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Featuring Wolfmother, Michael Nau, Gilles, The Shrine, Vandaveer and more...


<ul><li><p>THE MUSICIANS RESOURCE </p><p>MARCH 16FREE</p><p>WolfmotherAdvice to Indies: Control Your Publishing</p><p>ONSTAGE FREEDOM WITH WIRELESS STOMPBOXES</p><p>THE BEST DAW FOR BANDS ON A BUDGET</p><p>KILLER APPS TO BOOK BETTER GIGS</p><p>12 COOL NEW PRODUCTS FROM NAMM</p><p>interviewsMICHAEL NAU THE SHRINE VANDAVEER GILLES</p></li><li><p>InspiringEveryMoment</p><p>Audio-Technica brings the critically acclaimed sonic heritage of its M-Series headphones to three professional in-ear designs: ATH-E70, the agship model, designed for musicians and audio pros who demand the absolute best, ATH-E50, ideal for on-the-road artists or producers, and the ATH-E40, a versatile performer from the stage to the street.</p><p>E-SERIES In-ear Monitor Headphones</p><p>ATH-E70 Three Balanced Armature Drivers</p><p>ATH-E50 Single Balanced Armature Drivers</p><p>ATH-E40 Dual Phase Push-pull Drivers</p></li><li><p>tetherballpheromone food</p><p>stevehasnewmusic</p></li><li><p>PERFORMER MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 3 </p><p>VOLUME 26, ISSUE 3</p><p>TA</p><p>BL</p><p>E O</p><p>F C</p><p>ON</p><p>TE</p><p>NT</p><p>S</p><p>4. LETTER FROM THE EDITOR</p><p>5. VINYL OF THE MONTH: </p><p>Antlered Aunt Lord</p><p>6. RECORDS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: </p><p>Aloud</p><p>28. DIY: How to be a Better Front Person</p><p>30. DIY: Showslinger: The Killer Booking &amp; </p><p>Touring App</p><p>32. TOUR TEST: Audio-Technica Wireless </p><p>Stompboxes</p><p>34. RECORDING: Prep Your Tracks for </p><p>Mixing</p><p>36: SPECIAL REPORT: </p><p>The Best of NAMM 2016</p><p>38. GEAR REVIEWS: PreSonus; BeatBuddy; </p><p>Yamaha; Mixcraft; Steinberg; TASCAM; </p><p>KHDK; Blue Microphones</p><p>47. MY FAVORITE AXE: Shannon Hayden</p><p>48. FLASHBACK: Vintage Shure SM57</p><p>Piper FergusonCover</p><p>Wolfmothercover story</p><p>by Taylor Northern</p><p>24</p><p>Vandaveer Gilles</p><p>The Shrine Michael Nau</p><p>9 16</p><p>12 20</p><p>by Jaclyn Wing by T. Ali Eubank</p><p>by Taylor Northern by Benjamin Ricci</p></li><li><p>4 MARCH 2016 PERFORMER MAGAZINE</p><p>ABOUT USPerformer Magazine, a nationally distributed musicians trade publication, focuses on in-dependent musicians, those unsigned and on small labels, and their success in a DIY environment. Were dedicated to promoting lesser-known talent and being the first to in-troduce you to artists you should know about. </p><p>MUSIC SUBMISSIONSWe listen to everything that comes into the office. We prefer physical CDs, cassettes and vinyl over downloads. If you do not have a physical copy, send download links to attachments, please. Send CDs to:</p><p>Performer Magazine Attn: ReviewsPO BOX 348Somerville, MA 02143</p><p>CORRECTIONSDid we make a heinous blunder, factual er-ror or just spell your name wrong? Contact and let us know, cuz were big enough to say, Baby, I was wrong. </p><p>EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONSIn the words of our esteemed forefathers at CREEM: NOBODY WHO WRITES FOR THIS RAGS GOT ANYTHING YOU AINT GOT, at least in the way of credentials. Theres no reason why you shouldnt be sending us your stuff: reviews, features, photos, recording tips, DIY advice or whatever else you have in mind that might be interesting to our readers: independent and DIY musicians. Who else do ya know wholl publish you? We really will...ask any of our dozens of satisfied customers. Just bop it along to us to and see what comes back your way. If you have eyes to be in print, this just might be the place. Whaddya got to lose? Whaddya got?</p><p>Just back from NAMM, and still cant believe all the cool new gear we got to play with. Seems like amps are getting smaller, synths are getting bigger (and more complex) and just about everyone is cashing in on the 500 series trend on the recording side of things.