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  • Northamptonshire


    ExcellenceResource EfficiencyShaping the FuturePrecisionApplied ResearchNew TechnologiesCompetitionHigh SkillsInnovationSpeedPerformance

    ExcellenceResource EfficiencyShaping the FuturePrecisionApplied ResearchNew TechnologiesCompetitionHigh SkillsInnovationSpeedPerformance

    The High PerformanceTechnologies Network


  • The High PerformanceTechnologies Network

    The High Performance Technologies Network is a unique concentration of industries that specialise in the design and manufacture of innovative technologies, engines and products, incorporating low carbon engineering and the application of light weight materials and composites; and with linked applications and activity in renewable energy and sustainable construction

  • With its distinctive network of over 1,000 high performance technology companies, Northamptonshire has developed a comprehensive industry supply chain that significantly contributes to the economic growth of the county and enhances its prominence within the High Performance Technologies sector.

    Northamptonshire is at the centre of the UKs world leading High Performance Technologies cluster:

    World leading design and manufacture of performance race cars and engines

    At the forefront of low carbon engineering in vehicles, renewable energy and sustainable construction

    Advanced development and application of lightweight materials and composites

    Supported by a range of industry focused business and creative services

  • Case Study:

    Since its formation in 1958 and its origins in motorsport and high performance engines, Cosworth has developed to become a world leading provider of high performance technologies in a diverse range of industries including Sport, Aerospace, Defence, and Automotive. The companys head office in Northampton is home to leading edge engineering, world class manufacturing and comprehensive test facilities. Cosworth is based in Northamptonshire for a variety of reasons; the excellent transport links by road, rail and air while simultaneously placing us in the middle of a technology cluster which provides us with an essential support infrastructure and rich pool of engineering talent for our business.

    Jog S Lall,Director,Cosworth

    Case Study:

    Scott Bader is a 200 million multinational chemical firm employing 600 people worldwide. Headquartered at Wollaston in Northamptonshire the company is a pioneer in the development of structural adhesives and advanced resin materials suitable for the production of both carbon fibre and glass fibre composite parts; the end markets served include structural assemblies, transportation, marine, construction and wind energy. Innovation is critical for the future success of Scott Bader and I see real benefit from the High Performance Technologies network of businesses. Northamptonshire is truly open for advanced technology development.

    Philip Bruce,Group

    Managing Director,

    Scott Bader

  • Case Study:

    The Rolton Group headquartered at Higham Ferrers in Northamptonshire is a multi-disciplinary engineering company in the built environment with a particular expertise in low carbon technologies, sustainable construction and in the development of renewable energy projects utilising technologies such as anaerobic digestion, biomass combined heat and power, wind, hydro, ground source heat, pumps and gasification and pyrolysis. We engineer our future from Northamptonshire and the decision to base our national and international businesses in the county is founded on the excellent transport links and the central location. Being at the heart of a region that is leading on developing technologies coupled with the high quality of the surroundings and sensible cost of living gives support and reward, not just to the company, but also all its stakeholders.

    David Rolton, Director, Rolton Group Ltd

    Case Study:

    Stuart Banks Engineering Ltd utilises 20 years experience of engine design and programme management including Formula 1, Moto GP, WRC and performance road going projects. The company is one of a large number of small, specialist technology companies that characterise the Northamptonshire High Performance Technologies cluster. Northamptonshire has extensive engineering resources ideally suited to the rapid delivery of high quality solutions to engineering problems from design through to manufacture

    Stuart Banks, Director, Stuart Banks Engineering Ltd

  • Northamptonshire: The Right Environment For Your Business

    Case Study:

    Northamptonshire can rightly claim to be at the very heart of the motorsport industry in the UK. From our headquarters in Brackley, Mercedes AMG F1 has access to a vastly skilled and enthusiastic workforce, along with a crucial chain of valued suppliers based in the county.

    Nick Fry,CEO,

    Mercedes AMG F1

    Case Study:

    The British Institute of NDT is the professional institute for all those engaged in non-destructive testing and condition monitoring. It is concerned with the education and training of its members, and the advancement of the science and practice of the subject. Over its 50 years, the Institute has established itself as one of the countrys leading engineering institutions, and has achieved Nominated Body status with the Engineering Council Northamptonshires manufacturing heritage, its industry responsive education and training sector and resident world-class engineering companies make it an ideal location for new or relocating High Performance Technologies businesses.

    Matt Gallagher, CEO, British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing

  • Northamptonshire: The Right Environment For Your Business The development of support for High Performance Technologies network

    in Northamptonshire is led by a representative group of key technology companies and organisations:

    Mercedes AMG F1Cosworth SilverstoneScott BaderSnap-onRolton Engineering Stuart Banks EngineeringDelta Motorsport The University of Northampton The British Institute of Non- Destructive Testing

    Influenced and led by industry

    Northamptonshire offers:

    An impressive network in excess of 1,000 companies and organisations designing and creating the materials, components and products which support this internationally recognised cluster

    A government recognised enterprise area with a range of incentives and funding support to help assist the expansion of advance technologies, precision engineering, low carbon technology, sustainable construction and high performance engineering companies

    A strong network of innovation and enterprise centres that stretch across the county and support the development of new and growing companies

    A concentrated and joined up approach between industry, education and training providers to develop the skills needed at all levels to drive the sector forward

    A dedicated High Performance Technologies lead to facilitate company to company contact, promote networking opportunities, publicise opportunities and work with government and the academic sector to address barriers to growth in the industry

    Case Study:

    Silverstone uses its brand and facilities to act as a catalyst for the High Performance Technologies industry in Northamptonshire. Working with NEP we help to attract new investment, to create new jobs, enhance educational opportunities and maintain awareness of the importance of the sector to the whole of the UK and across the world.

    Richard Phillips


  • Innovation & Enterprise Centres

    Northamptonshire has a strong network

    of innovation and enterprise centres that stretch across

    the county, supporting the development of

    new and growing companies. Here are five examples from

    the network:

    iCon, Daventry: A new 8.7million building, owned and managed by The University of Northampton focused on environmental technologies and sustainable construction and providing 60 business units. The iCon is also the home of the Sustainable Construction iNet providing tailored business support and services for new and growing environmental technologies and sustainable construction companies

    Scott Bader Innovation Centre, Wellingborough: Opened in September 2011, the Scott Bader Innovation Centre is specifically aimed at start-up companies in the specialty chemicals, composites and coatings sectors. Located within the grounds of Scott Bader, the innovation centre provides shared laboratory space and high quality offices in refurbished buildings at the companys state-of-the-art research and development headquarters

    Corby Enterprise Centre, Corby: Opened in early 2011 CEC works with small and growing, early stage technology companies and provides business support, strategic advice and flexible accommodation for start-up companies

    Portfolio and Avenue Innovation Centres, Northampton: Owned and managed by The University of Northampton at their Avenue Campus, both of these centres have a strong focus on design and new product development, supported in particular by the Universitys NVision virtual prototyping and testing facility and support services

    Silverstone Innovation Centre: Provides a serviced environment to foster the growth of advanced engineering and motorsport related businesses. With a range of conference and meeting room facilities within a cutting edge architectural environment, Silverstone Innovation Centre can accomodate up to 40 companies

  • Case Study:

    Axon Automotiv