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Open Letter October 2010


cover:Layout 1 10/27/2010 6:24 PM Page 1PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressorIGNOU OPEN LETTER | OCTOBER 15, 20102Universities can play a decisive role in the implementation of various global, nationaland regional mission-mode governmental projects -- which may not be directlyconnected with education -- leading to the conferment of a degree or any otherqualification. Participation in such projects will give academics and students anopportunity for contextual and ground-level understanding of various short-term and long-term developmental needs of the society. Whether it be the UNs Millenium DevelopmentGoals, the Education For All and Training For All initiatives of the Government of India, thespecific Plan targets of various State Governments, or the region-specific, neighbourhoodcommunity-oriented needs of grassroot-level local self-governments, the academia cancomplement and lend momentum to governmental activities.IGNOU, in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period (2007-2012), has embarked upon a largenumber of such partnerships with and through Central and State Governments, and othergovernmental agencies. Almost all the Schools of Studies, Institutes and a few RegionalCentres of the University have effectively availed of these collaborations. Governmentdepartments have leveraged the nation-wide academic andinfrastructural capabilities of IGNOU to conduct on-the-job trainingprogrammes and upgrade the qualifications of employees. In thesepartnerships, the projects are of the Ministries in the CentralGovernment or State Governments; the implementation agencies are thedifferent academic units or the Regional Centres of IGNOU. Grassroot-level interactions and dissemination of the public-funded projects arefacilitated by the ICT and satellite-enabled network of IGNOU, ablymanaged by its 61 Regional Centres and over 3,000 Study Centres.In addition to IGNOUs participation in the nodal HRD Ministrysvarious developmental projects the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), National LiteracyMission, National Programme for Technology-Enabled Learning (NPTEL), and the NationalMission of Education through ICT (NMEICT) -- IGNOU has undertaken major academic,capacity-building and skill-development interventions for other Ministries like InformationTechnology, Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Health, Home Affairs, Social Justice andEmpowerment, Labour, Defence, External Affairs, Commerce, Women and ChildDevelopment.The IGNOU-Indian Army Community Colleges under the Gyan Deep project; theTelecentre Academy, Village Knowledge Centres and the IT Mass Literacy Programme ofthe Ministry of Communications and Information Technology; the Anti-human traffickingand the continuous training and quality-upgradation programmes sponsored by theMinistry of Home Affairs; the Distance and e-Learning programmes for GovernmentEmployees (DELPGE) for the DoPT under the Ministry of Personnel & Training; IGNOUCertification of Indigenous Art Practices (CIAP) at the Zonal Cultural Centres sponsoredby the Ministry of Culture; the Modular Skill Development Scheme of the Ministry ofLabour; the Pan-African Tele-education programme supported by the Ministry of ExternalAffairs; Disability programmes sponsored by the Ministry of Social Justice andEmpowerment; Training and Capacity Development programmes in WatershedManagement sponsored by the Ministry of Rural Development; Health Ministry-sponsoredprogrammes in Maternal and Child Health, AIDS Control and HIV Medicine; the PowerMinistry-sponsored capacity-building activities in the area of Power DistributionManagement; Organic farming training, Open and Distance Education Training inAgriculture, and the various State Government-sponsored programmes for in-serviceschool teachers training are some of the recent flag-ship activities through Central andState Government collaborations. The participation of the IGNOU academics, researchers and external consultants in thesedevelopmental schemes of the Central and State Governments has also resulted in a vastvariety of learning and training resources in the form of Self-Instructional Material, video andaudio learning resources and other state-of-the-art multimedia material, almost doubling theeducational and training modules repository of IGNOU in just three years. All this adds to therepository of knowledge a vivid example of the creation of educational assets.This Special Issue of OpenLetter features this added dimension of the activities ofIGNOU to complement the developmental schemes of the Government for achievinginclusive growth.4CONTENTSFruitful HandshakeHonour For Former VCsINFOCUS: IGNOUsvarious collaborationswith Government-runinstitutions arehelping enhanceskills and knowledgeof learners, creatingvast opportunities forIndias youthEYEING EUROPE .......03FELICITATION..............12NEWS UPDATES..........14REGIONAL UPDATES ...15UPCOMING EVENTS....16GYAN DARSHAN..........1612 SPOTLIGHT: As part of its Silver Jubileecelebrations, IGNOU felicitates formerVice Chancellors and former UnionMinister K.C. Pant, who piloted theIGNOU Bill in ParliamentIGNOU OPEN LETTER is Printed by Printek Grafix, 148-D, Pocket-F, GTB Enclave, Delhi-110093 and Published by Ravi Mohan, Chief Public Relations Officer, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Maidan Garhi. New Delhi 110068.Ph: +91-11-29571000 (30 lines); +91-11-29535924-29 Fax: +91-11-29535933; E-mail: Managing Editor: Ravi MohanPhotos: Rajesh Sharma/Amlan PaliwalAdvisory Council:Prof P.R. Ramanujam, Dr Latha PillaiDesign and Production: IANS Publishingwww.ianspublishing.comFROMTHE VICE CHANCELLORV.N. Rajasekharan Pillai2-3 Con - vc speak:Layout 1 10/27/2010 6:19 PM Page 1PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressorThe Indira Gandhi National OpenUniversity (IGNOU) will open StudyCentres in six European countries,including Germany and France, tooffer personalised courses, Vice ChancellorProf V.N. Rajasekharan Pillai has announced.We will open our centre in Paris nextmonth. Negotiation is going on withGermany. I hope we will start in Germany by the end of this year. Our target is toopen five-six centres in Europe by July2011, Prof Pillai said. The Netherlands and Austria are otherEuropean countries where IGNOU isconsidering to open Study Centres. Italready has a centre in London. Prof Pillai, who also heads the Uniongovernments Distance Education Council,said IGNOU would also offer personalisedprogrammes in Gandhian Studies and someIndian languages such as Sanskrit throughits new Study Centres in Europe, besidesregular programmes.We are in discussions with severalinstitutes in the US, Australia and Europeto develop personalised programmes. It willbe done keeping in mind the needs ofpartner institutes, he said, adding thatIGNOUs low course fee was a hindrance inforging accords overseas.Our fee is quite low when you compareit with what is charged by universities inthe developed countries. We are planning torestructure the fee for programmes offeredoutside India, Prof Pillai said.Student enrollments at the Universityhave almost trebled in the last four years.We now have 3.2 million activeenrollments. It was 1.1 million in 2006.This indicates increasing popularity ofdistance education, Prof Pillai remarked. The University targets to sustain over 25percent annual growth in enrollments in thecoming years. IGNOU programmes are alsobecoming increasingly popular in Africa andthe Gulf region that have large numbers ofIndia expatriates. Many African universities haveapproached IGNOU for collaborations. Wewill help in designing courses and studymaterials for them, Prof Pillai said, addingthat the University will also introduce e-books within six months to increase thepopularity of its programmes among high-tech students. We will start with management and ITand gradually introduce it for all theprogrammes, he said.The University also plans to introducevideo-conferencing facilities for its overseasStudy Centres within a few months. 