</p><p>Weve been bombarded with post-NAMM new gear showing up at the office almost daily, as manufacturers try to get reviews booked for all their latest goodies. Which means two things: a) we get to test out all the new shit before everyone else, nanna nanna boo boo, and b) were gonna need more people to review the aforementioned new shit.</p><p>Soif you reside in the metro Boston area, know your gear inside and out, have the ability to shoot video and arent a complete asshat, drop a line to </p><p>Aside from that, the prerequisites are simple: be able to write coherently, be able to get to the point, and most importantly, be able to extract the value and benefits that a piece of gear possesses. </p><p>Remember, our readers are fellow musicians and audio pros, so they dont have time for bullshit we want you to be honest, concise, and able to speak musicese (yes, Im sure thats a word). And hell, you might even get free gear out of it. Not bad, huh?</p><p>To see what we dug the most at NAMM, you can dig through the obnoxiously large number of photos we posted on Instagram during the convention, or just flip ahead a few pages to our annual NAMM roundup.</p><p>Howdy, yall!</p><p>Benjamin Ricci, editor </p><p>LE</p><p>TT</p><p>ER</p><p> FR</p><p>OM</p><p> TH</p><p>E E</p><p>DIT</p><p>OR</p><p> performermagazine performermag</p><p>P.S. now, if you ARE an asshat, we still might want to hear from you, but only if you score correctly on the following pop quiz.A) Who was the original bass player for REO Speedwagon?B) Which song did C.C. DeVille fuck up live on MTV to get booted from Poison in 1991?C) Who was still listening to Poison in 1991? D) Was C.C. DeVille aware that he was still in Poison in 1991?E) Have you, at any point, played guitar for Poison?</p><p>Volume 26, Issue 3</p><p>PO BOX 348Somerville, MA 02143</p><p>CONTACTPhone: 617-627-9200 </p><p>Fax: 617-627-9930</p><p>PUBLISHERWilliam House </p><p>Phone:</p><p>EDITORBenjamin Ricci </p><p></p><p>DESIGN &amp; ART DIRECTIONCristian Iancu </p><p>EDITORIAL ASSISTANTBob Dobalina</p><p></p><p>CONTRIBUTING WRITERSBenjamin Ricci, Chris Devine, Don Miggs, Enon David Gaines, Henry Beguiristain, Jaclyn Wing, </p><p>Jordan Tishler, Michael St James, Shannon Hayden, Taylor Northern, Tony Eubank, Zach </p><p>Blumenfeld</p><p>CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERSBen Rains, Benjamin Ricci, Brigette Adair Herron, </p><p>Cendino Teme, Julia Robbs, Kurt Godhe, Olivia Jaffe, Piper Ferguson, Whitney McGraw</p><p>ADVERTISING SALESWilliam House </p><p>Phone:</p><p> 2016 by Performer Publications, Inc.All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced by any method whatsoever without </p><p>the written permission of the publisher. The magazine accepts no responsibility for unsolicited recordings, manuscripts, artwork or photographs </p><p>and will not return such materials unless requested and accompanied by a SASE. </p><p>Annual Subscription Rate is $30 in the U.S.; $45 outside the U.S.</p></li><li><p>PERFORMER MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 5 </p><p>Athens, GA(HHBTM Records)</p><p>Antlered Aunt LordOstensibly Formerly Stunted </p><p>(and on fire)</p><p>If the reports are to be believed, then AALs Jesse Stinnard is either a bizarre genius that Athens has been hiding for the past decade, or an equally bizarre manifestation of said geniuss cosmic brain waves. Er, where was I? Oh yes, the new vinyl release by this band from Athens. Well, lets not bury the lead any further: its a friggin winner.</p><p>Melodic, oddly dark and inviting, and at times invitingly grating (yep, that makes sense), the record is an amalgam of tracks culled from (if we believe what were told) hundreds of songs in Stinnards crazy backlog. There are so many damn songs its hard to tell where you are at any given time in the tracklist, but thats kinda whats bat-shit awesomesauce about the journey. Records arent typically made that way (usually for good reason), but the experimentation is oddly enveloping in a fuzzed-out acid-trip sorta way.