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    Hello I m OtisI design new things everyday fromcar event stands to gig posters. I cant get enough of clothes and Im a complete encyclopedia of music.


    Its a family of bears

    The rundown...

  • Welcome Back. To your right is my career in a nutshell. Lo and behold my creative knowledge.

    Logo Design -Photo Manipulation -Roll-up Banner Displays -Web Design -Product Photography -

    USB2U /Junior Designer

    Northampton Schoolfor Boys / GCSE

    Northampton College /BTEC Art & Design /NCFE Level 1 Award in Employability Skills

    Like Minds / Work Experience- Various Internal Communication Campaigns- Web Design

    Hoax Studios / Work Experience- Photo Manipulation- Assisted Photoshoots/Videography- First-hand Interaction with Clientele

    - Design Car Exhibitions- Web Design- Car Graphics- Event Branding - Brand Advertising- Proposal Design- First-hand Interaction with Clientele- Brochure / Leaflet Event Handouts- Event Photography

    Fusion-Events /Designer



    Music Clothes Travel Tsonga

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    You got style

    Lets get down to business...

  • My first job after leaving college

    was a Junior Designer role at


    USB2U took me on as an apprentice,

    giving me my chance in the working

    world. Within the first three months

    of working there I was promoted to

    Junior Designer, which boosted my self

    esteem and opened the door to new




    At USB2U I took control of all web

    branding, product photography and

    physical branding such as pull-up banners.

    I also worked on mocking up clients

    artwork and logos onto our products

    adheering closely to their guidlines as

    well as setting their artwork up for print,

    engraving and proccessing that on the

    machinery myself.

  • After leaving USB2U I moved

    on to greater things as a

    Designer at Fusion-Events

    I am part of a design studio, at Fusion.

    We work very closely together to get

    the job done, working with two 3D

    designers and also another 2D designer

    producing work for clientele such as:

    Rolls-Royce, Renault, Hyundai, KIA,

    Ford, Nissan, Volvo and Dacia.


    Renault - Eden Project

    A fun project working in partnership

    with the Eden Project, creating vehicle

    wraps for Renaults electric vehicles.

    My idea behind this was to re-create

    the hexagonal pattern from the biomes

    and wrap them around the vehicles,

    tying them in with the botanical garden






    Im not a toy. Im a real car. Parents please supervise y

    our children.

    Im not a toy. Im a real car. Parents please supervise your children.


    catalyst digital design studio//ARTWORK SPECIFICATION SHEET

    renault UK BRIEF COMPONENT zoe decals VERSION 2.0 date 27.05.16Clerkenwell

    100% ELECTRIC

    100% ELECTRIC


    Nissan - N-GAGE Gathering

    A proposed secret gig event for Nissan

    involved a series of branding which

    included creating the logo, designing car

    graphics and shipping containers. The

    event was a treasure hunt for all Nissan

    car owners. The object was for them to

    find secret gigs dotted around the UK.

    Each shipping container they discovered

    hosted a surprise music artists.

    GAGE gathering. P o w e r e d b y N I S S A NN


    Nissan - N-GAGE Gathering

    I went on to design the front web page so as applicants could

    sign up to the treasure hunt and download the UI app on their

    mobile devices.


    Hyundai - Tucson Test Drive Website

    This was a website that I generated for all Hyundai

    dealerships to use as their go to when booking in test

    drives with potential customers, allowing the customers

    to pick a car and road route of their choice.


    Renault - DJ BBQ

    One of my favourite Renault jobs was

    making the DJ BBQ food truck. Working

    with Christian (DJ BBQ) to re-create his

    logo and then draw up a concept for

    the truck. We went all out on this adding

    flame throwers, mechanised speakers

    which emerged from the roof and mixing

    decks on the inside.

    The biggest challenge on this was setting

    the flames up for print so they would not

    distorted by the corrugated steel walls.


    Peugeot - New 3008

    One of the most recent jobs I worked

    on was for the New Peugeot 3008,

    generating a holding page for the release

    and also a kit consisting of pull-up

    banners and 3m walls to support the car

    on its stand for unvealing.


    Rolls-Royce - Wraith

    Another challenging project, which

    involved a lot of calculations in order to

    work out the dimensions such as height

    and gradient of the waved plinth.


    Mazda - All-New Mazda2

    This was a budget proposal for secret beatboxers to pull people out of the crowd

    to unveal the all-new Mazda2. Mazda specifically asked for an urban theme so thats

    exactly what I gave them, incorporating both beatboxing and graffiti.


    Ive seen them live

    Creative education...

  • Life studying Art & Design at Northampton College

    College for me was one of the best

    times of my life. I met amazing people,

    travelled a lot and most importantly

    gathered inspiration for the start of my

    design career. I kickstarted my freelance

    design work creating gig posters for the

    music department at college, making a

    name for myself.



    Various Gig Posters

    A variety of gig posters I put together in my days

    at college. Two of them were for the college

    music department for their seasonal gigs at the

    Roadmender in Northampton and the other for an

    up and coming band from my neighborhood.


    Urban Decay

    Photo manipulation project, taking

    photographs of an abandoned factory

    in Northampton and placing them into

    Photoshop transforming them into

    something from the past, showing age

    and cosmetic damage.



    Book cover design. I combined various images to create a winter

    landscape within photoshop with imported vectors designed in Illustrator

    such as the blurb.


    Narcotic Mamba Vinyl

    A concept for a 12-inch single I put together for an alternative

    psychedelia band using blends to forge the front cover.

  • First steps into the working world withHoax Studios

    At Hoax Studios I experienced the

    creation of such works as, Alan Moores

    Dodgem Logic The Possibility of Life

    on Another World and music artist

    Jay Leightons album, poster art and

    video. Through Hoax my skills in

    customer relations increased. I gathered

    knowledge in how to approach and

    converse with customers from all

    backgrounds and learnt how to manage

    clients expectations.


  • Getting to grips with commercial layout atLike Minds

    At Like Minds I worked close with

    the design team on various internal

    communication campaigns. Working

    with senior designers allowed me to

    learn and gather more knowledge

    throughout the lines of Graphic Design.



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