35 countries covered 56 overseas study centres 42,000 students enrolled 90 percent learners of Indian originIGNOU OPEN LETTER | OCTOBER 15, 2010 3GLOBALEXPANSIONAfter UK, IGNOU eyes other European nationsGLOBAL PRESENCE IGNOUs move: Play chess, study it tooIGNOU and NIIT have joined hands tolaunch a Certificate Programme onChess as Mind Booster to enable thedevelopment of young minds throughchess. The programme, launched under theDistance Education Programme SarvaShiksha Abhiyan (DEP-SSA), was unveiledby World Chess Champion ViswanathanAnand at IGNOU Headquarters onSeptember 23. NIIT has conducted research inschools, which shows that children whoplay chess have better life skills, arecalmer, focused and better at academics.This led to the launch of MindChampionsAcademy (MCA) by NIIT. I am confidentthat the new programme will benefitseveral learners and will also go a longway in popularising the game amongstyoungsters in India, Anand said.IGNOU VC Prof V.N. Rajasekharan Pillaisaid, The new Joint CertificationProgramme will encourage more and morepeople to play chess and will help inkindling the creative capability of childrenand teachers alike. After the successful completion of theprogramme, to be delivered online,students will be granted Joint Certificationby NIIT and IGNOU. This will enable them to become members of the NIITMindChampions Academy and contributeto the chess movement in India.The first-of-its-kind programme will alsogive students an opportunity to play withAnand and participate in the annualChessMaster event.Others present at the event includedNIIT COO P. Rajendran, Pro-VC Prof K.R.Srivathsan, DEP-SSA Director Dr AnitaPriyadarshini, Registrar Udai Singh Tolia,other staff and students of the University.From left, DEP-SSA Director Dr Anita Priyadarshini, World Chess Champion ViswanathanAnand, VC Prof V.N. Rajasekharan Pillai, Registrar Udai Singh Tolia, Pro-VC Prof K.R. Srivathsan and NIIT Ltd. COO P. Rajendran at the event in New Delhi. 2-3 Con - vc speak:Layout 1 10/27/2010 6:19 PM Page 2PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressorIGNOU OPEN LETTER | OCTOBER 15, 20104Fruitful HandshakeIn the era of corporate alliances in theburgeoning Indian higher educationsector, IGNOU is charting a distinctcourse. Its Programmes, being run incollaboration with governmentinstitutions, are not only providing abooster shot to the Gross EnrollmentRatio (GER), but is also providing theUniversity the kind of funding that isdifficult to derive from the private sector. In this Decade of Innovation, IGNOU strives to optimally utilise theeducational and training infrastructure as well as the intellectual capabilitiesavailable in both the formal and informalsectors, to ensure that we achieve ournational mission of increasing the GER, says Vice Chancellor Prof V.N.Rajasekharan Pillai.In the frontier areas of sciences, wehave tie-ups with prominent institutionssuch as the Indian Institute ofAstrophysics (IIA) in Bangalore (aDepartment of Science and Technology,Government of India, institution) for aresidential M.Sc. AstrophysicsProgramme, and the Institute of HotelManagement, Catering and Nutrition,Pusa, New Delhi, (under the Ministry ofTourism) for a full-time M.Sc. Programmein Nutrition and Dietetics.With such smart collaborative ventures,IGNOU helps overcome the problemscaused by a scarcity of seats in the highereducational sector, adds Prof Pillai.Agrees Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr LathaPillai. The whole idea is to ensure skillingof unskilled labour and create a pool ofprofessionally-trained people. The In-Service Programmes enhance skills andacquire certification.Lets take a look at IGNOU-Governmenttie-ups that have resulted in what can bedescribed as fruitful handshakes.IGNOUscollaborations with and throughGovernment-runinstitutionsare helpingenhance skills and knowledge of learners,creating vastopportunities forIndias youthIGNOU-GOVT COLLABORATIONSArmy personnel receiving Associate Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates at the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) headquarters in New Delhi. The educational certification is awarded under Gyan Deep, the IGNOU-ArmyCommunity College Scheme.4-5 COVER STORY:Layout 1 10/27/2010 5:24 PM Page 1PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressorIGNOU OPEN LETTER | OCTOBER 15, 2010 5In the Healthcare Services Sector, IGNOUhas a fairly large presence. Its Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospital and HealthManagement (PGDHHM), in collaborationwith Armed Force Medical Services,Ministry of Defence, Government of India, fulfills specified needs of middle-leveladministrators in hospital and health caredepartments. PGDHHM is a multimedia package which includes General Management,Management of Human Resources,Finance, Logistics and Equipment inHospitals; it also includes Organisation andManagement of Hospitals and Planning,Organisation and Management ofall types of services provided in ahospital; further, it includeshealth system management,including epidemiology andbiostatistics. Another collaboration with theDental Council of India (DCI)will bring to the fore Post-Graduate Programmes inendodontics and oralimplantology. According to Dr Bimla Kapoor, Director,School of Health Sciences(SOHS), IGNOU: These arefull-fledged programmes thatare meant to recognise thecommon goals of HigherDental Education and trainingneeds of dental surgeons toparticipate effectively in theprocessess of nationaldevelopment.A lot of Bachelor ofDental Surgery (BDS)students are not ableto do Post Graduationdue to limited seats ingovernment colleges.This initiative will helpthem learn about newtechnology in dental care. It is not just forfresh pass-outs, but for experienced dentalsurgeons as well, says Dr Anil Kohli,President, DCI.According to Prof A.K. Agarwal, SOHS,IGNOU, Ministry of Environmentand Forests, Government ofIndia, have signed an MoU forimplementing the nationalcomponent of the GlobalEnvironment Fund (GEF)-UNDPProject, demonstrating andpromoting best techniquesand practices for reducinghealth care waste to avoidenvironmental releases ofdioxins and mercury underthe GEF/UNDP Project from2009-2013.IGNOU is running a six-month Certificate Programmein Health Care WasteManagement in collaborationwith the World HealthOrganisation (WHO) for thedoctors, nurses, paramedics,health managers andprofessional workers inSouth-East Asiancountries via a networkof Partner Institutions.IGNOU will commencethis Programme atChhatrapati ShahujiMaharaj MedicalUniversity (formerly KingGeorge Medical College), Lucknow, fromthe January 2011 session, informs ProfAgarwal, Programme Co-coordinator.IGNOU has also signed an MoU with theIndian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)for capacity building of health professionals. According to Prof T.K. Jena, SOHS,IGNOU and National AIDS ControlOrganisation (NACO) are developing a PGDiploma in HIV Medicine Programme. AnMoU was signed in this regard in February2010. The government will sponsor half ofthe enrolled learners once the Programmecommences. Under the MoU, an HIVMedicine Cell has been established inIGNOU to monitor this activity and act as anumbrella organisation for training on HIVmedicine throughout the country.IGNOU also signed an MoU with theDirectorate