</p><p>Nominally, its a shoegaze-meets-noisepop-meets-punk album. Well, sorta. If inexplicable Pavement-esque stabbings at warbling rock n roll float your boat, this is gonna give you an instant pants-tent. </p><p>Its hard to say too much more about the record. Its weird. Its fun. Its catchy (seriously) and it doesnt seem to take much for granted when it comes to standard songwriting formats. We dig eccentric shit like this. Cant wait to hear the rest of the backlog, Jesse.</p><p>A mysteriously melodic collection YEARS IN THE MAKING</p><p>Benjamin Ricci</p><p>Follow on Twitter: @HHBTMrecs</p><p>RE</p><p>VIE</p><p>WSBrigette Adair Herron</p></li><li><p>6 MARCH 2016 PERFORMER MAGAZINE</p><p>REVIEWS</p><p>RECORDS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE</p><p>The StrokesIs This It (2001)Jen and I were 19 and just three months past our move from Miami to Boston when this album dropped. Is This It was the unexpected and necessary breath of fresh air which forever altered the way we think about and approach our guitar parts to this day.</p><p>Fiona AppleTidal (1996)Fionas debut provided me with a vital lesson on the power of writing solid lyrics, rhymes be damned. Her lyrics are fearlessly meaningful. The musical component to Tidal is nothing to scoff at, either. Carrion is among the best album closers Ive ever heard.</p><p>The BeatlesSgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)Where would any list be without the background radiation of all popular western music? I obsessed over this album during my early teens, particularly focusing on Pauls bass parts. The albums spirit of experimentation and screwing with peoples expectations of your work has been a guiding force all these years.</p><p>If nothing else, I am creature forever on the run from boredom, so I listen to as much as I can get my insatiable, slowly decaying earholes on. Allegedly, Ive been listening to music since the day I was born, beginning with McCartneys Tug of War -- and its been downhill ever since. It was difficult to whittle 33 years of consumption down to a more potable number, but in the interest of time and space constraints, here are few of the cornerstones which comprise the vessel known as Henry Beguiristain: frontperson/songwriter/guitarist of Aloud not named Jen de la Osa:</p></li><li><p>PERFORMER MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 7 </p><p>REVIEWS</p><p>RECORDS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE</p><p>Henry Beguiristain of Aloud</p><p>Which records inspired you to become a musician? Let us know and you can be featured in a future column. Email for more info.</p><p>Follow on Twitter: @Henry_Be</p><p>OasisDefinitely Maybe (1994)True fact: without Oasis, thered be no Aloud. My cousin Max hipped me to this album when I was 12. Noel Gallaghers songwritings been woven into my DNA ever since. It was the rock n roll album Id been longing to hear. Definitely Maybes loud and doesnt give a fuck.</p><p>FeistThe Reminder (2007)I fell hard for this albums use of quiet moments and alternative instrumentation. The Reminder was a very important sonic influence on Exile. Worth it alone for 1234. Such a joyful, beautiful song. We played this after shows on a particularly stressful tour and it would immediately pick everyone up.</p></li><li><p>call: 800-356-1155 www: </p><p>PUBLICITY AND TOUR SUPPORT(print press and viral)</p><p>Dresden Dolls Bad Plus </p><p>Girls Guns &amp; Glory </p><p>String Cheese Incident </p><p>Esperanza Spalding </p><p>Medeski Martin &amp; Wood </p><p>Steve Winwood </p><p>Gov't Mule 311 </p><p>Janis Ian Jim's Big Ego </p><p>Stanley Clarke </p><p>Umphrey's McGee </p><p>Gretchen Parlato Miss Tess </p><p>Mike Stern Soulive </p><p>Maceo Parker</p><p>RADIO PROMOTION(terrestrial, satellite, internet)</p><p> &amp; video production studio</p><p> 718-782-1872</p><p>since 1991.