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how I built my film poster, just test stuff at the moment


  • 1. +Obsession Test Poster Build

2. +Building the title and billing block I had already done a test version of the end of the trailer and I wanted to keep the brand identity throughout the different mediums, so I used the same fonts for the title, billing block and the release date on the poster 3. +Online Images I decided to do a mock up using images I found online, just to see what the general layout would be like before I started my photoshoot 4. +My Photoshoot I took a number of pictures of Joe just as a general model of a man, not necessarily the one I want to use in my actual film, to see how easy it would be to edit into the posterHowever I struggled to crop the photo neatly and it look quite jagged, additionally the hair was very difficult to cropHowever my antagonist wears a balaclava during the film so hair would not be an issue, I decided to reshoot with a hat covering my models hair 5. +Reshoot - Lighting I also altered my lighting slightly as I felt the lower lighting was not strong enoughUpward facing lighting makes a character look evil and unfamiliar, whereas downward lighting can make them look attractive and vulnerable 6. +ReshootWith the hat and the harsher lighting, I got a much clearer image to crop for the poster.I then used the Hue/Saturation tool to make my image into black and white by turning the saturation all the way down, as well as reducing the lightness to make it appear darker 7. +Feather toolI then used the feather tool to blend the picture into the black background. This makes it look like he is hiding in the background and this lighting exposed his face briefly. 8. +I used fonts that I had downloaded online, and created the four pieces of text that I wanted on my poster then saved these as PNG files and imported them into Photoshop for the poster. 9. +Although this may not be the final image I used, all of the techniques I use here can be transferred to my final product and I can experiment and learn the best methods to get the results I want.