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    Welcome to School Year 2017 - 2018

    Alvah A. Scott Elementary School 98-1230 Moanalua Road, Aiea, HI 96701

    Principal, Sandra Watanabe Vice Principal, Lance Miyahira

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    SCHOOL HISTORY Alvah A. Scott School was established in 1956 and named after Mr. Alvah Alison Scott, a staunch ʻAiea resident and community leader. Mr. Scott was born in Wainaku, Hawai`i on May 7, 1887. In 1908, he received his Mechanical Engineering degree from Cornell University. His early career was associated with his father’s Hilo Sugar Company. In 1925, he became Manager of the Honolulu Plantation Company located in ʻAiea where he devoted much of his time and efforts. Mr. Scott was responsible for the building of the ʻAiea gymnasium and other recreational facilities for the young people in the area. He believed in the importance of an attractive and progressive environment to keep the brightest and best within the community. Mr. Scott won the respect and admiration of the people of ʻAiea and it was only fitting that the school was named in honor of his life’s work, leadership and contributions to the ʻAiea community.


    OUR VISION We envision the students of Alvah Scott Elementary School as responsible, productive citizens who will become lifelong learners. OUR MISSION We will support each child’s educational journey by providing opportunities for success. OUR PHILOSOPHY At Alvah Scott Elementary School, we believe that all children can become critical thinkers and responsible citizens through partnership between home and school.

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    GENERAL LEARNER OUTCOMES ● Students of Alvah A. Scott Elementary School will learn to become: ● Self-Directed Learners – setting goals and learning to evaluate one’s own learning

    experiences ● Community Contributors – being respectful of themselves and others ● Critical Thinkers – by making predictions, asking simple and complex questions,

    validating outcomes; gathering facts and information from various sources; using information to problem solve and evaluate; relating and applying knowledge to new situations

    ● Quality Producers – by creating intellectual, creative, practical and physical products ● Effective Communicators – applying reading, writing, listening and speaking reflectively

    and critically ● Effective and Ethical Users of Technology – being able to use a variety of technologies

    to meet their needs and being aware of the ethical issues involved in their use of technology

    GOAL The basic goal of Alvah A. Scott School is to guide and nurture each child in acquiring the qualities and skills necessary for the betterment of self, family, community, nation and the world. OBJECTIVES The objectives of Scott School are to help our students:

    1. Appreciate and respect their individuality and that of others. 2. Strengthen and broaden their basic communication skills of effectively interacting with

    others and understanding their environment. 3. Develop responsibility for and commitment to their own learning through involvement in

    the planning and development of their learning experiences. 4. Acquire intellectual curiosity and wonderment by their involvement in the learning

    process. 5. Acquire sound physical and mental health habits. 6. Develop positive self-concept. 7. Increase their understanding of the world in order to critically evaluate information

    presented by their environment (radio, TV, newspaper, etc.) and make decisions accordingly.

    8. Develop an appreciation for the arts (music, literature, crafts, etc.) and make decisions accordingly.

    9. Relate and apply their knowledge in fulfilling their responsibilities as citizens of our school and community.

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    SCOTT SCHOOL PROGRAMS REACH or ACT 51 The Hawai`i State Board of Education and the Department of Education have embarked on a journey that will transform the way we operate our schools and offices. This new directional path is called Reinventing Education Act or the Children of Hawai`i (REACH). It is also known as ACT 51. The results of this transformation will be academic achievement, safety and well-being and responsible citizens. The three key principles are: 1) empowerment, 2) streamlining, 3) accountability. ACT 51 will enable educators, students, parents and community members to achieve significant and meaningful change. ART Art exposes students to a variety of media emphasizing art elements and principles, creativity, and freedom of thought. Students are also encouraged to enter art and poster contests. HEALTH This subject area covers units such as hygiene, physical growth and development, proper nutrition, substance abuse, and mental and emotional well-being. LANGUAGE ARTS McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders provides the keys to developing strong readers and writers, with each lesson and component preparing students for the rigor of the Common Core State Standards. MATHEMATICS For grades K-5 ORIGO Stepping Stones fosters students’ thinking and reasoning skills. For grade 6 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt GO Math! offers an engaging and interactive approach to covering the Common Core State Standards. MUSIC Music provides a broad spectrum of experiences involving basic music theory, instrumentation and application of concepts. PHYSICAL EDUCATION P.E. promotes a respect for physical fitness as well as an exposure to a variety of exercises and activities that develop overall fitness with an emphasis on cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and having fun.

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    SCIENCE Each grade level address science standard and provide real world, hands-on activities for grades K-6; a combination learning the common core standards and inquiry are the main goals for scientific literacy for all students. SOCIAL STUDIES Social Studies promote a global view of community and an active concern for the survival and well being of all humankind. These goals are met by providing knowledge, skills and values that will enable the students to become responsible citizens. Therefore, various disciplines are integrated to reinforce the connection between Social Studies and other content areas. TECHNOLOGY The ‘Aiea Complex has implemented an applied technology program from grades K-12; this means that your child will have a wide variety of programs and application projects throughout their educational experience.

    SPECIAL PROGRAMS HAWAIIAN STUDIES Hawaiian studies expose students to the Hawaiian culture, language and history with many hands-on experiences. SPECIAL EDUCATION Provides specialized services to identified students with learning disabilities. Qualified students are eligible for services from age three. SPEECH/HEARING IMPAIRED These services provide articulation, language, voice, fluency and aural remediation for eligible students. ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNER (ELL) This program maximizes the opportunity for success in school for identified students through proper assessment and appropriate educational services in compliance with federal regulations. CAMPUS POLICE OFFICERS (CPO) The CPO program supports a safe school campus while providing leadership and service learning opportunities.

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    LIBRARY CLUB This club offers students an extracurricular activity which develops leadership, responsibility and cooperation while learning library information skills. SCOTT SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL Provides for student representation decision-making capacities for student activities; provides leadership experiences for participants. VIDEO CLUB This club offers students the opportunity to use technology in designing high definitions movies using a variety of different software and video equipment.

    SCHOOL-RELATED PROGRAMS PARENT COMMUNITY NETWORKING CENTER (PCNC) Parent volunteers are crucial to the execution and success of our academic and extra- curricular activities. The PCNC facilitator coordinates the volunteers for these functions. A+ AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM The Kalihi Branch of the YMCA provides a safe and meaningful after school child care program located in the school’s cafeteria. Registration forms are available at the programs site or the school office. After qualifying applications are approved, a monthly fee is charged. BEFORE SCHOOL PROGRAM The Kalihi Branch of the YMCA also provides before school care. Please contact the YMCA directly for more information. SCOTT SCHOOL PTA The SSPTA is comprised of parents, teachers and community members interested in school support and improvement. For more information, go to the website

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    SCHOOL BOUNDARIES Scott School is bounded on the east by the ‘Aiea Stream next to the ‘Aiea Shopping Center on Moanalua Road and the west by the Kalauao Stream before the Pearlridge Shopping Center, including the Koauka Loop and the McGrew Point Navy Housing areas. It also extends mauka (toward the mountains) and makai (towards the sea) to Pearl Harbor.

    BUS SERVICES Please see the school office for updated information regarding bus services.

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    M, T, Th, F Wednesday Opening 7:55 - 8:02 7:55 - 8:02 Instructional Time (K-1) 8:02 - 9:40 (100) 8:02 - 9:40 (100) Instructional Time (2-3) 8:02 - 9:40 (100) 8:02 -