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  • New York Cheesecake ($6.95) A creamy, rich, cheesecake exploding with vanilla flavor

    on a traditional buttery graham cracker crust.

    Raspberry Marble Cheesecake ($6.95) A creamy French-style cheesecake marbled with raspberry puree.

    Finished with white chocolate raspberry diamonds.

    Crme Brulee Cheesecake ($6.95) Why choose between crme brulee and cheesecake, when you can combine

    them into one decadent dessert.

    Light Side of the Moon ($6.95) Two layers of fudge cake soaked with raspberry brandy. Filled with raspberry

    puree and a creamy cheesecake center. Iced in French butter cream and

    topped with black and white chocolate moons.

    Dark Side of the Moon ($6.95) Fudge cake soaked with coffee liqueur and filled with chocolate mousse. Dipped

    in rich French ganache and finished with chocolate curls and crescent moons.

    White Chocolate Decadence ($6.95) Four thin layers of vanilla cake. Filled with white chocolate mousse and raspberry

    puree. Iced in vanilla butter cream and surrounded by white chocolate flakes.

    Snickers Chocolate Truffle ($6.95) Layers of chocolate fudge cake topped with chocolate mousse. Mixed with

    caramel, peanuts and chocolate chips. Finished with a Snickers piece.

    Tiramisu Cake ($6.95) Vanilla cake filled with espresso and Kahlua soaked Savoiardi Biscuits and a sweet

    cream cheese and mascarpone mousse. Surrounded by ladyfingers and finished

    with cocoa and chocolate flakes.

  • Pistachio & Ricotta Cake ($6.95) Pistachio and ricotta creams separated by sponge cake, decorated with crushed

    pistachios and dusted with powdered sugar.

    Chocolate Zanzibar Torte ($6.95) Three layers of fudge cake laced in cappuccino. Filled with layers of chocolate and white

    chocolate mousse. Iced in chocolate ganache and finished with two-tone chocolate


    Limoncello Mascarpone ($6.95) A rich combination of Sicilian limoncello infused sponge cake and Italian mascarpone.

    Jamaican Strawberry Torte ($6.95) Vanilla and chocolate cake soaked with a hint of rum. Filled with strawberry mousse,

    chocolate ganache, and iced in vanilla whipped cream. Topped with chocolate cookie crumbs

    and chocolate diamonds.

    Flourless Chocolate Cake ($6.95) A dense and delicious chocolate cake for those of us who cant tolerate gluten.


    Individual Round Desserts

    Chocolate Lava ($7.50) A sinful fudge cake, heated, with an unbelievably rich molten chocolate center.

    Peanut Butter Explosion ($7.50) A chocolate candy bar bottom. Topped with peanut butter ganache and a mound of chocolate

    mousse, coated in a blanket of chocolate ganache. Finished with chopped peanuts and

    peanut butter sauce.

    Coconut Snowball ($7.50) Vanilla sponge cake topped with a mound of creamy coconut mousse.

    Covered with coconut flakes.

  • Individual Round Desserts (continued)

    Bellas Blueberry Bomb ($8.25) Vanilla cake soaked in Limoncello, topped with a thick layer of blueberry mousse, covered in

    butter cream icing and garnished with fresh blueberries and vanilla cake crumbs.

    Napoleon ($8.25) Layers of puff pastry with a specialty cream between them, topped with a vanilla glaze and

    thin strings of chocolate.

    Cannoli ($3.50) A tube-shaped shell of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet cannoli cream,

    drizzled with chocolate syrup.

    Scones ($6.95) A lightly sweetened, baked, biscuit-like cake made from flour, milk and fruit.


    Raspberry with white chocolate

    Sweet Bread ($6.95) 3 hearty slices of our delicious specialty bread (ask about available toppings)

    Individual Birthday Cake ($7.95) Two layers of vanilla cake, stuffed with vanilla butter cream icing, covered with

    colored sprinkles circling the outside. Topped with a mound of vanilla butter

    cream icing and sprinkles in the center.


    Oreo Cookie Lovers ($6.95)

    Yea, you know you like Oreo

    Cookies and ice cream, but

    wait until you taste this!

    Bellas Berry Blast ($6.95)

    Well, what can we say, a

    blast of mixed berries

    blended into a frozen drink

    thats unimaginably delicious!

    Peach Bella ($6.95)

    Wait, if you like peaches and

    cream, look no further!

    Supreme Smoothies ($6.95)

    Pina Colada




    Iced Coffee ($4.95)

    (Regular or Decaf)

    Blended (Iced) Hot Cocoa


    Everything is made to

    order with love, so

    please be patient.

    Vanilla Bean, Chai & Coffee

    Extravaganza ($6.95)

    Can you say sweet. A

    proprietary blend of coffee,

    chai and vanilla bean, thats

    rich, creamy, sweet and

    incredibly smooth!

    Iced Mocha Latte ($6.95)

    A secret blend that has

    quickly become a favorite

    amongst our guests!

    (Regular or Decaf)

    Iced Vanilla Cappuccino

    (Regular or Decaf) ($6.95)

    Vanilla Bean Lovers Chai

    Tea ($6.95)

    Can you say sweet again. A

    proprietary chai tea & vanilla

    bean blend, thats well, wow!


    Vanilla Bean, Chai & Coffee

    Extravaganza ($6.95)

    You guessed it, this is the

    HOT version of the cold one!

    Hot Mocha Latte ($6.95)

    (Regular or Decaf)

    Vanilla Bean Lovers Chai

    Tea ($6.95)

    You guessed it again, this is

    the HOT version of the cold


    Hot Vanilla Latte ($6.95)

    (Regular or Decaf)

    Coffee ($2.95)

    (Regular or Decaf)

    Cappuccino ($4.00)

    (Regular or Decaf)

    Espresso ($3.00)

    Double Shot ($4.00)

    (Regular or Decaf)

    Assorted Tea Pots ($2.95)

    Choose from a variety of

    selected teas, steeped in your

    own individual pot.


    Adult Size ($2.95)

    Childrens Size ($.99)


    San Pellegrino Sparkling

    Mineral Water ($3.50)

    Regular Bottled ($1.50)

    Bellas Proprietary (Hot & Cold) Beverages