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  • Issue 70

    Old Sodbury Times May 2018

    Welcome to: Richard and Nicole Jones have moved to the village. They write ‘along with our 2 daughters Lily and Rosie, we are delighted to have moved into beautiful Old Sodbury.

    We have had horses stabled at Hayes Farm for the last 3 years so we know a little about the village from a distance, but are now looking forward to village life up close.

    Although our new property and our working lives will keep us very busy, we are looking forward to joining in with as many village social events as we can. We hope we will get to meet you all very soon.’

    Don’t Forget Village Day 9th June

    A bumper edition of the Old Sodbury Times in which you will find the details of the day’s celebration and how to enter the Mini Show. Do please have a go and show off your talents, even if you can’t cook a cake at least everyone takes photos (not selfies please). Should be a great day with lots to do so please come.

    We had a marvellous afternoon unveiling the new interpretation board in Chapel Lane. We hope many Cotswold Way walkers will read it and learn something about Old Sodbury. And perhaps you, the villagers, may learn something too. Do you know where the bricks were made for the tunnel or where the mediaeval fishponds were? More details on page 6.

    Many thanks to those who contributed to the board especially Sue Hope, our local S.Glos councillor, seen unveiling the board with Phil Rumney , Chair of Sodbury Town Council.

    Many Thanks to John Edgar (seen studying the board) who has sponsored this larger edition of the Old Sodbury Times. Thanks also to The Chipping Sodbury Townlands Charity who have granted us £200 for future copies of the Old Sodbury Times.

    At the consultation evening on the proposed Local Plan for South Glouces- tershire Old Sodbury was one of 35 areas for possible expansion of villages by 1500 houses. If averaged out that would be 50 houses each village.

    The village was mentioned under 3 different categories so it would seem we are likely to have expansion of the village with a significant number of house.

    200 Club Winners

    March No 36 Mr K.Williams £25

    April No 116 Mrs V. Walker £25

    Dates for your Diary:

    At the Village Hall:

    16 May W.I. Birthday 7.30pm

    20 June W.I.

    Chipping Sodbury Town Hall

    16-19 May Private Peaceful

    12 June O.S.School Concert 1pm

    Football Field

    9 June Village Day 12 Noon

    At The Dog PH

    9 June Hog Roast +Music 5pm

    At the Church:

    27 May Every Sunday Teas pm

    Chipping Sodbury Festival

    8-17 June See enclosure

    Congratulations to John Harris who recently celebrated his 80th birthday. Here we see John and Joan , his wife, with daughters Deb and Nikki and their husbands Hartwig and Nick . John, formerly licensee at The Dog Inn, would like to thank all staff, friends and customers for their kind remarks and congratulations.

    Photo by Sue Swanborough Photo by Sue Swanborough


    Sodbury Short Mat Bowls Club

    The Bowls club has been well attended this season and

    even the winter weather has rarely kept members away

    from a game on a Monday evening.

    Our Pairs competition for the Denis Hanks Memorial

    Trophy is taking place on some Monday evenings

    alongside our normal sessions, during the coming

    months with the final planned for July.

    This year on Village Day, Saturday 9th June, we will

    be organising a Tombola for children, on the playing field. There will also be an adult Tombola run

    by Jane Tucker with excellent prizes. We are happy to receive contributions towards each Tombola

    so please pass any donations to a Bowls Club member as soon as possible. It has been suggested that

    our proceeds might go towards improvements to the Village Hall floor.

    If you are interested in playing Bowls you are welcome to come to the Village Hall on a Monday

    evening at 6.15 or 7.30pm.

    For more information ring 01454 315161

    Old Sodbury School

    We are having a RE afternoon where all the local community, parents, extended family are invited into school to find out about what it means to be a church school and see some R.E. lessons in action. There will be refreshments available. The children will also be running an act of collective worship. The R.E. afternoon is organised by our schools ethos committee and is on Wednesday 4th July starting at 1.30-3pm.

