petrol DieselTotal against KM Run against KM Run</p>


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