General of Health Services,Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, inFebruary 2010 to develop and launch aPost-Doctoral Certificate in DialysisMedicine for Medicine and Paediatricspecialists. The programme is expected to be launched in 2011.Another top-end partnership of the Universityis with the the Indian Army for a jointventure called Gyan Deep, designed fortraining and awarding degrees to soldiersduring their service period a step aimed atproviding the jawans with a second careeroption after their retirement. Under the scheme, IGNOU registers the Indian Armys Regimental Training Centres,Human Resource Development Centres andSchools of Instructions as CommunityColleges, where soldiers are trained andimparted learning in their chosen vocations. The project was dedicated to the nationby President Pratibha Devisingh Patil, at thelaunch of IGNOUs Silver JubileeCelebrations on November 19, 2009. The MoU for Gyan Deep was signedbetween IGNOU and the Indian Army onSeptember 4, 2009. The scheme enablesArmy jawans to not only earn a degree but also master livelihood-driven courses as well. Goal Medical Education Second CareerThe whole ideais to ensureskilling ofunskilled labourand to create a pool ofprofessionally-trained people.Dr Latha Pillai, Pro-VC, IGNOUHEALTHCARE SERVICESIGNOUs collaborative ventures in the Healthcare Services Sector aim to recognise the common goals of higher medical education.Dr Anil Kohli, President, DCI (left)and Prof T.K. Jena, SOHS.4-5 COVER STORY:Layout 1 10/27/2010 5:24 PM Page 2PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressorIGNOU OPEN LETTER | OCTOBER 15, 20106Recognising the importance ofhuman resource development asthe foundation for social andeconomic growth, IGNOU isproving to be the trendsetter inmodernising the education sector andpromoting skills development. TheUniversity has entered into collaborationswith various government agencies toensure that it contributes to meeting thetargets of the National Skills Mission.According to Dr Arun Banik, Director,National Centre for Disability Studies(NCDS), IGNOU and the RehabilitationCouncil of India (RCI) run severalacademic programmes through the ODLsystem. The RCI helps in finalisinginfrastructure and suggests StudyCentres. IGNOU funds these StudyCentres, hires training co-coordinatorsand conducts orientation classes. TheCertification is done by IGNOU.NCDS and the RCI will soon begindiploma exams in Face-to-Face Mode.Sixteen additional diploma examsrecognised by the RCI are beingconducted by IGNOU in the 2010Academic Session. The idea is the welfareand betterment of people with disabilitiesand connect them to the mainstream,adds Dr Banik.IGNOU, through its School ofVocational Education and Training(SOVET), has joined hands with theConfederation of Indian Industries (CII) tooffer Certificate Programmes in SpokenEnglish and Personality Development,Security Management, Air Ticketing,Airline In-Flight Services, Travel AgencyOperations and Tour Guiding Skills. TheSchool also offers Post-Graduate Diplomain Security Operations and Post-GraduateCertificate in Security Operations incollaboration with the Security SkillsCouncil of India (SSCI).Collaborating with the governmenthelps us understand the actualrequirements of the industry and thusaids us in modifying the curriculum andtraining accordingly. A major advantage ofsuch tie-ups is that these government-runinstitutions take responsibility of placingthe learners, says Dr R.S.P. Singh,Reader, SOVET.Another feather in IGNOUs cap is theMoU with the Ministry of RuralDevelopment, which has identified theUniversity as one of the nodal agenciesfor monitoring five pan-India projects forplacement linked skill developmentprogramme under the Swarnjayanti GramSwarojgar Yojna (SGSY). IGNOU has also partnered with theTelecommunications Consultants IndiaLtd., a Government of India enterprise, forimparting quality education to 10,000African students through its tele-education programme. It has been able toreach students in Ethiopia, Malawi,Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Somalia, Rwanda,Senegal, Egypt, Mauritius, Benin andBotswana. The project is funded by theIndian government with a budgeted costof `5.43 billion.Enabling the DisabledEDUCATION AND SKILL DEVELOPMENTThe collaboration between IGNOU and the Rehabilitation Council of India ensures that propereducation and training is imparted to disabled learners. Seen in the photo, IGNOU learnerswith disabilities, along with their coordinators, attending a workshop. Central Leather Research Institute Indian Air Force Army Project Renewal of IGNOU-ArmyEducational Project (IAEP) UNESCO Chair Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) Dept. of Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development Rehabilitation Council of India Prasar Bharati Armed Force Medical Services (DGAFMS)Ministry of Defence National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology (NCHMCT) Department for Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) and National InformationSystem for Science and Technology (NISSAT) Assam Riffles Harish-Chandra Research Institute DAE, Allahabad KVIC Khadi and Village Industries Commission Indian Navy UNESCO for projects entitled Reachingthe Unreached through the use of ICTs for Empowering the Rural and Marginalised People of the DevelopingWorld Navy Educational Project Gandhi Smriti & Darshan Samiti (GS&DS) Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI) National Trust for the Welfare of Personswith Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,Govt of India World Health Organisation Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) Department of Information Technology,Government of National Capital Territoryof Delhi Indian Institute of Banking & Finance(IIBF) National Institute of Rural Development(NIRD)COLLABORATIONS WITH AND THROUGH GOVT AGENCIES6-9 COVER STORY:Layout 1 10/27/2010 6:22 PM Page 1PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressorUnderstanding the need to train police personnel inlegal issues related with human rights, IGNOUsSchool of Law (SOL) and the National HumanRights Commission (NHRC) are jointly developing threeprogrammes Basic Course for Constables/Sub-Inspectors, Advance Course for middle-level policeofficers and Trainers Training Course.The idea is to train police personnel who, owing totheir hectic schedules, dont have time to re-skillthemselves. These programmes, supported by audio-videopresentations, will help them acquire legal knowledge whileworking, says Prof K. Elumalai, Director, SOL.These programmes are fully funded by the NHRC, right fromthe counselling charges to preparing printed, audio or videocopies of the course material as per the requirements projectedby the NHRC, he adds. Another forthcoming attraction is aCertificate Programme in Anti-Human Trafficking, incollaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).With the assistance from Prof P.M. Nair (IPS), AdditionalDirector-General, CRPF Headquarters, New Delhi, IGNOU andMHA have come forward to make this course compulsory for allthe trainers at the training institutions supported by MHA; allNGOs going to be part of Anti-Human Trafficking Unit set up byMHA; and officials working with the Ministry of Women andChild Development. MHA has agreed to provide financialassistance for developing this Certificate Programme into aDiploma Programme, informs Prof Elumalai. IGNOU is also running a Diploma Programme in EnvironmentalLaw with help from the World Wide Fund (WWF-India) and aProgramme in International Monetary Law in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).IGNOU OPEN LETTER | OCTOBER 15, 2010 7IGNOU has been making