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<ul><li><p>IntroductionThe Stealth NNR (Noise Nuisance Recorder) is designed </p><p>specifically to monitor noisy neighbour complaints as </p><p>simple as possible.</p><p>The Stealth NNR fits completely into a shoulder bag </p><p>(which comes with the kit) and after setting up the </p><p>equipment, you can walk out the complainants house </p><p>with the shoulder bag, giving the impression nothing </p><p>has been left in the property. </p><p>The equipment couldnt be easier to use, with simple </p><p>Walk Through operation to guide you, ensuring quick </p><p>and easy operation.</p><p> Think Environment Think Casella</p><p> Noise Nuisance Recorder</p><p>Key Features</p><p>Smallandunobtrusive</p><p>Integratedilluminatedrecordbutton,noremotes to lose or damage!</p><p>SpecificallydesignedfornoisenuisancecomplaintsSimpletousewithWalkThroughoperation</p><p>Upto60hoursofaudiorecording,withpreandpost trigger to identify illegitimate complaints</p><p>CEL-630SoundLevelMetercanbeused for other applications</p><p>Automaticrestartafterpowerfailure</p><p>Weight 10hoperationin </p><p>case of power failure</p><p>PleaserefertotheCEL-630sheetforfurthertechnicalinformation.</p><p>Technical Information</p></li><li><p>Walk Through</p><p>UsingtheStealthNNRcouldnotbeeasier,itsWalkThrough</p><p>visual menu system being designed such that even </p><p>inexperiencedoperatorscangettheStealthNNRdeployed </p><p>withminimaltrainingorcomplexbuttonpushing!Onpower </p><p>up in NNR mode, the required parameters are automatically </p><p>selected,includingtimehistory,withoutanyuser-configuration</p><p>and the operator is prompted to perform a calibration. </p><p>Avoicenotecanbeaddedatthispointandonce </p><p>completed a measurement is automatically started.</p><p> Think Environment Think Casella</p><p>Casellainsight will come included with any purchasedCEL-630kit.Casellainsightprovidesan easy to use but advanced platform to download from your instrument, analyse data and store measurements according to the location or complainant. </p><p>Time history of the measurements are shown in graphical format, and times when audio has been recorded are clearly marked. The audio can be played back, traced together with a profile (down to10ms)ofthesoundpressurelevels.</p><p>Distributed by</p><p>SM12001v1.0</p><p>Ideal Industries India Pvt.Ltd.</p><p>229-230, Spazedge, Tower -B Sohna Road, Sector-47, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana (India) Tel: +91 124 4495100 E-mail:</p><p>Casella CEL (USA Office)</p><p>415 Lawrence Bell Drive Unit 4, Williamsville NY 14221 USA Toll Free: +1 (800) 366 2966 Fax: +1 (603) 672 8053 E-mail: Web:</p><p>Casella CEL (Head Office)</p><p>Regent House, Wolseley Road, Kempston, Bedford MK42 7JY. United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1234 844100 Fax: +44 (0) 1234 841490 Email: Web:</p><p>Room 1702, Citychamp Building, No 12 Tai Yang Gong Zhong Lu Chao District, Beijing, 10002B, China</p><p> 0086 10 84298061 0086 10 85183141 100738</p><p></p><p>1)Calibratetheinstrument 2) Record a voice note 3)Pressplaytostartameasurement</p><p>Ordering InformationPart number: CEL-NNR/K1 </p><p>which contains: </p><p>Peli style kit case, Shoulder bag, </p><p>5mmicrophoneextensioncable,</p><p>power supply, table top tripod, </p><p>pre-amptripodmount,padlock</p><p>and field guide.</p><p>AddaCEL-632orCEL-633Sound</p><p>LevelMeter(orKit)andthat </p><p>is everything required!</p><p>Onthetimehistorygraphs,the</p><p>location of audio recording is </p><p>marked.Also,asaudioisplayed</p><p>it tracks to the time history graph.</p><p>Play audio files quickly and easily</p></li></ul>


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