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2. Partnerships Healthcare around the world For the future 3. NHS Modernisation Programme World class clinical practice attracts real interest from countries around the world NHS outstanding progress in improving the quality of services Clinical care, access, choice and environment British healthcare industry has played a vital role in developing new technology 4. China increasingly integrated into global economy following WTO accession Major impact on business everywhere 5. China Task Force - Chair Deputy Prime Minister Healthcare one of five key sectors Joint DHUKTI China Delivery Group 6. Membership Chair Rt Hon John Prescott Members President China Britain Business Council CEO Standard Chartered Bank CEO Rolls Royce President BP China and Chairman of Chamber of Commerce, China Vice Chancellor Nottingham University Rector Imperial College Chief Executive UKT&I PMS Economic Advisor FCO Health Prof KK Cheng Director of Public Health Birmingham PCT and University of Birmingham CHINA TASK FORCE Science and Technology Trade & Investment Education Health Sustainable Development Environment 7. DH/UKT&I China Delivery Group Chair DoH - Stuart Smalley Membership UKT&I - Health Sector Group - China Desk China/Britain Business Council ABHI RCGP RC Psyc RCP BCCB British Council Universities UK VC Intellect IFSL British Healthcare Medilink (Imperial, KPMG, Cyril Sweett) UK eHealth Association 8. Aims To promote the partnership between China and the UK generally To promote trade particularly in the field of healthcare products and services. Objectives To develop a country healthcare strategy supported by operational plans to secure delivery Within the framework of the two Memoranda of Understanding, ensure proposals are submitted to enhance commercial opportunities particularly in - PPP - Education, Finance Shanghai International Medical Zone - GP training Medical Education inc Management Development of Primary Care EHealth and Telemedicine To develop a model of partnership working on a bilateral basis with Chinese partners to secure ownership and commitment within specialist areas. 9. New Trade UK China Working Group Membership UKTI/DH - Representatives from Industry Medical Devices Pharmaceuticals - Trade Associations - CBBC - Universities To address IPR/Copyright Regulatory Approval Product registration Clinical trials 10. Department of Health (in conjunction with UKTI) Scoping mission to China - recommended China as a priority market Healthcare Industries Task Force - included China as one of top five global markets DH International has hosted 40 inward missions to NHS 11. Series of PPP presentations in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Hong Kong UK workshop for delegates from Shanghai. Hosted by DHI/IFSL and Clifford Chance DH Ministerial visit to China (June 2004) Memorandum of Understanding - Ministry of Health - Shanghai Peoples Government 12. MEMORANDA OF UNDERSTANDING Shanghai Peoples Government PFI - Guangming Hospital GP training programmes Continuing Medical Education / Professional Development Traditional Chinese Medicine Supporting the Shanghai International Medical Zone Ministry of Health Infectious Diseases Health inequalities Primary Care development Nutrition Healthcare financing 13. OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES - OPPORTUNITIES CHINESE MEDICAL MARKET MEDICAL TREATMENT - $100 bn pa + 20% pa MEDICAL EQUIPMENT/DEVICES $50 bn pa + 15% TECHNOLOGY BREAKTHROUGHS ($1 billion + 26% pa) UPDATING CURRENT EQUIPMENT JOINT VENTURES Hi tech businesses CHANGES IN HEALTHCARE INCREASING DEMAND WITH ECONOMIC GROWTH 9.1% SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT 14. OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES - CHALLENGES BARRIERS TO ENTER CHINESE MARKET - REGULATIONS AND POLICIES - ADMINISTRATIVE/GOVERNANCE CHALLENGES COMPETITION FROM GLOBAL AND CHINESE GIANT PLAYERS IPR PROTECTION IN RESEARCH AND BUSINESS COLLABORATION 15. OPPORTUNITIES PFI/PPPS HEALTH REFORMS MANAGEMENT TRAINING & EDUCATION MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY 16. OPPORTUNITIES MEDICAL DEVICES CLINICAL TRAINING TELEMEDICINE 17. UK/China Healthcare Dialogue A Proposal AIM To create the conditions and high level contact necessary for sustaining a co-ordinated and long term strategic partnership with China on healthcare. OBJECTIVES Establish a pattern of annual bilateral meetings to review existing programmes of work and table new proposals. Facilitate the exchange of information about China/UK needs and priorities on healthcare. Assist UK and Chinese healthcare companies to develop stronger, mutually beneficial positions in each others countries. 18. Early focus on following themes I) Developing community based healthcare, across a spectrum of priority topics including primary care management, GP training and smoking cessation projects. II) Healthcare emergency response systems. IV) Combating infectious diseases, especially pandemic threats. 19. Opportunities to feed into annual ministerial level Dialogue on health matters 20. CONCLUSIONS RICH AND FERTILE GROUND FOR MOUNTING TRADE INITIATIVES REAL INTEREST IN UK BITE SIZED CHUNKS