significantefforts for making science andtechnology a meaningful career for the new generation. To begin with, IGNOU created an ISROChair on the campus by signing an MoUwith the Indian Space ResearchOrganisation (ISRO) to promote excellencein Research, Applications and SatelliteCommunications for Education. Dr K.Kasturirangan, eminent space scientistand member, Planning Commission, is theISRO Chair for Satellite CommunicationEducation in IGNOU.IGNOUs another noteworthy tie-up iswith the Indian Institute of Astrophysics(IIA), Bangalore, funded by the Departmentof Science and Technology, Government ofIndia. The signing of an MoC on April 25,2008 resulted in the commencement of aunique Integrated M.Sc-Ph.D Programme(IPhD) in Physics and Astrophysics. By way of collaboration with IIA, thestudents are getting an excellentopportunity of doing M.Sc. in a researchenvironment, which is acting as a highlymotivating factor for them, says Dr C.K.Ghosh, Director, National Centre forInnovations in Distance Education(NCIDE).The Advanced Certificate Programme inPower Distribution Management, under theSchool of Engineering and Technology(SOET), has been developed by IGNOU incollaboration with the Ministry of Power,USAID-India and the Power FinanceCorporation.VC Prof Rajasekharan Pillai exchanging an MoU with Ravi Singh, CEO,WWF-India, on the PG Diploma Programme in Environmental Law. Infusing Scientific Temper LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTSRe-skilling Police ForceSCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Centre for Disaster Management, AndhraPradesh Academy of Rural Development(APARD), Hyderabad. International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) Yashita Sekkei Inc., Japan Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand Project Cooperation Agreement National Board of Examination, New Delhi Department of Information Technology for Renewal of Computer Literacy Programme (CLP) for NER States Telecommunications Consultants IndiaLtd. (TCIL) Dental Council of India Bihar Education Project Council, Govt. of Bihar Department of Personnel and Training(DoPT) ACTS Ministries, Bangalore V.V. Giri National Labour Institute, Noida Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar Ministry of Power, Government of India Indian Society for Technical Education(ISTE) Yamashita Sekkei Inc., Japan Government of Uttarakhand Power Finance Corporation Ltd. (PFC) Insurance Institute of India (III) Agricultural and Processed Food ProductsExport Development Authority (APEDA) Department of Space, GOI, for JhabuaDevelopment Communications Project. Open University, Tanzania Ministry of I&B, Govt. of India Kerala CBSE School Management Association. Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) Development Commissioner (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) DC (MSME)6-9 COVER STORY:Layout 1 10/27/2010 6:22 PM Page 2PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressor8 IGNOU OPEN LETTER | OCTOBER 15, 2010AGRICULTURE AND FOOD PROCESSINGThe importance of agriculture andfood processing industry in Indiacan be gauged by the fact that 65-70 per cent of the population inIndia is dependent on agriculture for theirlivelihood. In this context, IGNOU is striving toplay an important role in turning the rural unemployed youth to agriculturalentrepreneurs and agri-business managers. The Universitys School of Agriculture(SOA) has developed the Diploma inWatershed Management programme withthe financial support of Department ofLand Resources, Ministry of RuralDevelopment, Govt of India. The mainobjective of the programme is capacitybuilding and human resource developmentin order to realise the desired objectivesof watershed development projects bytheir effective and efficient planning andimplementation.There are about 1,500 learnersenrolled in the programme. We receive a100 percent funding from thegovernment, which also provides a lot ofincentives to the learners to encouragethem for the programme, says Prof B.S.Hansra, Professor, SOA.IGNOU, in collaboration with theAgricultural & Processed Food ProductsExport Development Authority (APEDA),Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govtof India, is running a Post-GraduateDiploma programme in Food Safety andQuality Management. The partnership has also resulted in afirst-of-its-kind six-month Certificateprogramme in Organic Farming. Both theprogrammes have been developed with a100 percent funding from APEDA.A Certificate programme in Sericulturehas been developed, with 50 percentfunding from the Central Silk Board(CSB), Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India.With a 100 percent funding from theMinistry of Food Processing Industries,Govt of India, SOA has launchedprogrammes like Diploma in DairyTechnology, Diploma in Meat Technology,Diploma in Value-added Products fromCereals, Pulses and Oilseeds and Diplomain Fish Product Technology.Apart from this, the University also runsawareness programmes on a) Value AddedProducts from Fruits and Vegetables incollaboration with the Ministry ofAgriculture, GOI and b) Dairy Farming forRural Farmers in collaboration with theMinistry of Rural Development, GOI.Food For Thought Ministry of Panchayati Raj UNDP Capacity Building Project Institute of Public Auditors of India (IPAI) Institute of Hotel Management Cateringand Nutrition (affiliated to National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT) National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (CCRAS) Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) Anna University, Chennai M/S National Projects Construction Corporation Ltd. Goldstone Technologies Ltd. IPTV Public Health Resource Network, an initiative of State Health Resource Centre Institute of Acupuncture & Natural Medicines (IANM) Indian Institute of Astrophysics, (IIA), Bangalore Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) Department of Women and Child Development, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) Deutche Welle Bonn, Germany (DW) Government of National Capital Territory, Delhi Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Apollo Hospitals Educational & ResearchFoundation (AHERF) Kerala State IT Mission CIDC & Engineer in Chiefs branch Integrated HQ of MOD (Indian Army) IILM Institute for Higher Education, Gurgaon M.P. State Institute of Hospitality Training (MPIHT) Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) and Rajiv Gandhi Project forEdusat Supported Elementary Education. Goethe Institut & Department of German Studies, University of Vienna, Austria Broadcast Engineering Consultants IndiaLtd. (BECIL) Commonwealth Media Centre for Asia Ministry of Rural Development, GOIIGNOU, through its School of Agriculture, has entered into significant collaborations to prepare agricultural entrepreneurs and managers.6-9 COVER STORY:Layout 1 10/27/2010 6:22 PM Page 3PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressorIGNOU OPEN LETTER | OCTOBER 15, 2010 9Indian tourism and hospitality sectorhas reached new heights today.Combining unparalleled growthprospects and unlimited businesspotential, the industry is certainly onthe foyer towards being a key player inthe nations changing face. With this in mind, IGNOU has forgedsome unique collaborations. TheUniversitys School of Tourism andHospitality Services Management(SOTHSM) has tied up with the NationalCouncil for Hotel Management andCatering Technology (NCHMCT),Ministry of Tourism, Government ofIndia, to provide two specialprogrammes - Bachelor of Science(Hospitality and Hotel Administration)(BHM) and Master of Science(Hospitality Administration) (MHA).Certificate programmes in HouseKeeping Operation, Front OfficeOperation, Food & Beverage ServiceOperation, etc. are offered incollaboration with the Madhya PradeshState Tourism Development Corporation(MPSTDC). Presently being run byIGNOUs Bhopal Regional Centre, similarprogrammes have been accepted byTourism Boards of Sikkim, Assam,Meghalaya and Jammu & Kashmir.IGNOUs School of ContinuingEducation (SOCE) runs an M.Scprogramme in Dietetics and FoodService Management (DFSM), incollaboration with the prestigiousInstitute of Hotel Management, Cateringand Nutrition, Pusa, New Delhi, underthe Ministry of Tourism, Government ofIndia. According to Dr Deeksha Kapur,Programme Coordinator, M.Sc (DFSM),the Programme addresses the needs oftraining workforce/developingmanpower (dietitians, nutritioncounsellors, food service managers,etc.) for emerging employment-richsectors like hospitals/communitydietetics, food service management.IGNOUs various collaborations are helpingbuild a strong professional force for thetourism and hospitality industry.IGNOU is playing a major role in impartingquality education in areas such asbanking, finance, insurance, taxation, etc. The University has tied up with theInstitute of Chartered Accountants of India(ICAI) to conduct specialised programmesfor Chartered Accountancy Final Stagestudents. The programmes, offered by theSchool of Management Studies (SOMS) areB.Com with Major in Accountancy andFinance and M.Com in Finance and Taxation. Other major tie-ups are with the Instituteof Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) forB.Com with Major in Corporate Affairs andAdministration and M.Com in BusinessPolicy and Corporate Governance,exclusively for the Company Secretaryshipprofessional programme students; with theInstitute of Cost and Works Accountants ofIndia (ICWAI) for B.Com with Major inFinancial and Cost Accounting and Masterof Commerce in Management Accounting &Financial Strategies; and with the IndianInstitute of Banking & Finance (IIBF),Mumbai for the MBA (Banking & Finance)Programme, specifically designed forBankers. The University has also signed an MoUwith the Institute of Public Auditors of India(IPAI) for a Diploma programme in Finance,Budget and Accounting (DFBA), exclusivelyfor the staff working in Panchayat RajInstitutions (PRIs).TOURISM AND HOSPITALITYAdding Fuel To Growth EngineServing The FutureBANKING AND FINANCE Security Skills Council (India) Pvt. Ltd.(SSCI) National Academy of Customs Excise and Narcotics, Faridabad Cochin International Aviation Academy(CIAL) Kerala University, Thiruvananthapuram Kerala Management Association (KMA)Cochin Madhya Pradesh Council of Science &Technology (MPCST) Future Learning & Development Ltd.(FLDL) Madras School of Economics (MSE) Institute of Rail Transport (IRT) Institute of Fire Safety & Disaster Management Studies The Indian Army Institute of Management & Development(IMD) Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC)through Institute of Apparel Management(IAM) & Apparel Training & Design Centres(ATDC), Gurgaon Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India Centre for Environmental Law, WWF-India National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) Pan African e-Network Project National AIDS Control Organisation(NACO) National Institute of Technical TeachersTraining & Research United Nations Organisation for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of India North East Zonal Cultural Centre, Dimapur (NEZCC) Council of Architecture Maharashtra Animal & Fisheries SciencesUniversity Foundation, Philippines Central Silk Board (CSB), Ministry of Textiles,Govt of India Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation (MPSTDC) Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Department of Agriculture, Govt of WB ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu (A consortiumof Govt of India, Govt Tamil Nadu and CII)6-9 COVER STORY:Layout 1 10/27/2010 6:22 PM Page 4PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressor10 IGNOU OPEN LETTER | OCTOBER 15, 2010Following in the footsteps of theIGNOU Headquarters, the RegionalCentres too are doing their bit toenhance the scope for a collectivedevelopment in higher education throughvarious tie-ups with the government andpublic sector. IGNOU Institute of VocationalEducation and Training (IIVET), Shillong hasbeen playing a key role in this regard,especially in the North East region. Underits mandate for Indigenous Knowledge andTechnology (IKT), IIVET has initiated manylong-term and short-term programmes,which have already made a good progressand created an overwhelming interest. The institute entered into a dialoguewith the North East Zonal Cultural Centre(NEZCC), Dimapur, under the Ministry ofCulture, Government of India, in May 2009,to develop an academic curriculum for theGuru-Shishya Parampara Scheme launchedby the Ministry in 2004 -2005. TheMemorandum of Collaboration (MoC) toformally launch the Academic Certificationwas signed between IGNOU and NEZCC onMarch 19, 2010 in New Delhi.Till date, 84 Gurus identified by theNEZCC have been imparting knowledgeand training to 300 Shishyas in IndigenousArt Practices in the NorthEast region. However, so farthere had been no monitoring,evaluation and certificationfor this knowledge. Thesigning of the MoC and thesubsequent academiccertification would not onlyhelp preserve and promotethe rich cultural heritage ofthe country, but will also helpin finding livelihood optionsfor the certified Shishyas,says Prof Debjani Roy, OSD,IIVET, Shillong. IIVET has also partneredwith the Department ofAYUSH, Ministry of Healthand Family Welfare,Government of India, andinitiated a mega pilot projectfor the Certification of thePrior Learning and Knowledgeof the Gram Vaidyas (Traditional VillageHealth Practitioners) in eight statesacross the country. The bond for theexecution of the project wassigned between IGNOU andDepartment of AYUSH, Ministryof Family Welfare and Health, onOctober 4, 2010.Such collaborations with thegovernment and public sectorwiden the reach of theprogrammes immensely, thuscreating a nationwide linkagewith students, Dr Roy adds.In tune with the trend,IGNOUs Madurai RegionalCentre has launched anambitious project in partnershipwith the ICT Academy of TamilNadu (ICTACT - A consortium ofGovernment of India,Government of Tamil Nadu andCII).The training programme onIT Skills for School Teachers,with Madurai RC as the nodalA Giant Leap for RCsFrom left, Shri Narendra Nath Dey, Minister for Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, Govt of West Bengal; VC Prof V.N. Rajasekharan Pillai; Dr S.K. Yadav of School of Agriculture and Prof M.K. Salooja, Director, SOA, at the launch of the Certificate Programme in Integrated Pest Management Technology in Potato Cultivation and Short-term Training programme for farmers of Betelvine at the EMPC Studio in the University Headquarters. This collaboration between IGNOU and the Govt of West Bengal was initiated by the Universitys Kolkata Regional Centre.Tie-ups withgovernment-runinstitutionswiden the reachof programmesand creates anationwidelinkage withstudents. Debjani Roy,OSD, IIVET, ShillongREGIONAL INITIATIVESP10-11:Layout 1 10/27/2010 5:26 PM Page 1PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressorIGNOU OPEN LETTER | OCTOBER 15, 201011centre of IGNOU to co-ordinate the activityin the entire state of Tamil Nadu, has beenlaunched keeping in view the need fortechnology integration in teaching-learningactivities. The MoC to this effect was signed onJuly 14, 2010 in the presence of VC ProfV.N. Rajasekharan Pillai and Dr PoongothaiAladi, Minister of State for InformationTechnology. The programme wasinaugurated at the Madurai RC onSeptember 5, 2010 by Prof. G. Pankajam,former Vice Chancellor of Gandhigram