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I am working in KWS Malindi Marine Park as a JICA volunteer of environment teacher. This presentation is for practice nature game named "Oh my GOD! Oil spilled" with children.


  • 1. Oh my GOD! Oil spilled Takatoshi AKAI JOCV/231KWS Malindi Marine Park

2. Have you ever seen this? Have you ever seen accident of tanker on the news? In this nature game, create miniature accident of tanker on the desk. 3. Requirement Basin 2 sets Salad oil 2.5 ml Feather of bird 1 piece Dust cloth 1 piece Stocking 1 piece Paper towel 1 set Detergent for dish 1 set 4. Fill the basin by water till half.If you put food color, its easy to see. Then put 2.5ml salad oil.(1/2 spoon) 5. Blow surface of basin to create wind. If wind brow to oil spilled sea, whats going to be? 6. Use feather to touch oiled water Whats going to happen to bird, once oil spilled into ocean? 7. Use towel to get oil on the surfaceUse stocking to get oil on the surface Use paper towel to get oil on the surface 8. Add oil a bitAdd detergent a bit 9. Once oil tanker accidentoccurred,it kills many speciesin the ocean. OilI`m chokingMiss Shell 10. Conclusion Therefore, we should reduce using oil andchanged to renewable resources.