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Oct-Dec 2012


  • October 2011

    The Fossil Club NSW October 2011! www.fossilclubnsw.org.au

    THE FOSSIL NEWS October - December, 2012

    INSIDE THIS EDITIONThe Inverell Rockarama (and

    sundry points down the road)...

    Yass under the microscope...



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    Front cover picture:

    Conodont at the tip of a pin, from the Bowspring Limestone Member, Silverdale Formation, Silurian, near Yass, NSW. Species TBD. Photo: James Strong, 2012.

    Taxonomic Disclaimer:This publication is not deemed to be valid for taxonomic purposes.

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    The Fossil News! 2

    The Fossil Club NSW October - December, 2012! www.fossilclubnsw.org.au

  • IN THIS ISSUEFrom the Editor 3

    Belanglo 3

    Inverell Rockarama 4

    Club Members Contribute to Geological Survey Publication 6

    Glen Innes: Basalt Columns 6

    Club on Facebook 7

    Yass: Under the Microscope 7

    Word Search 10

    Field Trip Insurance Details and Safety Suggestions 12

    Club Activities, Field Trips and Notices 12

    FROM THE EDITORHello friends! Another year draws to a close, and we both look back at a year of great trips - and forward to adventures to come.

    We also pause to celebrate the life of Yvonne Davidson who passed away recently, and reflect on her years with the club and her dedication to it. Our thoughts are with her loved ones; she will be missed.

    Your intrepid editor is just back from dig #2 at Yass, working on my thesis - and looking forward to another trip in February or so. In this issue Ive included some photos of the critters that acid-leaching, thin-sectioning, and microscope work reveals; in latter issues Ill describe these laboratory techniques in detail. And - fingers crossed! - Ill have some new, larger Silurian beasties to share, too... quite a menagerie is being unearthed at Yass, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

    - James Strong, Editor, Sydney

    BELANGLO- Text by David Hindmarsh, Trip Leader

    Saturday 13th October 2012

    The second attempt to get to this quarry this year was abandoned late on the Friday, before, due to the severe weather event of those days. Speaking to the owner late that day, I was told that the area was receiving heavy snow, rain and very strong winds. Who am I to argue, when trying to get a group of rockhounds into a working quarry!

    Considering that the January trip was also canned at the last minute, due to similar

    The Fossil News! 3

    The Fossil Club NSW October - December, 2012! www.fossilclubnsw.org.au

  • weather- although without the snow- it makes me think that we are being told something

    However, the invitation still stands for us to visit. Who is going to put their hand up and claim a pleasant, mild, summer day for a club visit?

    The quarry shuts over Christmas/ New year, but we could try again late January or February.

    INVERELL ROCKARAMA- Text by David Hindmarsh, Trip Leader

    October 2012

    From Thursday 18th October, Diana and I joined others from our club, to visit the northern New South Wales town of Inverell, for their 2012 Rockarama.

    This annual event is run by the Inverell Lapidary Club, which, like our club, is affiliated with the NSW Gem and Lapidary Council.

    Pat Edwards, Joan and Bill Zealy joined us, as well as ten members of the Illawarra Lapidary Club.

    Dealers and displays were held at the Town Hall, Friday and Saturday, with field trips to various localities, Friday to Thursday.

    I had emailed a booking some six weeks earlier, to guarantee going on the only fossil trip, (for bulbs!), on the Monday, but was denied that event when the property owner was called away on the day.

    The Fossil News! 4

    The Fossil Club NSW October - December, 2012! www.fossilclubnsw.org.au

  • Field trips every day included Sapphires, of course!, with a mix of visiting very old mine sites, for minerals such as Tin, Lead, Silver, Pyrites etc or Quartz and variant crystals, and other locations having us collecting Tourmaline, Grass Stone, or sieving for Jelly Bean crystals, and some very lucky few, Diamonds. What Diamonds found were very small.

    Other than a few planted Sapphires, of reasonable size, but questionable quality, all Sapphires found, including those taken from commercial fossicking localities, were of a small size, with very few cutters being claimed. This is now typical of the whole Inverell/ Glen Innes Sapphire area.

    As usual, most people came home with a special find, with the more serious Sapphire hunters, giving up on sieving, and fossicking with their wallets at the Town Hall!

    Going to Inverell, we stopped at the Singleton location recently visited by the Club, and collected a bucket of Glendonites, then the Tamworth quarry to get Lepidodendron fossils. This quarry, as typical, is used by the local

    Shire, for road construction, and is being trucked out each day at a great rate!

    Image: King Conrad Mine

    A quick search gave us several nice finds. The Council workers present were, in the main, unaware of what they were carting away!

    Returning home had us stop at Cessnock, to drive the fire trails. Several large, complete, special finds were quickly bucketed; A Spirifer with 9.5cm wingspan, and two scallop type shells, 6cm and 8 cm. This location is still my favourite, and never fails to give up superb specimens. I will take them to the Christmas party for identification.


    The Fossil News! 5

    The Fossil Club NSW October - December, 2012! www.fossilclubnsw.org.au


    The June 2012 issue of the Quarterly Notes is on the Permian fossils and palaeoenvironments of the northern Sydney Basin, New South Wales and features perennial club favourite, the Mulbring quarry - and includes specimens collected by club members, some very rare. Ian Percival, Senior Palaeontologist at the Geological Survey of NSW and fellow member of our Club, will deliver a talk to the Club on the Mulbring fauna in February.

    If you havent seen a printed issue, you can download a PDF copy here:


    GLEN INNES: BASALT COLUMNS- Text by David Hindmarsh

    Trip Leaders ramblings:

    Diana and I did a four day round trip to Glen Innes area to get a box trailer load of basalt columns as garden landscape decorations. This trip happened as the planned event following the

    recent Inverell outing did not work to other peoples timing.

    With the temperature forecast for mid thirties, it was a hot run North, from the South Coast of New South Wales.

    We arrived at the property at 2.30pm on the Monday, thunder to the near South, very hot and calm.

    The van was quickly unloaded, smaller lighter- columns were gathered, and loaded, as BIG raindrops splattered on us. Quickly we reloaded our gear over the stone layer, the tailgate and rear window then shut to keep contents dry.

    The Fossil News! 6

    The Fossil Club NSW October - December, 2012! www.fossilclubnsw.org.au

  • With lightning all around us, thunder reverberating off the surrounding hills, and rain increasing, we quickly sourced a selection of longer columns, using a trolley and timber ramps to load the trailer. Everything loaded and covered, a well earned cool drink, and we headed back to the blacktop road two hours after arriving, now hot, wet but very happy with our haul.Having planned to spend the night at Glen Innes, but with black, li