</p><p>Brooklyns premiere music recording</p></li><li><p> PERFORMER MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 9 </p><p>SPOTLIGHT</p><p>How Sparse Demos Can Blossom Into a Rich Sonic Tapestry Jaclyn Wing</p><p>Kurt Gohde</p><p>VANDAVEER</p></li><li><p>10 MARCH 2016 PERFORMER MAGAZINE</p><p>SPOTLIGHT</p><p>Having children, traveling and making music is certainly a balancing act. Its essential to not let life get in the way but to incorporate all of its elements to showcase your story. Vandaveers newest album, The Wild Mercury, is a collection of songs that were created over a long period of time. Mark Charles Heidinger draws on experiences that define his life, yet is able to construct songs that have a universal element. This album is far more autobiographical than Heidingers past work, but it makes it all the better.</p><p>Emotionally and mentally, writing the songs was a more solitary journey but was a collaborative effort in the studio. I wrote exactly what my heart compelled me to and I was liberated by that aspect. It came from a genuine place, says </p><p>Heidinger. Whether the album is deemed a success or failure, Heidinger feels so connected to it and he embraces all aspects of his music. This is Vandaveers fifth album and Heidinger </p><p>deems them all career-defining. He says, I dont think the point is to make the same record over and over again; there is always room for growth </p><p>and creativeness. </p><p>With The Wild Mercury, Heidinger was able to achieve new sonic textures, more focused on the </p><p>temperature of things, metaphorically speaking. The Wild Mercury is the album title and the title track; the meaning behind it is profound. </p><p>Recording is an artifact. If you dont feel like its your best record, then maybe you shouldnt put it out.</p></li><li><p> PERFORMER MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 11 </p><p>SPOTLIGHT</p><p>VANDAVEERTHE WILD MERCURY</p><p>STANDOUT TRACK: A LIT TLE TIME OFF AHEAD</p><p>Heidinger says its all about stargazing, wanting and yearning; wanting to get back to where you think you once belonged even though you havent been there yet. We seek out ideals even though they dont really exist. </p><p>The album embodies an old soul stuck in a contemporary time, yearning for something more low key. I feel like in my life, the pace is quick and the chaos is increased and that the crazy has become the norm. And all of that very much is the wild mercury, the quickening of the pace. </p><p>The songs are narrative in nature and it is evident that there is an underlying storytelling aspect to the album. When writing the lyrics, there was intent behind each word choice. Every single phrase was honest and direct and that really </p><p>drove the bulk of the material. I felt compelled, required, to write a batch of songs like this, to make sense out of things for myself, says Heidinger. There is a universal connection in aging, growing, starting a family and incorporating that into your ever-changing life. The Wild Mercury represents all aspects of life and how we react to and handle things as they evolve. While one persons story may be different than anothers, there is a fundamental element of empathy. Heidinger notes that while a specific experience may be unique, if you zoom outthings look pretty similar. Rather than masking his songs with flowery words, he was more direct and prudent. His writing is deliberate and well-crafted. </p><p>The songs are part of an organic experience that Heidinger wanted to share. He didnt set out to write an album that was thematically connected from song to song. The context was far more direct; it is a byproduct of watching himself, and the band, age. Heidinger notes the importance of staying engaged with what you are creating. Perspectives, time, anonymity, sense of place and the people that walk in and out of our lives all change. The world around us is complex and making sense of it all can seem complicated. Heidinger uses music as an outlet to convey his sense of self. He notes that the content itself made him write and that it is part of the natural progression to gravitate towards a specific subject matter, and in this case its life. </p><p>Some people shy away from admitting that life is complicated, but Heidinger embraces it and enhances its beauty. In the studio, Heidinger tends to do more...</p></li></ul>