    The school has its lunchtime concert at Chipping Sodbury town hall during festival week on Tuesday 12th June at 1pm. All welcome! The theme is “Come to the fair” and we have a lovely wide selection of songs to sing.



    1. 4 years and under - An Animal made from vegetables or fruit

    2. 5-7 years - A Model made from recycled materials

    3. 8-10 years - A Handmade Birthday Card

    4. 11-14 years - Four Handmade and Decorated Cup Cakes


    5 A Fruit Cake—Your own recipe

    6 A Savoury Flan

    7 A Shortbread

    8 A Jar of Jam– any flavour

    9 A Jar of Marmalade

    10 A Jar of Chutney

    11 An Item of Handicraft using fabric or wool

    12 An Art or Handicraft item made from any medium excluding those in Class 11

    13 A Landscape Photograph

    14 A Floral Arrangement in a cup and saucer


    1. The Committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage to Entrant’s property.

    2. Entry forms to be completed and returned to the Village Hall Postbox by June 7th. Mark ‘FAO Jill Rumney’.

    3. Exhibits and relevant fees will be accepted at the Football Field between 9 &10 am on June 9th

    4. Exhibits are to be the work of the entrant and not previously entered in our shows.

    5. One entry per person per class but several classes may be entered.

    6. 1st,2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded in the Childrens’ Classes but in the Adult Classes only 2 prizes will be awarded if there are 3 or less entries.

    7. Entries may be collected from 4pm onwards. 8. The Judges decisions are final.



    Contact Name Tel No Entry Fee Children 20p

    Adults 50p

    Name Classes entered Fees

    Total £

  • Poppies in Sodbury—Centenary of the end of World War 1

    Working with other groups and organisations within the parish , Sodbury in Bloom plans to commemorate the end of World War 1, all those who fought in the war and those who gave their lives in the conflict.

    We have already obtained the support of Sodbury Town Council, the Parade Committee and the Town Trust to put displays of poppies around the War Memorial, Church Gates and gates to the Millennium Garden adjacent to the WW1 commemorative seat. The displays will be in place during November 2018 with the main focus being on the Remembrance Sunday Parade and service at the War Memorial.

    We need a lot of poppies knitted or crocheted to make the project a success and are asking groups such as the W.I. and Townswomen Guilds to rally their members and pass on the information to all Sodbury residents. Patterns are available which I can arrange to deliver. I can come to speak about the project if required. Also look out for posters. Jane Lund Tel 01454 311180

    For those wondering how the tollhouse may have looked, here is a side elevation and plan of one that was in Northamptonshire. On the narrow side of the building facing the road would have been a list of the charges probably on a carved wooden board. Imagine what chaos the road would be if we still had such a toll system now.

    Turnpike Trusts were set up, by Acts of Parliament, from 1706 to the 1840s. Groups of local worthies raised money to build stretches of road and then charged the users tolls to pay for it – just like the ‘M6 Toll’ today.

    The name ‘turnpike’ comes from the spiked barrier at the Toll Gate or Booth. The poor bitterly resented having to pay to use the roads and there were anti-turnpike riots. . From 1767, mileposts were compulsory on all turnpikes, not only to inform travellers of direction and distances, but to help coaches keep to schedule and the charging for changes of horses at the coaching inns.

    The distances were also used to calculate postal charges before the uniform postal rate was introduced in 1840. At the height of the turnpike era, there were 20,000 miles of roads with milestones. A good example can be seen at Milestone Cottage in Horse St., Chipping Sodbury (seen here).

    The newly opened board at The Dog PH . Do please have a look at it.

  • At our March meeting we learned that a group of giraffes is called a

    “tower”! Jenny Bowen gave an entertaining talk and slide show about

    how she set up her safari business ‘Sense Africa’. She was fresh out of

    university and began by looking after students and a million hectares of Zimbabwe safari park.

    She told amusing stories of living in a hammock, digging her own poo pit, huge spiders, a giraffe in the swimming pool, honking hippos and living with a s


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