Rural Institute. In his welcome address, Dr. M.Shanmugham, Regional Director, Madurai,informed that the first batch of training,consisting of 30 teachers, has alreadystarted. The programme, which will beextended to all the major cities in TamilNadu once the training centres areidentified, will be conducted with the helpof resource persons from ICTACT. Theteachers will have to undergo 42 hours ofhands-on training in IT skills duringweekends. They will receive certificatesjointly issued by IGNOU and ICTACT afterthe successful completion of the training. One of the major advantages ofcollaborating with the government sector isthe extensive marketing of the programme.The partner institution takes care of themarketing and advertisement aspect of theproject. That is precisely the reason whywe receive such positive response from thelearners, Dr Shanmugham remarks. Another major collaboration of RCMadurai is with the Madurai Corporation toprovide Computer Literacy Programme(CLP) for the benefit of thousands ofstudents studying in the CorporationSchools (Government Schools) to createself interest by developing skills andcapabilities to make use of e-resources intheir day-to-day learning.The Universitys Cochin Regional Centrehas joined hands with the Kerala State ITMission to offer IGNOU programmesthrough the Akshaya e-Kendras located inaround 3,000 Centres in the state. While IGNOU will provide the necessaryacademic inputs, the Akshaya kendraswould provide the infrastructural facilitiesand arrange for adequate numbers ofteachers as per IGNOUs norms.This joint venture is part of theUniversitys thrust in providingcontextualised education for people,particularly those in remote areas of thecountry. We will offer our pre-designedprogrammes. These will later be re-designed and contextualised based on thefeedback we receive from the participantsin the programme, VC Prof Pillai says. With an aim to benefit the farmers inWest Bengal, IGNOUsKolkata RC and School ofAgriculture (SOA) havecollaborated with theDepartment of Agriculture,Govt of West Bengal, tolaunch two newprogrammes, IntegratedPest ManagementTechnology in PotatoCultivation and Short-termTraining programmes forfarmers of Betelvine. The programmes werelaunched by NarendraNath Dey, Minister forAgriculture and ConsumerAffairs, Government ofWest Bengal, at theEMPC Studio in theUniversity Headquarterson September 28. The state government will sponsorabout 8,000 farmers for the programmes.IGNOU has also joined hands with theBihar Government to set up 400 trainingcentres in the state and traingovernment officials. The IGNOUtraining centres will be equippedwith computer labs to providedistance education throughInformation Technology to theremotest parts of the state. Thestate government has also signedan agreement for implementationof the state sponsored projectSamarth in collaboration withIGNOU. The Varsity has beenselected as the knowledgepartner for the state.This confluence of the worldslargest University and theworlds largest democraticfederal government set up willsurely go a long way incontributing professionals to thecountrys talent pool andincreasing the Gross Enrollment Ratio inthis Decade of Innovation.(Photo top) Dr Poongothai Aladi, MoS for IT, VC Prof Pillai and Dr M. Shanmugham, Regional Director, Madurai, after the signing of an MoC with ICTACT; (Photo below), the MOC signing ceremony between IGNOU and NEZCC, Dimapur, for the Academic Certification of the GuruShishya Parampara Scheme of the Ministry of Culture, Govt of India.A majoradvantage ofjoining handswith the govtsector is theextensivemarketing of theprogramme. Dr M. Shanmugham, RD, MaduraiP10-11:Layout 1 10/27/2010 5:26 PM Page 2PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressor12FELICITATIONCEREMONYIGNOU OPEN LETTER | OCTOBER 15, 2010The new academic initia-tives launched atIGNOU on October 1will probably be etchedin the Universitys memory for-ever not because these pro-grammes are more relevantthan others, but because thepeople who inaugurated theinitiatives are the most rele-vant in the history of IGNOU.As part of the Silver Jubileecelebrations, the University or-ganised a special felicitationceremony to honour its formerVice Chancellors late ProfG. Ram Reddy, Prof V.C. Ku-landaiswamy, Prof Ram G. Tak-wale, Prof A.W. Khan and ProfH.P. Dikshit. IGNOU also felici-tated former Union Ministerand the Chief Guest at thefunction Shri K.C. Pant, whopiloted the IGNOU Bill in Par-liament in 1985.Four new academic initia-tives were launched at theceremony, held at the Con-vention Centre in IGNOUHeadquarters. Prof Kulandaiswamylaunched a programme in An-thropology, while Prof Tak-wale inaugurated B.A. andM.A. programmes in Psychol-ogy. The Academic Counsel-lors Training-Online(ACT-Online) programme waslaunched by Prof Khan andthe academic activities inGeology were launched byProf Dikshit.While delivering the SilverJubilee lecture, Shri PantFrom left, Prof H.P. Dikshit, Prof R.G. Takwale, Prof V.N. Rajasekharan Pillai, Shri K.C. Pant, Prof V.C. Kulandaiswamy, Prof A.W. Khan and Registrar U.S.Tolia at the special felicitation ceremony of the former Vice Chancellors at the Universitys Convention Centre in New Delhi on October 1.IGNOU nowneeds toconsolidate itsdiverseoperations andlook ahead toprovideemployableskills to youthin India. Shri K.C. Pant, Former Union MinisterHonour For Former VCsAs part of its Silver Jubileecelebrations,IGNOU felicitatedformer ViceChancellors andformer UnionMinister, Shri K.C. Pant, whopiloted the IGNOUbill in ParliamentP-12-13-News:Layout 1 10/27/2010 5:30 PM Page 1PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressorIGNOU OPEN LETTER | OCTOBER 15, 201013HOW THEY CONTRIBUTED TO IGNOUS JOURNEYsaid, Having served the country meritori-ously in the process of democratisation ofeducation and training for the last 25years, IGNOU now needs to consolidateits diverse operations and look ahead inthe area of providing employable skills toyouth in India. By 2020, this countryneeds to provide education and globallyacceptable skills to 500 million youngpeople.Drawing attention to the ongoingDecade of Innovation, Shri Pant empha-sised the various challenges that IGNOUshould take up in this period. These in-clude strengthening its Study Centres,providing quality services to learners, en-hancing the Student Support Services,harnessing contextualised modern tech-nologies for education delivery, use oftechnology for enhancing the quality ofthe teaching-learning process, trainingquality teachers in large numbers, etc. Throwing light on the genesis of theUniversity, he said, The arrival of the digi-tal age created the possibility of givingshape to this concept and we drew uponthe experience of existing Open Universi-ties. I would like to place on record thecontributions of the UK Open University,the Japanese Educational Broadcastingsetup and the first VC, late Prof G. RamReddy, in the establishment of IGNOU. Today, the country is committed touniversalisation of education, or Educa-tion for All. As it is, the formal educationsystem is not accessible to everyone.IGNOU was meant to provide education toall who had the necessary desire and ini-tiative, whether they had been forced todrop out for economic or other reasons, orthose who were in jobs, but wished to im-prove their professional skills, or thosewho could not be regular full-time stu-dents. It is only appropriate that IGNOU isnamed after Smt Indira Gandhi, who leftan indelible mark on the history of Indiaand rigorously worked towards egalitarian-ism and democratisation of education,Shri Pant added.IGNOUs present VC, Prof V.N. Ra-jasekharan Pillai, said that the Universityhas remained true to its founders visionand played