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Onion shampoo

Once youve discovered just how easy it is to make and use this effective hair tonic for hair growth, youll be able to save so much money. After all, a big bag of onions typically costs just a few bucks or less! When you compare the price of onions to the price of expensive commercial hair tonics, which may cost upwards of fifty bucks a pop, youll see the value in good, old-fashioned onion juice!

In fact, its sheer affordability is one of the reasons why its become so popular with men and women all over the world!

Now, lets talk in greater depth about why onion juice for hair growth is worth a try.

Its really easy to make onion juice begin by peeling a few onions and dicing them up. Once youve done so, it will be time to extract the juice by squeezing the onions. This may be achieved by placing the onions in a juicing machine, grating them by hand (or via an automated grating machine), placing them in a blender or loading them into a food processor.

Once youve extracted the juice, rub it into your scalp for about fifteen minutes or more. The smell will be strong, so brace yourself and keep massaging the juice in for as long as you can! Once youre done, wash your hair with a gentle shampoo.

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