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  • Next Generation/Unconventional Hydropower

    Wave & Tidal Energy Devices and More!

    Renewable Energy Modeling Workshop on Hydroelectric PowerMay 10, 2005

  • Unconventional Hydropower

    Wave Energy Devices: Two Basic FamiliesWave Power SystemsOscillating Water Columns (OWC)

    Tidal Energy Devices: Four Basic FamiliesAxial-flow TurbinesCross-axis TurbinesLift or Flutter VanesHydraulic Tapped Ducted Systems

    and More!

  • Wave Energy Devices

    EPRI Phase I Study: Project Definition Study, Offshore Wave Power Feasibility Demonstration Project; Final Summary Report, E2I EPRI Global WP 009, Roger Bedard et al., January 14, 2005

    Wave Energy Conversion Devices: Eight Units

    Unit Company LocationPelamis Ocean Power Delivery, LTD Edinburgh, ScotlandOWC Energetech Australia, ConnecticutWave Dragon DenmarkWave Swing TeamWorks NetherlandsAquaBuoy AquaEnergy Washington, USASea Dog Indep. Natural Res. Inc. Minnesota, USAMRC 1000 Orecon UKWave Bob UK

    Floating Buoy Ocean Power Technologies New Jersey, USA

  • Wave Power Systems:AquaEnergy Group

  • Wave Power Systems:Ocean Power Delivery

    The Pelamis Wave Energy Converter& The European Marine Energy Center (EMEC)

  • OWC:Wavegen

    Limpet Power Station

  • World Wave Energy Resource

  • Wave Energy: US Resource Assessment

    Available U.S. Wave Energy Resource Base:2,300 TWh/yr

    At 24% of available base at 50% conversion efficiency =

    All conventional U.S. hydropower = 270 TWh/yr

  • Wave Energy: Development Status

    U.S. Licensing and Permitting: Projects and Issues

    Kaneohe Bay, HI Ocean Power Technologies US Navy/Federal Government

    Makah Bay, WA Aqua Energy Group, FERC ALP UnderwayPort Judith, RI Energetech, FERC Dialogue

    Federal Agency Jurisdiction FERC, ACoE, NOAA, DoI/MMS

    European Marine Energy Center Test Facility

    Pre-Commercial Prototypes DeployedOcean Power Delivery, Pelamis at EMECOcean Power Technologies, Kaneohe Bay

  • Wave Energy: Development Status

    Costs and Cost ProjectionsUtility Generator Commercial Plan after Tax Incentives (300,000 mWhr/yr)

    Total Plant Investment - $238-279MCost of Energy 9.2 11.2 cents/kWh

    Levelized cost of wave-generated electricity is less than wind-generated electricity at any equal cumulative production volume under all cost estimating assumptions for the wave plant.

    Market Penetration Timeframe2012 2015

    Economic Cost ChallengesDeployment, Recovery, Mooring, Operations and Maintenance

  • Tidal Energy Devices:Axial-flow Turbines

    Hammerfest Stroem (Norway)Lunar Energy (UK)Marine Current Turbines (UK)SMD Hydrovision (UK)

  • Verdant Power (US):Axial-flow Turbines

    More Than 120 Tidal Power Locations in North America

    Each Location Has Multiple Sites (Avg. 5 MW each)

    Excellent Means of Distributed Generation (DG)

    Quick Construction

    Modular Design

    Short-term Financing

    30-40% Capacity Factor

    First DG Tidal Project:

    New Yorks East River

    (10 MW)

  • New Yorks East River R.I. Tidal Energy Project

  • RITE Project Turbine

  • Tidal Energy Devices: Cross-axis Turbines

    Second DG Tidal Project:Massachusettss Merrimack RiverCross-axis Turbine:Gorlov Helical TurbineIntegration with East River Projects Systems PlatformOther Cross-axis Turbines:Cycloidal Turbine

  • Tidal Energy Devices:Other Systems

    Lift or Flutter VanesOscillating Cascade

    Hydraulic Tapped DuctedHydroVenturi

  • and More!Manmade Channels

  • and More!Cross-axis & Cross-flow

  • Free-flow Hydropower: North American Potential

    Distributed Generation & Incremental HydropowerVerdant Power Study: 120 Tidal Locations = 1,200 MWNYU Study: Riverine Locations = 12,500 MWDOE / INEL Study: Riverine Systems = A range from 21,400 MW to 170,000 MWFERC: (considering manmade channels) = 72,000 MWCanadian Resources Board: (three main river reaches and 13 tidal cross-sections) = 110 TWh per year Independent Analysis: Gulf Stream = 685,000 MW

  • Free Flow Hydro: Development Status

    U.S. Licensing and Permitting: Projects and IssuesUS East River Permits- ACoE, NYS DEC; Fish Impacts?FERC Grid Connection for Operational TestingNHA Leading effort at streamlining/new process for pilots

    European Marine Energy Center Test Facility Under Development to be operational in late 2005UK 2005 Marine Energy Budget 50M Pounds

    Pre-Commercial Prototypes DeployedMarine Current Turbines Devon, UKGCK Technology South KoreaVerdant Power East River, Aug/Sept 2005

  • Free Flow Hydro: Development Status

    Costs and Cost ProjectionsRITE Project 5MW: Installation Cost - $4,300/kW

    Operating Cost $.07-.09 kWh free-flow

    Market Penetration Timeframe2010 - 2012

    Economic Cost ChallengesPermitting/Licensing, Deployment, O&M

  • Free-flow Hydropower

  • Contact Information

    Ron SmithVerdant Power

    Phone: 703-204-3436, 703-328-6842 (M)Email: rsmith@verdantpower.comWebsite:

    Unconventional HydropowerWave Energy DevicesWave Power Systems:AquaEnergy GroupWave Power Systems:Ocean Power DeliveryOWC:WavegenWorld Wave Energy ResourceWave Energy: US Resource AssessmentWave Energy: Development StatusWave Energy: Development StatusTidal Energy Devices:Axial-flow TurbinesVerdant Power (US):Axial-flow TurbinesNew Yorks East River R.I. Tidal Energy ProjectRITE Project TurbineTidal Energy Devices: Cross-axis TurbinesTidal Energy Devices:Other Systems and More!Manmade Channels and More!Cross-axis & Cross-flowFree-flow Hydropower: North American PotentialFree Flow Hydro: Development StatusFree Flow Hydro: Development StatusFree-flow HydropowerContact Information


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