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<ul><li><p>Page | 1 </p><p> AVAILABLE LOCATIONS AUSTRALIA | DUBAI | INDIA | LONDON | SINGAPORE | SOUTH AFRICA | SWITZERLAND -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOR UPCOMING DATES PLEASE CONTACT HCM_CLOUD@JUPITEC.COM.AU -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEBSITE WWW.JUPITEC.COM.AU IMPLEMENTATION WORKSHOP DURATION BOOT CAMP TRAINING PROGRAM </p><p> TOPIC DAYS </p><p>A Core HCM 5 Days </p><p>B Talent Management 9 Days </p><p> Talent Profiles, Performance &amp; Goal Management 3 Days </p><p> Taleo Enterprise (Recruitment) 5 Days </p><p> Fusion HCM &amp; Taleo Integration 1 Day </p><p> ORACLE HCM CLOUD - SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION </p><p>FUSION HCM &amp; TALEO - IMPLEMENTATION WORKSHOPS (BOOTCAMP TRAINING PROGRAM FOR ORACLE CUSTOMERS, PARTNERS &amp; INTERNAL EMPLOYEES ONLY) </p></li><li><p>Page | 2 </p><p>DETAILED TOPICS LIST </p><p>SECTION (A) IMPLEMENTATION WORKSHOP </p><p>SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION TRAINING TOPICS </p><p>TOPIC AREA TOPIC DETAILS </p><p> ORACLE HCM FUSION CLOUD Human Capital Management(HCM) Core HR Implementation </p><p> System Background, Implementation - Terminology &amp; Concepts Environment Configuration (Configure Application Options, </p><p>Geography Loads, Customer Time Zones, Implementation Users setup etc.) </p><p> Administrator Profile Options Legal Addresses Setup Enterprise Information Setup Legislative Data Groups Setup Legal Entities Setup Locations Setup Reference Data Set Document Types Departments Business Units Organization Tree Grades Job Families Positions Job Job Profiles Action/Action Reason Setup Person Types Assignment Status Seeded Common Lookups Value Sets Descriptive Flexfields Extensible Flexfields Approval Matrix System Customisations Person Name Formats Security Role Customisations BPM Worklist </p></li><li><p>Page | 3 </p><p>SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION TRAINING TOPICS </p><p>TOPIC AREA TOPIC DETAILS </p><p>GOALS, PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT &amp; PROFILE MANAGEMENT IMPLEMENTATION TASKS </p><p> System Concepts Goals &amp; Performance Management System Goals &amp; Performance Flexfields Goal Lookups Goal Setting Administration Profile Options Performance Management Profile Options Portrait Settings Goal Notifications Performance Management Notifications Profile Management Notifications Rating Models Content Types Content Items Competencies Content Subscribers Profile Types Fast Formulas Model Profile Eligibility Profile Question Library Questionnaire Template Review Periods Performance Management Roles Performance Document Types Performance Template Sections Performance Process Flows Performance Templates Goal Plans Goal Library HCM Application Customizations User Names BPM Work lists </p></li><li><p>Page | 4 </p><p>SYSTEM AREA TALEO RECRUITMENT </p><p>SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION TRAINING TOPICS </p><p>TOPIC AREA TOPIC DETAILS </p><p> TALEO - RECRUITMENT &amp; ONBOARDING </p><p> Central Configuration </p><p>- Operation Modes - Setting Regional Settings - Setting Security policies - Network Data Management - Supported Product URLs - Time Zones </p><p> Foundation Data Configuration - Organization, Locations and Job Fields (OLF Data Structures) - Element Management - Departments - Position </p><p> User Management - User Account Management - Configuration Profiles </p><p> Lists &amp; Filters - Lists Format - Configuring List Formats - Quick Filters </p><p> Fields &amp; Selection Lists - Fields - Requisition Template Fields - Selection Lists - Field Layout </p><p> Forms &amp; Files Candidate Selection Workflows Candidate and Requisition Search Candidate and Requisition Matching Requisition and Offer Approvals Correspondence Source Tracking Agencies Job Posting &amp; Job Boards Contingent Hiring Pipeline Management EVALUATION MANAGEMENT Recruiting Fundamentals Recruiting Centre Layout Configuration Onboarding(Transitions) processes in Recruiting Screening Services Social Sourcing Exportable Statuses </p><p>TALEO RECRUITMENT - STANDARD REPORTS AND ANALYTICS </p><p> Discuss Standard Reports Available </p></li><li><p>Page | 5 </p><p>SECTION (B) SYSTEM USER TRAINING </p><p>Module: Core HCM </p><p>SYSTEM USER TRAINING TOPICS </p><p>TOPIC AREA TOPIC DETAILS </p><p> HR SPECIALIST ROLE (HIRE TO RETIRE CYCLE) </p><p> Create &amp; Manage Employment Work Structures (Jobs, Positions, Job </p><p>profiles, Locations, Grades, Departments) New Employee Data Management Pending Worker Management Contingent Worker Management Manage Employee Assignment Changes Multiple Assignments (Record Management) Work Relationship Management Termination Process Exit Interview Questionnaire Management (Part of Employment </p><p>Termination) Reversing Employee Termination Change of Line Manager Manage Temporary Assignment Change Mass Employee Assignment Changes Manage Documents Manage User Accounts &amp; Role Management Incident Management Delegation of Approvals &amp; Roles functionality Analytics for overall Human Resources function management Understanding of System Background Processes </p><p> LINE MANAGER ROLE </p><p> Delegation of Approvals &amp; Roles functionality Manage Direct Reports Manage Direct Reports Profiles Compare Direct Reports based on their Profile Data &amp; Job Profiles Create &amp; Manage Documents of Direct Reports Performance Management Tasks/Functions - Goals Settings for Reports (At start of Performance Cycle) - Performance Eligibility Questionnaire - Evaluate Direct Reports for Job Based Competencies - Provide Final Ratings &amp; Comments - Populate Total Points Achieved for Bonus Goals - Initiate Final Performance Rating Approval - Provide Final Feedback on Workers - Cancel/Delete Performance Document - Transfer Performance Document - Complete Performance Document - Re-open a completed performance Document of a Worker - Performance Document - Update Evaluation Task - Change Due Dates for Employees Performance Task </p></li><li><p>Page | 6 </p><p>SYSTEM USER TRAINING TOPICS </p><p>TOPIC AREA TOPIC DETAILS </p><p> Employee Self Service Functions - Personal Information Management - Documentation Management - User Account Management - Use of Person Gallery &amp; Directory Functions - Performance Management (Worker Self Evaluation &amp; Final </p><p>Comments Feedback) - Person Profiles Management &amp; Compare functionality </p><p>MODULE: PERFORMANCE AND GOALS MANAGEMENT </p><p>TOPIC AREA TOPIC DETAILS </p><p> HR SPECIALIST ROLE- GOAL AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT </p><p> Common Goals Management (Adding a Goal to the Goal Library) Create &amp; Manage New Competencies Manage Rating Model for New &amp; Existing Competencies Manage &amp; Assign Goal Plans Run Eligibility Processes for Goals &amp; Performance Cycle Individual Employee Goal Management /Overrides Performance Cycle Administration Tasks Search Performance Documents Performance Cycle Communication Management Manage Due Dates for Workers &amp; Managers Tasks Create Performance Document (Exception Management) Cancel &amp; Delete Performance Document Override Participant Feedback Change &amp; Update Current Task Status of any Performance Document Complete Performance Document in Absence of Leader (Line </p><p>Manager) Process Eligibility of Workers for Performance Document Performance Cycle Reports Generation Monitor Missing Performance Documents Monitor Late Tasks in Performance Documents </p><p> PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT - STANDARD REPORTS AND ANALYTICS </p><p> Discuss Standard Reports Available Develop a Sample Custom Report using available Standard Data </p><p>Model </p></li><li><p>Page | 7 </p><p>MODULE: TALEO ENTERPRISE (RECRUITMENT &amp; ONBOARDING) </p><p>TOPIC AREA TOPIC DETAILS </p><p> HR RECRUITER ROLE </p><p> Requisition Management PreScreening </p><p>- Competencies in requisition - ACE Candidate Filtering </p><p> Posting &amp; Sourcing Candidate Management Candidate Selection Workflows Onboarding Processes in the Recruiting Centre Offer Management Pipeline Management Evaluation Management Candidate Hiring &amp; Onboarding Libraries Tasks Correspondence Screening Services </p><p> - STANDARD REPORTS AND ANALYTICS </p><p> Daily Recruiting report Embedded Reporting </p><p> SECTION C - SYSTEM REPORTING TOOLS </p><p> ORACLE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE/ REPORTING DEVELOPMENT </p><p> Oracle HCM Taleo(Recruitment) Reports </p><p> SECTION D - CERTIFICATION </p><p> ORACLE CERTIFICATION PREPARATION </p><p> Core HCM </p></li></ul>


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