a significant role in democratis-ing higher education and providing accessto millions of students who cannot enroll informal higher education institutions.Indias conventional colleges and uni-versities dont have the capacity to copewith the scale of the higher education chal-lenge confronting the country. Thus, dis-tance education, powered by newInformation Communication Technologies(ICTs), has to be used to supplement con-ventional education. During the past 25years, IGNOU has demonstrated that qualityhigher education can be delivered throughflexible Open & Distance Learning (ODL)model, which we have greatly improved byharnessing the full power of ICTs. The Uniongovernment has identified IGNOU as an im-portant partner for reaching the nationalgoal of 15 percent enrollment in higher edu-cation by 2015, Prof Pillai said.VC Prof Pillai felicitating former Union Minister Shri K.C. Pant, who piloted the IGNOU Bill in Parliament in 1985. Late Prof. G. Ram Reddy(1985-1989): Prof Reddylaid the groundwork forthe establishment ofIGNOU in 1985 and playeda key role in the executionof several of the Univer-sitys initial developmentssuch as the launch of its first two programmes,design and structure of the Maidan Garhi campusand preparing the statutes of the University. Prof V.C. Kulandaiswamy(1990-1994): ProfKulandaiswamy took IGNOUto the international platformwith the first jointCommonwealth of Learning(COL)-IGNOU Trainingprogramme for distanceeducators, IGNOUs designation as COLs Centre forExcellence in distance education and MoU forIGNOUs learners from Commonwealth countries.Prof R.G. Takwale (1995-1998): Prof Takwaletook IGNOU into the digitalworld, bridging the digitaldivide between urban andrural India. This was mani-fested in the establishmentof the Sanchar Kendra, theElectronic Media Production Centre and the proj-ect for Mass education in computer - Open learn-ing approach.Prof A.W. Khan (1998-2000): Prof Khans leadership sawIGNOU receiving several important awards like the Award forExcellence for Distance Education Material and the NationalHRD Award for Outstanding Contribution in the Field of HumanResource Development. He oversaw the strategic planning,resource mobilisation and management of a knowledgenetwork that comprised a consortium of 72 universities.Prof. H.P. Dikshit (2001-2006): Prof. Dikshittook keen interest in expanding the initiativesin the North-East, the introduction andexpansion of Gyan Vani FM radio stations,launch of Gyan DarshanIII, the countrys firsttechnology channel, and EDUSAT, thededicated satellite for education.Prof V.C. Kulandaiswamy, second VC, addressingthe gathering at the felicitation ceremony.P-12-13-News:Layout 1 10/27/2010 5:30 PM Page 2PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressorIGNOU OPEN LETTER | OCTOBER 15, 201014NEWSUPDATESThe attacks on the Indian students inAustralia were not due to racismbut the challenges of culturalspheres, according to AustralianHigh Commissioner Peter Varghese. Hewas delivering a lecture on Australia-IndiaRelations and Australian Multiculturalism,organised by the School of Humanities(SOH), at the IGNOU Headquarters onSeptember 23. The student conflict in Australiahappened not because of racism orglobalisation, but due to challenges in thecultural spheres. We have been makingchanges in the migration programme fromtime to time. There was too much focus onstudent numbers earlier, fuelled by atremendous growth in private vocationalinstitutes. It has shifted from being supplydriven to demand driven, he said.Varghese also announced that a bilateraleducation council will be set up to bringtogether the Governments of India andAustralia, the Vice Chancellors and theBusiness sector, including Chambers ofCommerce. This is part of our endeavourto re-build programmes in educationalinstitutes at the Government level and toimprove the design of vocationalprogrammes for students, he said.The lecture was chaired by IGNOU Vice Chancellor Professor V.N.Rajasekharan Pillai and organised by Dr Malati Mathur, Professor, SOH.Focussing on multiculturalism inAustralian society, the lecture highlightedthe Indo-Australian relationship, its historyand where it is headed. Varghese alsoelucidated on how the commonalities ofhistory between the two countries are ofspecial relevance in a post-colonial world. People to people contact is a veryimportant component between India andAustralia. India is the second largestsource of students and professionals forAustralia. There is a 250-300,000 diasporain Australia, he added. Speaking on the association betweenIGNOU and Australia, Prof Pillai said: Wehave a longstanding association withAustralia. Our students have been goingthere on scholarships. The University isrunning a programme on Australian Studiesin the School of Social Sciences (SOSS).We also have a joint Ph.D programme withthe University of Queensland and acollaboration to make teachers moretechnology enabled. India was a living example ofmulticulturalism before anyone eventhought of the term. It is a fertile area for conflict as well as development ofcultures, said Dr Mathur.India-Oz bilateral education council soon Australian High Commissioner Peter Varghese delivering the lecture at IGNOU campus.NEWSSCANThe Staff Training and ResearchInstitute of Distance Education(STRIDE) at IGNOU has launched anOnline Training Programme for AcademicCounsellors (ACT-Online). The programme involves study of contentand interaction at Discussion Forum in thefollowing areas: ODL concepts, models andlatest developments; organisation ofstudent support services; tutoring andacademic counselling in Face-to-Face mode;development of study skills in distancelearners; support to the educationallydisadvantaged students; and use of newtechnologies for student support. The duration of the programme, whichcommenced from October 15, is 45 days to90 days (min to max).GLAD@IGNOU inauguratedIGNOU VC Prof V.N. Rajasekharan Pillaiinaugurated the inaugural Talk of theGroup on Labour and Development(GLAD@IGNOU), an initiative of theUniversitys School of Inter-Disciplinaryand Trans-Disciplinary Studies (SOITS).GLAD is a collective of faculty membersand students of the University, who workon or are interested in discourses,research, education and training-related tothe theme labour and development.Inclusion is talked about by severalgroups. Nearly 93 percent of our workersare in the unorganised sector. They haveto be brought at par with the so-calledknowledge workers. Therefore, the topicof the lecture is very important, ProfPillai said.Exhibit stalls at PCF6ACT-Online launchedAn international exhibition and 50 otherexhibition stalls will be part of theSixth Pan-Commonwealth Forum (PCF6)on Open Learning, being held for the firsttime in India. The Commonwealth ofLearning, Vancouver-Canada (COL) andIGNOU are jointly organising the PCF6 atKochi, Kerala, from November 24 to 28. The allotment of stalls to the sponsors-cum-exhibitors will be done onfirst-come-first basis. However, thosesponsoring two or more stalls will havetheir freedom to customise their stallsspace as per their convenience. There are also big sponsorshipopportunities such as Diamond Sponsor,Platinum Sponsor, Gold Sponsor and SilverSponsor available for PCF6.P-14-15-RC:Layout 1 10/27/2010 5:30 PM Page 1PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressorIGNOU Institute for Vocational Education andTraining (IIVET), Shillong, and School ofTranslation Studies and Training (SOTST),jointly organised a Translation Workshop inShillong from September 27- 29. The theme of the workshop was translationfrom English to Khasi with emphasis onknowledge texts such as IGNOU coursematerial. Forty-one participants attended thethree-day