november 2011 volume 26 - ... emerging markets communications (emc) announces hd connect: on demand

Download November 2011 Volume 26 - ... Emerging Markets Communications (EMC) announces HD Connect: On Demand

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  • November 2011 Volume 26

    Dear Subscribers,

    Our lead story this month is a Human Productivity Lab Research Brief on what makes highly immersive

    telepresence environments “highly immersive” where I look at all the different factors that help create a

    sense of immersion for participants. The brief also offers a sneak peak at a new highly immersive

    environment, SurroundPresence that will be coming out next year from Array Telepresence, a telepresence

    company founded by telepresence pioneer Herold Williams who designed the TeleSuite (now Polycom

    RPX). Array Telepresence has just emerged from stealth mode and is looking for a distribution partner to

    help take SurroundPresence to market. Herold is looking for a telepresence or videoconferencing company

    with a global reach that would like to put the telepresence equivalent of a Porsche Cayenne on their

    showroom floor. (I would have said 911 Turbo but Herold figured out a way to get the cost of a highly

    immersive environment under $100K and have it seat 8 comfortably ;-)

    The other major story this month is Vidyo has virtualized the Vidyo Router, their back-end video network

    infrastructure which handles multi-point conferencing, to run on a cloud computing service without the need

    for dedicated hardware. While Vidyo is the first vendor to release a cloud based version of their key video

    network infrastructure, they are one of the many on the leading edge of moving video network infrastrucure

    to the cloud. Blue Jeans Networks has virtualized the support of multiple videoconferencing endpoints and

    prosumer/consumer video services to the cloud and Teliris has announced a virtualized platform as well.

    Blue Jeans and Teliris are both service providers who don’t compete head to head with other

    manufacturers of video network infrastructure. The Vidyo announcement is a shot across the bow

    of Cisco, LifeSize, Polycom, and RADVISION who derive a significant amount of their income

    from dedicated video network hardware. Elliott Gold at TeleSpan thought the breakthrough

    significant enough to warrant the following: “I think that Vidyo is going to drive the hardware

    based videoconferencing companies in this industry out of business. And it’s going to do the

    same for manufacturers of stand-alone MCUs”

    Finally, we are still looking for a Managing Editor to help take the website, newsletter, and magazine to the

    next level. If you know of anyone who might fit the bill then please send them along.



    Howard S. Lichtman,

    Publisher – Telepresence Options

    PS If you haven’t already subscribed to Telepresence Options Magazine then sign up now as we are getting the next issue ready for the fall. Next Issue: Video Network Infrastructure, Managed Services, Inter-networking, Security, and Exchange

  • Highly Immersive Telepresence - The Keys to Creating Immersion

    A rendering of the upcoming highly immersive SurroundPresence environment from Array Telepresence

    Organizations are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per room for highly immersive

    telepresence conferencing environments.

    What are the keys to creating highly immersive telepresence environments? What is the ROI for

    end-users? What is the future of highly immersive conferencing?

    This new Research Brief by Human Productivity Lab President Howard Lichtman examines what

    makes highly immersive telepresence environments "highly immersive" and gives a sneak peak at

    the first new highly immersive telepresence environment to come to market in years:

    SurroundPresence. The new environment features a new patent pending optics and image

    processing system called Equal-i that brings remote participants "up close and personal".

    Highly Immersive Telepresence - The Keys to Creating Immersion A Human Productivity Lab Research Brief sponsored by Array Telepresence By Howard S. Lichtman, President - Human Productivity Lab

    Download the Printable and Clickable PDF Here.

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  • Vidyo Announces Virtualized Infrastructure: Hardware-Free Solution Provides Unmatched Scalability

    Telepresence Options Publisher Howard Lichtman

    (left), Associate Editor David Maldow (top right),

    Vidyo Vice President Young-Sae Song (middle

    right), and Vidyo's Public Relations Director Kerry

    Ogata (bottom right) on a demonstration call

    running on a completely virtualized version of a

    VidyoRouter, Vidyo's low-latency MCU, running on

    Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud

    Vidyo, pioneers in H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC), will be offering a virtualized version of their

    VidyoRouter in 2012 that will run on cloud computing services without the need for video network

    infrastructure hardware. Vidyo is well known for pioneering the H.264 SVC protocol which continuously

    monitors the performance of network quality and the capabilities of each endpoint device, and adapts

    video streams in real time to provide error correction and optimize video communications. By offering

    the VidyoRouter in a virtualized form, Vidyo is now enabling customers and/or service providers to

    support a Vidyo visual collaboration deployment without purchasing physical infrastructure and providing

    significant scalability without a corresponding investment in MCUs, rackspace, power, and the other

    associated costs of current hardware-based infrastructure approaches.

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    Microsoft Research's Kinect Augmented Reality Room

    Posted by Rob Knies on Inside Microsoft Research's

    BlogMicrosoft Research has released a proof-of-concept

    video for a creating an augmented reality room using

    Microsoft Kinect cameras and a handheld projectors that

    enables users to dynamically augment environments with

    digital graphics.

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  • The Ever Expanding Telepresence and Videoconferencing Catalog

    We continue to expand the Telepresence and

    Videoconferencing Catalog, the most comprehensive overview

    of visual collaboration solutions intelligently explained and

    organized on the Internet.

    This month we have added 4 new entries to the catalog,


     DVE Tele-Immersion Room

     DVE Huddle 70

     DEKOM Media Presence Environment

     Emerging Markets Communications (EMC) Managed

    Service Solutions

     Teliris StartPoint

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    Experiencing 3-D without the glasses

    November 4, 2011 via -- Satosphere provides

    360-degree view of art projections and puts audiences into the action

    The audience finds itself inside a giant uterus. Or it flies around

    cathedral ruins. Or it is transported to a dark, lonely forest.

    Such are the experiences offered by Satosphere, a new cinema with a massive dome screen in Montreal

    designed by the Society for Arts and Technology to provide spectators with a 360-degree view of art


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