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Parliamentary Procedure. Objective: Discuss parliamentary procedures and public speaking used in horticulture business meetings. Parliamentary Procedure. Parliamentary Procedure using well-defined rules to conduct business meeting using a formal organized approach. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Parliamentary Procedure Objective: Discuss parliamentary procedures and public speaking used in horticulture business meetings.

  • Parliamentary Procedure

    Parliamentary Procedure using well-defined rules to conduct business meeting using a formal organized approach.

    Based upon Roberts Rules of Order the authority in Parliamentary Procedure

    Parly Pro began in the English House of Parliament in 1562

  • Who uses Parly Pro?There are many organizations that rely on Parly Pro to conduct activities.

    Some examples includeSchool GroupsCivic OrganizationsChurch GroupsLegislative Government

  • Courtesy to EveryoneExtends courtesy to everyone

    Must be recognized in order to speak or address the group.Only in emergencies or to fix a parliamentary error may someone speak without be recognized.

    Members go about be recognized by saying Madame or Mr. President

  • One Thing at a TimeFocus on only one thing at a time helps avoid confusion.

    There may be only one main motion on the floor at any given timeThe main motion must be presents by saying I Move That or I Move To

  • Rule of the MajorityObserve the rule of the majority keeps unpopular ideas from being adopted.

    Most motions in Parly Pro require a majority of the members to vote in order to take action on an item.

    In a meeting of 30 individuals 16 must vote the same way in order for there to be a majority. (one over half is a majority)

  • Rule of the MajoritySome motions require a 2/3 majority vote.

    In a group of 30 individuals, 20 must vote the same way in order for there to be a 2/3rd majority vote.

  • Rights of MinorityEnsure the rights of the Minority all sides can make motions, second motions, discuss and vote.Even if there are only one or two members who feel differently than the rest of the members, they can still voice their opinion through discussion.Minority is a group that goes against the remainder of the group

  • Voting InformationThere are a variety of ways to vote on an item.a) Voice Yea or No,Can not be used for 2/3 majority votingb) Secret Ballotc) VisualMay be standing or raising of handsd) Roll Call

  • Presiding OfficerPresiding officer should be impartial and fair

    Should leave the chairmans station and relinquish chairmans station and relinquish Chairmans duties to discuss or present a point of view.

    Symbol of authority is gavel President or Chairman can only vote to make a tie on a motion.

  • Main MotionMain Motion to present a new idea or item of business.Only one main motion at a timeSecond RequiredDebatable/DiscussionAmendableRequires a majority vote.

  • Steps to handling a Main MotionAddress the presiding officer. Mr./Mdme PresidentReceive recognition to speak.State Motion I move to or I move thatAnother member seconds the motion.Motion is debated.Vote on motion.Chair announces result of vote.

  • Your Activity In your groups review the following motions to learn more about Parliamentary ProcedureThen, in your groups write a script as if you were conducting a business meeting following the rules of Parliamentary Procedure Choose at least 3 actions in addition to a main motion to include in your script Be creative! You can make your business meeting about anything!

  • AmendmentAmendment to change a motion by striking out or adding wordsRequires a second and a majority voteI move to amend the main motion by.

    Can be amended in 4 waysInserting in middleAdding to endStriking OutStriking out and inserting

  • AmendmentProper Example: Motion on floor: That the FFA Chapter buy a boat.Amendment: Mr. President, I move to amend the motion by inserting speed in front of boat. So the motion would read, I move that the FFA Chapter buy a speed boat.

  • Previous QuestionPrevious Question to stop discussionNot DebatableNot AmendableRequires a 2/3rd Majority Vote

    Proper example:Madam/Mister Chairperson, I move the previous question

  • Division of the houseDivision of the house/assembly to get a counted voteWhen called, this forces a immediate revote by handIt is not debatable!!Not amendable Does not require a second or voteMember seeking a division does not have to be recognized by the chair to speak.

    You Say Division

  • Refer to CommitteeRefer to a committee places the motion in a committeeDebatable AmendableRequires a second and a majority voteMotion should includeNumber of members on committeeHow appointed Powers and dutiesWhen to report backCan be reported to a standing committee

  • Refer to CommitteeProper Use:Mr. President, I move we refer this motion to a committee of three appointed by the chair

  • To take from the tableTake from the table brings an unfinished business item back on to the floor for discussionNot debatableNot amendableRequires a second and a majority vote

    Proper ExampleI move to take the motion that reads to buy a boat from the table.

  • Point of OrderPoint of order used to correct a parliamentary mistakeNot debatableNot amendableDoes not require a secondPresident decides on verdictCan interrupt another speaker

    Proper exampleMr. President, I rise to a point of order.President says, State your pointAfter member states point, president says your point is well taken or Your point is not well taken

  • AppealAppeal used to appeal the chairs decision after a point of order has been made.To reverse the decision of the chairman, after they have made an error.Is Debatable Not amendable Requires a second and a majority vote (this is the only motion where President can discuss)

    Proper ExampleMr. President I appeal the decision of the chair.President should say Appeal the decision of the chair has been called, all those who wish to uphold the decision of the chair say I, all opposed same sign.

  • Suspend the RulesSuspend the Rules motion used to temporarily suspend the rules of an organizationNot debatableNot amendableRequires a second and a 2/3rd vote

    Proper ExampleMr. President, Because of the lack of time tonight, I move to suspend the rules and skip directly to new business.

  • ReconsiderReconsider - to reevaluate a decision that was made earlierRequires a second and a majority voteNot debatableNot amendableCan only be done by someone who voted on the prevailing side.

    Proper ExampleMr. President, I move to reconsider the motion to buy a boat.

  • AdjournAdjourn to close the meetingRequires a second and a majority voteNot Debatable Not AmendableHighest ranking motion

    Proper exampleMr. president, I move to adjourn.

  • Other TermsQuorum 2/3 of the total membership. This amount of people must be present for the group to make decisions or changes.

    An agenda is a list of what will be done at a business meeting should be prepared before the meeting


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