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  • Newton Rayzor Elementary Back to School Night 2011-12

  • Newton Rayzor Elementary School

    Seeking a vast perhaps

    An International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme School.

  • Presentation ContentsSchool vision and mission statement What is IB? About meClass scheduleSupplies needed this yearSpecials ProgramsClassroom management Grading and Homework policySupport services offered at Newton RayzorGeneral Information

  • We are aTitle 1 SchoolReceive 156,000 additional fundsPays for a literacy teacher, Reading Recovery teacher and .5 math interventionistPays for IB staff developmentPays for after school tutorials & Parent NightsPays for materials, supplies and IB field tripsAll funding outlined in School Improvement Plan (available on line )

  • Newton Rayzor Elementary School Vision Statement Newton Rayzor Elementary aims to equip and inspire all students to become intrinsically motivated learners who demonstrate intercultural understanding and respect, and who are active participants in our global society.

  • Newton Rayzor Elementary Mission StatementsNewton Rayzor Elementary will meet the needs of every student by:Creating partnerships with families, businesses, and other community entities; Encouraging the holistic development of all children in an enriching yet rigorous educational atmosphere;Providing differentiated instruction and using inquiry-based teaching methods;Fostering open-mindedness and a respect for others; and Modeling service to others and empowering students to take action.

  • For students ages 3 to 12Focuses on the development of the child through inquiryEncourages international-mindednessReflects real life by linking learning beyond the classroomPrepares students to be active participants in lifelong learning

    What is IB PYP?

  • Cultivating PossilitiesAbove all, in summary, a PYP classroom is an intelligent place. It is a place where the easy option is seldom sought and where expectations are high. It is an environment in which learning knows no limits.

    Making the PYP Happen, 2007

    For more

  • General InformationPTA Needs you become a member today and get involvedSchool hours 7:35 to 2:50 pm. We do not offer supervision after 2:50 PMSee our handouts: read Newton Rayzor Family Handbook; sign off on DISD Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct Book (may have others later)

  • About MeMy husband JasonMy childrenAshton, Chance, and Elisabeth (Lizzie Lou)Our petsCat, Kitty KateDog, Baxter

    I like to read, watch movies, be involved with my church, spend time with my familyI have been teaching school for 11 years, this is my 8th year at Newton Rayzor.

  • My Family

  • Class Schedule7:35-7:50 Morning Routines7:50 Leave for Specials7:55-8:40 Special Areas8:40-9:55 Math9:55-11:15Reading/Inquiry 11:15-12:30 Science12:30-1:00 Lunch1:00-1:15 Recess1:15-2:10Social Studies/Inquiry2:10-2:45Prime Time2:45-2:50 Prepare for Dismissal2:50 Dissmissal

    This schedule is subjected to change over the first couple of weeks if needed to accommodate other needs.

  • Classroom ManagementStudents are expected to exhibit and practice the profiles of the PYP at all times at school. Students will be given five sticks at the beginning of each week called mistake sticks. If they are able to keep all sticks by Friday of each week their name will go in a drawing for prizes which include things like lunch with the teacher and friend, pencils, computer time etc... . If they make more than five mistakes in a week they will receive a note or a phone call home depending on the circumstances. Discipline needs are handled on an individual basis. Students will be asked to write a reflection of the situation and a action plan to prevent it from occurring again. Parents will be contacted as needed.

  • Grading Policy Students may stay in for study hall to complete any unfinished work or complete it for home work. Students may stay in during study hall to redo any missing work within a six week period. Any work that receives a grade less than what the student wants may be corrected for a higher grade. It is the responsibility of the student to decide to correct work and resubmit it for a higher grade.

  • Homework PoliciesHomework will be Monday-Thursday, including 20 minutes of reading each day. Students will be given a reading log Friday of each week. They must completely fill it in and get it signed and returned by the following Friday. If students need more practice on a concept, homework may be sent home. If class work is not completed then it should be finished at home or during study hall. Your childs agenda (found in their BOB) can be looked at to check for homework, it will be noted in there.

  • Classroom Supplies Needed This Year:3 composition books 1 spiral of their choice used for writing notebook36 #2 pencils 2 packages of notebook paper 1 boxes crayons 1 box 12 map pencils2 boxes crayola markers1 pair scissors6 glue sticks1 bottle liquid glue2 boxes Kleenex1 package 4 expo dry erase markersBOB notebook (red) (see handout)Inquiry Notebook 1 Blue 3 ring binder1 pencil box

  • SnacksStudents are allowed to have a balanced snack. They may either bring their own snack or purchase one from 4th grade teachers for fifty cents. If the snack isnt a balanced one they will be asked to put it away. Only water is allowed during snack.Examples of balanced snacks: yogurt, animal crackers, granola bars, fruit, cheese, cheese-its, fruit snacksNon-balanced snacks: candy, chips, snack cakes, anything else that is full of sugar Students may not share snacks with one another.

  • SpecialsArtMusicWorld LanguagePE

  • Please see Adriana Denison at the EXPO table(near the front office) if you have questions about the Denton ISD Gifted and Talented Program.She can also be reached at

  • CIS Coordinator Mrs. LomeliCounselor - Mrs. HorschDiagnostician - Mr. Weidenbach Dyslexia Teacher - Mrs. KirklandESL Teacher - Mrs. MullendoreExpo Mrs. DenisonIB Coordinator - Mrs. BowmanInclusion Teachers - Mrs. Nahhas and Mrs.GatlinLibrarian - Mrs. MarshNurse - Nan Hudson (aka Nurse Nan)Psychologist - Mrs. Lyman Reading Specialist - Mrs. McWilliamsReading Recovery Teachers - Mrs. Strong, Mrs. Hanby (Spanish)Speech Teacher - Mrs. MacMillian (Spanish)

    Support Services at Newton Rayzor

  • How can you help out this year!Colored printing as needed.Cut our laminated things.File BOB paperwork Read to the class

  • Class Wish ListSharpie MarkersPost It NotesBoard Games new or gently used (Blokus, Chess, Scrabble)Decks of cardsHealthy Snacks

  • How to Contact Me3 ways 1. Through BOB2. Through E-mail: jlanghorne@dentonisd.org3. Call me: 940-369-3749