workshop.IGNOU OPEN LETTER | OCTOBER 15, 2010 15NEWSUPDATESfactoidsIGNOU has joined hands with Nokia to provide a Certificate Programmein Functional English (CFE) on Nokia devices supporting the Ovi LifeTools. The six-month programme will begin from January 2011 session.Build an integrated state India must build an integratedstate with ethnic identitiesand the marginalised must beincluded in the process ofnation building, said eminentanthropologist Fr. AbrahamLotha. He was delivering theIndira Gandhi National OpenUniversity (IGNOU) Silver Jubileelecture, titled Nations withinNations: Living Dialogues onGovernance and Culture, at theUniversitys Convention Centreon September 27.The lecture was chaired by VCProf V.N. Rajasekharan Pillai. Thediscussant was Dr ShubhangiVaidya from the School of Inter-disciplinary and Trans-disciplinary Studies (SOITS). Fr. Lotha, through his lecture, looked at the challenges that multi-ethnic states face toretain national integrity. The lecture also stressed on how these challenges can be met byengaging in living dialogues with different ethnic groups in a partnership framework,which can lead to successful governance by including the excluded.India is a multi-ethnic state, its a union of ethnic groups, which leads to tensionsbetween ethnic groups and the Centre. The Bodos, Nagas and Kashmiris have strongethnic identities. Problems between ethnic groups and the Centre offer opportunities formutually responsible relationships. The challenge is to realise that there are different ways of being a nation, just likesovereignty. Ethnic-driven states can co-exist and still not displace the nationalsovereign model. India must build an integrated state, which consists of strong ethnicidentities as well as a strong national identity, he commented.While praising IGNOU for its forward-looking attitude, Fr. Lotha said, Living dialogue isused by institutes like IGNOU. A forward-looking attitude is concretised by IGNOUs mission,he stressed.Eminent anthropologist Fr. Abraham Lotha delivering theSilver Jubilee lecture at the Convention Centre in New Delhi.Participants at the workshop. Prof K. Elumalai, Director, School of Law,IGNOU, has been appointed member ofthe Reserve Bank of Indias (RBI) ExpertCommittee on Licensing of Urban Co-operativeBanks. The Committee, under the Chairmanshipof Shri Y.H. Malegam, will studythe advisability of granting newurban co-operative banking licences under Section 22 of theBanking Regulation Act, 1949[As Applicable to Co-operativeSocieties (AACS)]. Some of theother members of the Committee are Shri U.C.Sarangi, Chairman, National Bank of Agricultureand Rural Development; Dr. S.K. Goel, PrincipalSecretary-Co-operation, Government of Maha-rashtra; and Shri H.K. Patil, President, NationalFederation of Co-operative Urban Banks.Prof Elumalai appointedRBI Committee memberStudent Business Centre setup for logistical assistanceREGIONALROUNDUPIIVET, SOTST organise translation workshop Bamboo house training IIVET, in collaboration with KduplangOrganisation, an NGO, held a three-daytraining programme in low-cost bamboohousing for trainers at Nongstoin,Meghalaya. As part of the training, the participantsconstructed a security room in theDistrict Collectors office premises. Thissecurity room will now become apermanent feature of the DC office.VC Prof V.N. Rajasekharan Pillaiinaugurated a Student Business Centreat the IGNOU Maidan Garhi Campus onOctober 18. Located opposite the StudentServices Centre (SSC), the Centre will providelogistical assistance to learners. It is a one-stophelp point wherein a learner can avail serviceslike photocopy, printing, binding and otherstudent-related facilities.Prof Elumalai.P-14-15-RC:Layout 1 10/27/2010 5:30 PM Page 2PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressorIGNOU OPEN LETTER | OCTOBER 15, 201016MILESTONESONCAMPUSForms go onlineSeptember 2001: Submission of ExaminationForms goes online.November 2001: IGNOU organisesInternational Colloquium on EmergingScenario in Open and Distance Learning.December 2001: A UNESCO Regional TrainingWorkshop on Use of Electronic Media inUniversity Science Teaching is held.January 2002: The Srinivasa Ramanujan BirthCentenary Award is conferred on IGNOU VC ProfH.P. Dikshit at the Indian Science Congress-2002.March 2002: IGNOU signs MoU with NationalCouncil of Hotel Management and CateringTechnology (NCHMCT), Ministry of Tourism.MoU with NCHMCTUpcoming EventsHIGHLIGHTS OCTOBER 2010BPO (Business ProcessOutsourcing) is one ofthe mush-rooming in-dustries inIndia. A BPOcareer re-volves aroundthe core activity of delivering businessprocess outsourcingservices. Watch a specialprogramme onSister Nivedita,an Anglo-Irishsocial worker,author, teacherand disciple of SwamiVivekananda. Born Mar-garet Elizabeth Noble, Sister Nivedita metVivekananda in 1895 in London. Munshi Premchand isrecognised in India as theforemost Hindi-Urdu writer ofthe early 20thcentury. Hisnovels describethe problemsof the rural peasantclasses. Godaan, his lastnovel, is considered one ofthe finest Hindi novels.Chilika Lake in Orissa isthe largest coastal la-goon in India. It is thelargest wintering groundfor migratory birds on theIndian sub-continent. Thelake is hometo a numberof threatenedspecies ofplants and animals.Mulberry foliage is theonly food forthe silkworm.Mulberry leafis a majoreconomic component in sericulture since thequality and quantity ofleaf produced per unitarea have a direct bear-ing on cocoon harvest.Pioneers of Literacy: Savitiri Bai PhuleSavitiri Bai Phule, wife of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, was the firstfemale teacher of the first womens school in India. She is considered as the pioneer of modern Marathi poetry. In 1852she opened a school for Untouchable girls.IGNOU: Jean PiagetJean Piaget was a Swiss developmental psychologist knownfor his epistemological studies with children. His theory ofcognitive development and epistemological view are together called genetic epistemology.IGNOU, in collaboration with Max MuellerBhavan, Goethe-Institut, New Delhi andUniversity of Vienna, has launched aDiploma programme in Teaching German asa Foreign Language. The programme, underthe School of Foreign Language (SOFL),was launched at the UniversitysConvention Centre on October 13. The key speakers at the event includedVC Professor V.N. Rajasekharan Pillai,Eberhard Weller, Regional LanguageDirector, Goethe-Institut, Max MuellerBhavan, South Asia; Heiko Sievers, RegionalDirector, Goethe-Institut, Max MuellerBhavan, South Asia; Thomas Matussek,Ambassador of Germany to India; Dr.Ferdinand Maultaschl, Ambassador ofAustria to India; and H.E. Philippe Welti,Ambassador of Switzerland to India.Prof Hans-Jrgen Krumm, University ofVienna, delivered a lecture titledHeterogeneity, Multilingualism andTeacher Education: What Europe CanLearn From India.German programme launchedAmbassadors of Germany, Switzerland and Austria launching the programme at IGNOU Headquarters in New Delhi.Pioneers of Literacy:Sister Nivedita IGNOU/Culture: Premchand Ke UpanyasIGNOU: Chilika-Our Natural Heritage IGNOU: Mulberry Cultivation PracticesIGNOU: BPO-Career Options GYANDARSHANFoundation Day November 19: IGNOU willcelebrate its 25th Foundation Day onNovember 19 and mark the culmination of the year-long Silver Jubilee celebrations.PCF6 November 24-28: The Sixth Pan-Commonwealth Forum (PCF) on OpenLearning, jointly organised by Commonwealthof Learning (COL) and IGNOU, will be held atthe Le Meridien Hotel in Kochi, Kerala, fromNovember 24 to 28, 2010.For a complete schedule, log on to Backcover:Layout 1 10/27/2010 5:31 PM Page 1PDF compression, OCR, web optimization using a watermarked evaluation copy of CVISION PDFCompressor