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I present to you my views on God, rationality , faith. It is must read for all who want to view the world through a scientific lens and also for all who always search for supernatural figures.


  • 1. Oh my God!(just give me 5 minutes, it would change your life)By Cosmic philosopher

2. Please dont stop reading!! Just give me 5 minutes from your lifeFasten your seat belts!! I would take you to a scientific journey of unexplored horizons traversing spiruality,faith,rationality and ultimately land up on an unknown destination!!!I would try to explain you, answer few of your unanswered questions, and confuse you with few questions. 3. This presentation does not contain any graphics or animation.But please read it, it would take only 5 minutes, I promise you that at the end of it you would be left with unanswered questions and would make you think and think forever! I am just presenting a rationalists view and in no way intend to hurt anybody's feeling. 4. Does God exist? Is God a person? Is God enormous energy? Is God enormous intelligence? Is God probability or probability defying? Or probably a combination of all?Before answering lets see few facts which might seem boring to few of you, just tolerate me for few minutes. 5. Where are we in universe 500 billion galaxies in universe 1012 stars in each galaxies 1024 stars in universe Considering 8 planets in each stellar system we would have 8*1024 planets!! 6. How old is our universe Universe is 13.8 billion years old Milky way is 13.2 billion years old Solar system is 4.568 billion years Life begin on earth 3.6 billion years ago Human life begin on earth 0.2 million years ago Then why oldest mythology is only few thousand years old! 7. Where is life in universe? Of this many of them would be in goldilocks zones capable of sustaining a carbon based life form like earth. Lets consider 1 in 8 planet are in goldilocks zone same logic as solar system) which makes the number to 1024 planets 8. Water is everywhere!! According to an estimate 2 billion planets in milky way have water which is necessary for carbon based life. So there could be 1012 planets capable in goldi lock zones with water There are 8.7 * 106 variety of life species on earth which makes 8.7 * 1018 different carbon based life forms in universe. 9. Scientific equation for estimating alien life across the universe 10. There are about 4200 religions on planet earth which is just one of the 1024 planets capable of sustaining carbon based life form. So there could be 4200*1024 religions and Gods in the whole universe. 11. To Add Many religions tell that there are more then one universe (multiverse), even science is now thinking in that direction. Our universe could be just one small dot out of the zillions of universe!! Also non carbon based life form could very exist. So considering all this the numbers are enormous ,we dont have a mathematics we could exactly calculate all this numbers. 12. Infinitity I hate the word infinity! Our science is so lame that anything we cant measure is termed as infinity! Energy of a black hole is infinite but there are billions of black hole in universe how do you quantify it? Anything infinite is GoD Just imagine how much amount of energy would it take to be God of the universe. 13. Now that you understand the grand design just give a thought? Why there are so many religions? Why almost all mythology and origin of religions date to same time few thousand years back whereas life is existing for billions of years ? 14. I am an atheist and I pray everyday but God for me is not God for few of my friends, Why? Why different parts of earth have different Gods? Why at present nobody has seen God? Why other species on earth dont have religion? 15. So ??? Is God the greatest discovery of an intelligent brain? 16. So why do we need supernatural figures?If we see all species including monkeys nobody has this concept, we have never seen a chimpanzee worshiping though they are our closest ancestors!! Then why do we ???? 17. Why do we humans do that Evolution is a continuous process and with each new species intelligence increases. Humans are probably the first species with reasonably good intelligence so we try to find out answers, who we are , from where we came, why we, we cant find the answers so we attribute all to a broad terminology God! 18. We started to ask questions and when we could not answer them we attributed it to a supernatural entity which made life easy. Animals dont need it because they dont ask such questions. Animals are engineered to eat, survive and reproduce. 19. Anything which goes wrong or right with us , its easy to blame God. I survived in a earthquake, I said God saved me! My friend passed away in that earthquake , his parents said it was Gods wish, what can we humans do! 20. So what can we humans do! We are living in a miserable era which is neither ancient (in age of mythology things like telepathy, teleportation existed) nor advanced!Our science has not progressed enough to provide us 100 % security from diseases, natural calamities, so we find helpless and have no option but believe in supernatural figures. 21. There is so much chaos and uncertainty surrounding us. There is no guarantee that you would see tomorrow morning!Attributing everything to god makes life easy, we dont need to provide lengthy explanations or think beyond, just say its his wish. 22. Even religions say that this is physical world. So everything that occurs in our physical universe could be explained by laws of physics and mathematics though are science is not perfect. 23. Occurrence of every event has got a finite probability. Believe me, in mathematics there is a finite probability that one morning you wake up and find yourself on Mars!! But the unfortunate thing is occurrence of any event is attributed to god! So is God a probability or someone who defies probability?? 24. Yes there was an age of mythology Dating thousands of years back there were supernatural figures which ruled the world, I dont have an explanation for that probably Tsoukalos explains it wonderfully on a popular program on history channel! 25. There has been mention of imortality,flying,teleportation,telepathy,dual existence, cloning,weapons of mass destruction with perfect security codes during the age of mythology in almost all parts of the world. This were attributed as magic and supernatural acts. 26. We have achieved few of them and for the rest ,believe me its a question of few lac years, we would be able to achieve all those feast. Anything which has been done on planet earth can be done again its just matter of time and technology. 27. Think! In few million years from now earth would be wonderful place to leave as like ancient times. we would not need any vehicles, we could teleport our self to any place by creating temporary wormholes and portals. There would be no net,tv,pc,mobiles because we could achieve it all in our super intelligent brains itself! 28. So what would happen thenWe would be disease free, immortal and would be able to prevent natural disasters.I think we would evolve into super intelligent species which then would not need such blanket terminology to explain anything. 29. What else War, hatred, fight would never be an issue with super intelligent species in future. We would be having lunch on Mars, dinner on Titan (moon of Titan) and dive deep inside the oceans of Europa (moon of Jupiter). I really doubt we might not need this supernatural concept then! 30. We would be able to do genetic manipulations and make species capable of surviving in a particular alien environment. There would be no need to terraform an allien planet and destroy its ecosystem instead we could engineer new species. There is so much space in the universe each one of us can become king of one galaxy 31. Suppose! If we were to create new life form on an alien uninhabited planet , how would it be. If we were to make them survive longer , we would have to give them some intelligence but at the same time we would like to remain ahead of them in intelligence so we would not make them super intelligent and let them lag few million years behind in evolution!. 32. Some of us might need to stay with them for few years and teach them how to live civilized life, science, mathematics and all And then we would become God for them! 33. I would continue from here in the next ppt provided you like this ppt and comment on it I have no intentions of hurting anybody, but please just wanted to give you an alternate thought! 34. One day millions of years from now when their brain evolves one of them may post a ppt with similar questions on slideshare!!! 35. I presented my thoughts and people responded that your thinking is rational and our thinking is based on faith. People said rationality and faith are different. Some parts and neurotransmitters of brain make us rational whereas other parts make us have faith! Its all within the box!! 36. What I replied them Everything can be explained logically and scientifically, its a matter of time. Solar eclipse was considered once as Gods curse , people had faith but now as you all know we can explain it logically and scientifically. What I mean to say is many things which cant be explained today, somebody would explain it tomorrow. 37. What else! Yes few greedy people might have misused the name of god for various reasons and might have become self styled god man!